Thursday Things

1. I made it down to Taste of Chicago last Friday and arrived just in time for a rainstorm. Fortunately, I had my raincoat, and the rain chased most of the crowds away, making for a delightfully uncrowded Taste experience!


Nomz. Pasta and corn and a mini crab cake and a Rainbow Cone cup and a mini slice of cheesecake, oh my! This is how one eats when one knows she will not be long running on Saturday morning 😛

Because I couldn’t long run on Saturday, I also stuck around for the music, which is my favorite part about Taste (free concerts? Yes please.).


And now I’ve seen Nickel Creek twice in the space of about two months. Super fan status?

2. Continuing on the theme of great music, on Saturday my roommate and I went to the Grant Park Music Festival (also in the rain…) to hear the orchestra play Holst’s The Planets and OHEMGEE. You guys. It was AMAZING.


I do, admittedly, enjoy classical music, but even I tend to doze off and get bored during orchestra concerts. Not on Saturday, though. The orchestra was outstanding, and if you get the chance to attend the Grant Park Music Festival this summer (it’s free on the lawn!), I can’t recommend it enough.

Also, I can’t stop listening to Jupiter from The Planets, so you should, too.

3. When I went to the podiatrist last week, she was happy with my foot, but prescribed me a topical medicine to take care of any residual numbness. Instead of prescribing a drug “off the rack,” if you will (you know, like Lipitor or some other mass produced drug), she had a compounding pharmacy combine a variety of medications in the specific combinations she requested to fit my needs as she determined them.

Naturally, I have taken to referring to this as a designer drug. Because I’m hilarious 😛

Do you enjoy classical music?
How was your weekend? 
Is Thursday too late to ask that question? Haha.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. And those are personal designer drugs which make them even better 😉 Haha that is funny! And good news that she’s happy with how your foot looks! Hopefully the cream helps! I love classical music every now and then, and getting to see it in a park sounds lovely! You made me hungry with all those food pics, too, haha. Looks like you got some great stuff!

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