Thursday Things {and a Taste of Chicago GIVEAWAY!}

1. The elevators in my building have always, at best, made me nervous. One in particular randomly stops working at least once a month and occasionally makes terrifying “things are falling” sounds around the second or first floor, and, according to the documents inside, the city of Chicago hasn’t inspected the elevators since November 2012. So that’s encouraging.

The particularly difficult elevator recently started to have trouble with alignment, by which I mean when the door would open, the floor of the elevator would either be two inches above or below the actual floor. Much stumbling and tripping ensued.

Now, you’d think the best solution to this problem would be to, you know, solve the problem. Call service, have them fix the issue, voila. Right? Well, unfortunately my building is owned by quite possibly the most inept management group in Chicago, so instead of finding a real solution, this is what they did:


Right. Of course. Thank you for all your help.

2. Apparently the Fourth of July is tomorrow? I mean, obviously the Fourth of July is tomorrow, since the third of July is today, but I feel like the Fourth totally snuck up on me this year. I have basically no plans whatsoever for the holiday, which is a little out of character for me, but I’m trying to limit my spending for the sake of affording PT, so no party hosting for me this year. Sigh. Being a grownup is the absolute worst. My roommate and I did talk about having hot dogs for dinner and going to see fireworks, so at least I’ll hit the major essentials for the day 😉

3. And now: the REAL reason you clicked on this post!

The Taste of Chicago kicks off next week on Wednesday, July 9 and runs through Sunday, July 13. Taste is pretty stellar, in my opinion, with free admission and a ton of free concerts by popular artists throughout the event (this year’s lineup includes Janelle Monáe, Aloe Blacc, and Nickel Creek [remember when I saw them earlier this year at the Riv?], among others). The one thing that’s not free, though is the actual food. One strip of 12 tickets will run you $8.50. Unless…!

Humana Apple 2014

For the past seven years, Humana Healthier Choices has made it easy to enjoy the Taste of Chicago while eating well. This year, the Humana Healthier Choices Passport Guide lists 52 foods from 29 Chicago restaurants — that’s a lot of choices! The Humana Healthier Choices Passport Guide is free at the Humana tent on Columbus Drive between Jackson and the Buckingham Fountain and gives you the chance to collect stamps for a chance to win prizes, like restaurant gift cards.

I have a bunch of cool information to share about the Humana Healthier Choices program with you all next week, but for the moment, Humana has generously offered to provide one Accidental Intentions reader with two strips of food tickets for this year’s Taste of Chicago! That’s 24 tickets and an awesome deal. Intrigued? Here’s how to enter!

1. REQUIRED: Leave a comment telling me what food you look forward to trying at Taste of Chicago this year. (Check out the Humana Healthier Choices options here!)
2. Optional: Tweet the following: “I want to win 24 #TasteofChi tickets courtesy of @Humana!”. You must leave an additional comment to let me know you’ve tweeted.
3. Optional: Follow Humana on Facebook. Leave an additional comment to let me know you’ve done so.
4. Optional: Follow Taste of Chicago on Facebook. Leave an additional comment to let me know you’ve done so.
5. Optional: Follow Accidental Intentions on Twitter. Leave an additional comment to let me know you’ve done so (or that you already do!)
6. Optional: Follow Accidental Intentions on Bloglovin’. Leave an additional comment to let me know you’ve done so (or that you already do!).

So many options! One important note: you do need to be able to pick up your tickets at the Humana tent between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. from July 9 through July 11 if you win. If you desperately want to win and won’t be able to make this work, let me know and I’ll see if we can arrange something else, but I can’t make any promises. The giveaway will remain open through 5 p.m. CDT on Monday, July 7. I’ll announce the winner next Tuesday, July 8!

Disclosure: Humana Healthier Choices information and the Taste tickets have been provided by Humana. Humana has also generously provided me with 24 Taste of Chicago tickets of my own in exchange for hosting this giveaway.

Good luck!

30 thoughts on “Thursday Things {and a Taste of Chicago GIVEAWAY!}

  1. I just planned to empty my wallet for the Taste with my roommate- so excited for a chance to go for cheaps! I’m all about the corn on the cob and also any of the chicken/veggie tacos!

  2. Omg that sign made me both laugh and cringe ha. The fact that they think that’s actually a way to handle things is both humorous and frightening. I’d be taking the stairs haha. And i hear you about being a grown up sucking. I tell myself that daily when I see all the cute clothes and shoes both running and non running that I want. Perhaps I should have behaved myself better at the beginning of the summer when i signed up for so many races in the fall. But where would the fun in that have been 😉

  3. Oh, man. You just reminded me of one of the things I will miss about my old job: the ability to walk over to the Taste during lunch on a random weekday and avoid the crowds. We even went one year when it was drizzling and that was the best.

    So, because I don’t think I’ll be making it over on a weekend or during my lunch, don’t worry about entering me in the contest 🙂

  4. No plans to go to the Taste of Chicago. Sorry. I’ve been there a number of times and don’t find it exciting.

    Anyway, that issue with the elevator is scary. Umm, is there another number you can call?

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