Thursday Things

1. Last Friday, I made a batch of pancakes after my run. I was pretty hungry, so I ate a lot of pancakes.


My mixing spoon judged me for it 😛

2. Speaking of the Friday, since I that morning, I didn’t have to worry about how my Friday night diet would affect my Saturday morning run. Therefore, I got my America on. Hot dogs, chips, and, of course, dessert:


Because what says America more than red, white and blue cookies? Also, for those concerned, Target brand Lofthouse-style cookies are NOT as good as the real thing. I learned that the hard way.

My roommate and I also went to see fireworks at Montrose, and I, once again, maintain that that is *the* best location to watch fireworks in Chicago. Navy Pier views without the Navy Pier crowds.

3. This. So much this.

I can’t begin to say how happy I am that So You Think You Can Dance switched to Wednesday nights from Tuesdays this year, meaning I can actually watch it as it happens instead of catching up on Hulu over the weekend (Not. The. Same.). This is legitimately the only TV show I watch anymore, thus making the fact that I actually can watch it a Big Deal.

How was your Fourth?
Favorite TV show? Or, you know. Only TV show. Haha.

14 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Good to know about the target cookies. Won’t make that mistake since they always look soooo good when I’m getting my usual stuff there. Our 4th was pretty tame and firework less, but I’m ok with that. The past few have not been tame and involved fireworks and they were not good evenings. I’ll take this one anyway!

  2. The 4th was great especially because it was a Friday! And it was absolutely perfect weather in Chicago so I spent the entire day on my friend’s roof. My favorite shows change but I really love Extreme Weight Loss – I’ve been missing it lately though because Tuesdays are also a terrible night for me to catch any TV.

  3. I don’t normally watch a lot of TV but since I’ve been home visiting family I’ve been watching a ton! Mainly whatever my mom watches so we’ve been watching America’s Got Talent and SYTYCD every week!

  4. I watch a million shows, but like you, I catch them mostly On Demand or DVR’d. When I move to Chicago, I’m going to try to go without cable (because I never watched TV ACTUALLY on TV when I was in undergrad). We’ll see if I can last.

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