Chicago Marathon Training Week 3

Sunday, June 22: 3.02 miles in 29:53 for a 9:54 pace.
I’m not a very big fan of running the day after a long run. It was pretty cool temperature wise, but my legs were heavy and tired, so even though my splits looked pretty nice, I didn’t feel as solid as I would have liked.

Monday, June 23: Personal Training + 4.02 miles in 40:47 for a 10:09 pace.
I was so tired during personal training, but I got through it. We did a lot of hard core work that I really thought would leave me sore the next day, but fortunately that didn’t happen. I had time to run after personal training and really wanted to get in a four-run week this week, so I slogged through a humid four miler.


I also had a follow-up appointment with my PT on Monday, and after describing my latest symptoms, he thought it’d be best for me to go to the doctor, which was not at all the news I had hoped to receive.

Tuesday, June 24: Dance
New session, new people, new combo. I love learning new dance routines, so these first couple of weeks of the session are always my favorite. I have to step up my game this time, too. One of my friends, who majored in dance in college, isn’t taking hip hop this time around, so I can no longer rely on her for a remedial lesson every Tuesday before class, which means actually have to remember things, and, y’know, practice. Yikes.

Wednesday, June 25: 3 miles in 29:07 for a 9:42 pace.
Before my run on Wednesday, I had an appointment with the podiatrist, who officially diagnosed me with muscle weakness, neuralgia/neuritis, and acquired ankle equinus. In layman’s terms, my diagnosis is a fancy way of saying I have nerve pain (no, really?). The ankle equinus was a new thing that I don’t quite understand, but I think is related to my horribly tight calves (I had, for the past week, been running in my Fresh Foams instead of my Asics, and despite what New Balance would like you to think, there is nothing cloud, pillow, or other soft-object-like about Fresh Foams. They are SIGNIFICANTLY less cushioned than my Asics Cumulus, and I already started to develop shin splints after about a week in the Fresh Foams, hence the calf tightness). I was a disaster and a half in my VGA in the Fresh Foams and walking up and down the hall in the Fresh Foams, but looked just fine walking barefoot and looked fine walking in my Asics as well, so my podiatrist told me to ditch the Fresh Foams and stick with the Asics. She thinks somewhere in this two month ordeal, I injured a nerve in my foot, and continuing to run hasn’t helped it heal, since nerves take a long time to get everything back in order. She put a metatarsal pad in my foot, which should help relieve pressure when I run and give my nerve more opportunity to heal. She also gave me a script for PT (hmph. Also not the goal of this podiatrist appointment) and told me to come back to see her in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, after all of this, I 1) went to Forever Yogurt to celebrate my Chicago birthday…


…and 2) went for a run to see what difference the metatarsal pad would make. On Wednesday, the answer to that was, “None whatsoever.” So that was a bit discouraging. My feet felt fine and dandy to start off, and then, per usual, started to feel weird towards the end of my run, almost like I was running in really crappy socks or on an old towel, if that makes any sense. Not numbness, really, not tingling, but still not right. But also not anything different than I had been experiencing, so I guess maybe that’s good?

Thursday, June 26: Cross Training.
I went to the gym Thursday and…somethinged? I was on some contraption that seemed to be part stair machine, part elliptical. It was weird. I didn’t mind it, but I don’t know if I’ll be back on one of these any time super soon.

Friday, June 27: Physical Therapy.
Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😦

Okay, let’s dwell on the positives, shall we? My podiatrist said she wants my PT to focus on clinical massage therapy, which I am ALL about. My favorite kind of PT is the kind that involves me laying on a table doing nothing, and it looks like that may make up the bulk of my stint in PT this time around. We won’t worry about how my PT beat up and bruised my calves in this clinical massage therapy process, or how the new health insurance I got a few months back apparently doesn’t cover PT at all like my old health insurance, and I’m pretty sure my savings account will have pay for the bulk of this. That’s all right. I didn’t actually want to travel, or make major purchases, or have an emergency fund, or save for retirement anyway. I’d much, much rather spend all that money on getting calf bruises that may or may not help my nerve pain. Being poor is what your early 20s are all about, right? These are the things that I will look back on wistfully someday when I’ve married my surgeon/lawyer/accountant (not one of the three — a combination of all three), living in our multi-million dollar penthouse in Lakeshore East, right? Right.

In other news, if you aren’t interested in donating to my fundraising for Run for Autism, I will happily accept donations to the, “Bethany is Both Broke and Broken Fund.” I’ll make sure my surgeon/lawyer/accountant future husband and I invite you over all the time to express my gratitude.

I hate healthcare. And I need a more lucrative career path.

Saturday, June 28: 5.15 miles in 54:08 for a 10:31 pace.
Ah, my favorite long run of marathon training! There’s something so wonderful about being able to finish your long run and get to brunch (or, more accurately, “second breakfast at a restaurant”) by 8 a.m. While I know some paces go out for brunch almost every week, the five mile week is pretty much the only week where you can count on the 10:30 Awesomes going out post-run, and even though I’m laughably poor right now (*significant look* health insurance 😡 ), I joined my group at Kanela and pieced together the cheapest meal I could manage. Living the dream, my friends. I have to say, though, I really feel like I’m coming into my own in my running group. I spent the bulk of last year feeling like a bit of an outsider, but the vibe this year has meshed better with my personality (plus I’m always much more confident when I have a bit of experience in a situation). I was tired, grumpy, and sore on Saturday, but I still enjoyed the time I spent with my running group so much. I don’t know what this entire marathon season will hold, but I’m glad that, at least until further notice, I’m able to spend part of it with a group of people I genuinely enjoy.

