Chicago Marathon Training Week 4

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Sunday, June 29: 3 miles in 29:52 for a 9:57 pace.
I still don’t like running the day after a long run, but at least it’s a little more manageable after a cutback week long run. It was a bit on the humid side and so, so toasty in the sun during this run. I actually ran into the wind for the second half and though I normally hate running into the wind, it felt so good to have a breeze.

Monday, June 30: Personal Training.
Definitely a tough session this week. I’ve updated my personal trainer after every doctor/physical therapy appointment to keep him in the loop, and he’s adjusted my training accordingly. This week, he had me do all of my exercises barefoot so he could watch how I balanced–or didn’t balance, as the case may be. A lot of the exercises we did recruited so many muscles, and I struggled to keep everything engaged, especially when it came to my core, and doubly especially when it came to my core on these awful split squat/core stability things he had me do with a resistance band attached to the wall. So. Hard. I also think I did the split squats wrong (using too much quad strength and not enough hamstring/glute strength), which frustrated me. I knew I wasn’t doing it right but I couldn’t convince my body to make the necessary adjustments while training to maintain my balance while trying to maintain a tight core while trying to not get pulled over by the resistance band. Hmph.

Tuesday, July 1: Dance.
Just the usual. Though I did get kicked REAL hard in the shin during breakdance and am now sporting a super cute GIGANTIC bruise on my leg. Haha.

Wednesday, July 2: 4 miles in 37:35 for a 9:23 pace.
It was cold, misty, and windy: perfect weather for a tempo run! Haha. In all honesty, I’m quite happy with this tempo run. I’ve never tried to pretend I’m not faster when it’s cooler outside, and though I don’t care quite as much about time on tempos as I do feeling, it was still nice to knock out two tempos miles in the high 8s (8:41 and 8:53). I don’t expect to run anything that fast in July under normal circumstances, and it’s nice for the ego to have good times every now and again.

Thursday, July 3: Physical Therapy.
No new bruises after PT this week! Hooray! We worked on all sorts of balance exercises, so between that and personal training on Monday, it’s safe to say any leftover confidence in my balancing ability I had from my tree posing in yoga is now gone 😛

Friday, July 4: 8.99 miles in 1:33:53 for a 10:27 pace.
I, along with seven other people in my running group, thought it sounded like a WAY better idea to get up early on Friday, take care of our long run, and then go about celebrating the Fourth of July with reckless abandon than behaving ourselves on Friday in order to have a good run Saturday morning.


The weather was absolutely perfect, and this was another one of those runs where everythingeverything–just clicked. I had a blast running with everyone, and I really think that’s been a huge game changer for me on these long runs. It makes the miles fly by, and I think my confidence in myself and my communicating-with-others abilities in turn builds up my confidence in my running.

I also broke out the patriotism for my run, because #america.


Look at me go 😛

Saturday, July 5: Dance.
Not having to get up on Saturday meant Friday turned into a very, very, very late night, and I debated whether or not I actually should go to dance. I had to be in the area anyway, so I figured I might as well just go. Besides, I really enjoy my Saturday dance classes (even when I’m barely conscious for them), so it was worth the trek.

For those dying for updates on my foot, I’m still taking things day by day. I didn’t once experience the “feels like I’m wearing an old sock or running on a beat up towel” sensation, which was nice, but starting on Tuesday I began to have issues with the inside of my middle toe going numb whenever I’d wear closed-toe shoes, period, running or otherwise. That didn’t happen at all on Saturday, though, so who knows. I have a follow up appointment with my podiatrist later this week and we’ll see what happens after that!

4 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 4

  1. Love the merica sportage and the decision to go out on Friday instead of Saturday. I went out Saturday after not particularly behaving myself Friday night and it sucked. A lot. So good job being responsible 😉 thankfully my training officially starts this week, so I didn’t have any specific mileage or pace planned. From here on out though, I will behave. Sort of. What’s up with the foot? I missed a few posts I think?

    • Hahahaha, well thanks! I knew ahead of time I wasn’t going to be super responsible Friday night, so it just made more sense to get the run in and done while I could.

      LONG story short, I’ve had toe numbness issues for the past two months when I run. My PT eventually recommended going to a sports podiatrist, so I did, and she put me back in PT to reduce calf tension/build up ankle strength/work on balance/hopefully heal my toezies. It’s been a process, let me tell you!

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