14 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 3

  1. I get to try the fresh foams as part of the runners world ambassador thing but I have tried them on before and had the same reaction. I don’t think I’m even going to attempt running in them. They felt less cushioned than my mizunos, even, and they’re known for being really firm. Ugh your foot problems are so frustrating but I’d assume it has to do with circulation too. There’s nothing better than painful calf massages- I’m already booking mine for when I’m back in Bmore in August. They really made a huge difference for me so I hope it helps you too!

    • It’s really surprising to me, because from everything I heard/read, the Fresh Foams were supposed to be New Balance’s answer to Hoka One One and Brooks Transcend. Granted, I’ve never worn either of those shoes, but they both market themselves on being extremely cushioned, so I find it very strange that the Fresh Foams are not, in fact, very cushioned at all — or at least that they don’t feel that way. And my GOSH did my calf massage hurt. I was grimacing the whole time. My PT asked if I was doing all right and I was like, “Well, that may not be the first phrase I’d use…” Haha.

  2. I hope the pad starts to help, or the PT! That stinks that your old insurance used to pay for it. Did everyone at your office get new insurance? (At my office we have a zillion plans to pick from – I have no idea what my PT coverage would be).

    And I am not surprised they told you to run in the Asics! I haven’t found a shoe that compares to the Asics cushioning!

    • I actually went off my work’s insurance and got my new insurance through the Marketplace/Obama. Nearly everyone at my office was on his/her spouse’s insurance, so since only the like four unmarried folks in the office were on work’s plan, our costs were sky high — nearly double what I’m paying through the Marketplace for a comparable plan in terms of deductible/copays. When I called my insurance today to be like, “I PAY YOU. YOU COVER MY COSTS,” they explained things better than the receptionist (who is brand new) at my PT, so I don’t think things will be *quite* as expensive as I originally anticipated. They won’t be quite as cheap as I hoped, but it looks like I may only be moderately impoverished instead of severely impoverished, so that’s nice news 😛

  3. What a bummer to hear that the Fresh Foams might have contributed to some of the pain. When your VGA shows such an obvious change in form when wearing them, that is about as huge of a warning sign as can be! As always, I continue to wish you the speediest of recoveries.

    And it really does suck how expensive healthcare is when insurance doesn’t cover it. (Side FYI – I work in accounting, and I am sad to say that it’s not the most lucrative profession out there, either. =( )

    I am really glad to hear that you are enjoying the company of your running group this year! That will make such a huge difference in your training, especially down the stretch. And I’ve never been to Kanela but it looks yummy!

    • Tell me about it! I don’t want to touch those Fresh Foams with a 10 foot pole after seeing my podiatrist’s reaction to how I looked in them!

      I guess it’s a good thing that accounting’s not lucrative — I imagine it’ll be much easier for me to find a doctor/lawyer to marry than a doctor/lawyer/accountant 😛

  4. Ugh I’m sorry your still having issues with your foot. I had nerve problems a few months ago but luckily after a week of resting, icing, and taping it was so much better. I really hope it starts to feel better soon!!

  5. I wonder if KT tape or something like that would help. And maybe staying out of the Fresh Foams will make a difference, too. Also, random thought, did this start to happen when you switched to wearing sandals more often?

    As for your future well-paid husband, I think you need a doctor/lawyer/finance banker/real estate mogul. At least from what I can tell all the women living in those amazing penthouses are married to those.

    • Real estate! Yes! I forgot that. That does seem to be where all the money is.

      I haven’t tried KT tape, but that’s an interesting idea. This all started at the beginning of May, so I’m sure my sandal wearing increased around that time, but I don’t think I routinely wore sandals until the past couple of weeks. My feet never hurt in sandals, though…just running shoes when I’m running :/

  6. Remember way back when that I suggested tight calves could be part of the problem? I wasn’t totally off-base! Now I can keep on my suggesting injury-fixes to runner friends with confidence! HAHA!

    Kidding aside, I hope getting rid of the Fresh Foams will help with the feet problem. My insurance coverage is okay. I have no idea whether they cover PT or not and I don’t really want to find out. I need to find out if they cover chiropractic because I need that right now. I have an HMO and dealing with getting referrals to see specialists is frustrating. I really need to see an allergist but first I need to see my primary care doctor so I can get a referral. Which is just frustrating because I know when I see her she isn’t going to be able to do anything for me and my allergies actually might kill me this year. Once we get married, I’m switching to Matt’s insurance because it is better and cheaper than mine.

    • Bahahaha you clearly missed your calling as a writer for WebMD 😛

      I should get married to someone with an incredible health insurance plan so I can switch to their coverage, too 😛 HMOs sound like a nightmare. You end up having to go to five billion people just to get where you need to be, and of course all five billion of those people have their own fees/copays/whatever. So frustrating!

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