Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

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Sunday, June 15: 4.01 miles in 38:40 for a 9:39 pace.
I knew I had a busy week coming up (and the forecast for the week looked horrific), so I drug myself out of bed Sunday morning to get in a tempo run. I haven’t done any sort of speedwork since April, but one of my original plans for training this year was to incorporate at least one speed workout into each week (see: quality over quantity). A tempo sounded less potentially problematic in the toe department than intervals (plus I like tempos more anyway 😉 ), so I warmed up for a mile, ran two tempo miles, and then cooled down for another mile.

Because I am a bad scientist, I changed three variables at once on this run. I wore my Fresh Foams instead of my Asics, I ran my tempo miles on gravel when possible rather than on paved surfaces, and, for the first time since all this toe numbness began, I ran without a heart rate monitor. (I received a heart rate monitor about six or so weeks ago and wore it for the first time on the first run where my toes went numb.) I don’t know which of these variables had the bigger influence–my toes have gone numb on a four miler in the Fresh Foams before, so I don’t know if it was entirely the shoes–but for the first time in over a month, my toes didn’t go numb at all while running!! HOORAY!!

I had dance in the afternoon as well, but my teacher brought the wrong computer to rehearsal, so it was more like “40 minutes of Bethany and her dance friends gossiping, 20 minutes of dancing.” Haha.

Monday, June 16: Personal Training.
I briefly worked with a trainer last year, and you’d think I would’ve learned that it’s never a wise idea to tell your trainer that you experienced no soreness after the previous week’s session. Haha. Monday’s session was HARD. Lots of core work, lots of upper body work, lots of things I never do on my own. I guess that’s the benefit of a trainer, though. I’m also glad I’m working with this guy, because it makes me feel like I have one more person in my corner when it comes to my toe numbness problems. I really feel like I have a whole team behind me this year, and that gives me a lot of confidence (and goodness knows I could use some confidence).

Tuesday, June 17: Dance.
After a couple hours of rehearsing, I graduated from dance for the…10th time, I think? I’ve honestly lost count at this point. Graduation went well, although I, unfortunately, had not taken a close enough look at my phone before graduation. My phone didn’t have enough empty space to take videos of our performances, so I’ll never really know how we looked 😦 Super sad face.

Wednesday, June 18: Rest.
I went to Ravinia on Wednesday with Erin, and since Tuesday was a very, very late night (as graduation nights always turn out to be), I definitely did NOT get up early to get a workout in. Whatever. Such is life.


Some storms blew through during the day on Wednesday and cooled things off substantially, so I was horribly underdressed at Ravinia in a tank top, cropped cardigan, shorts, and sandals. Fortunately Erin brought blankets, so I huddled under one and shivered the night away — does that count as cross training? 😛

Thursday, June 19: 3 miles in 27:38 for a 9:12 pace.
Thursday saw my first interval run of training with a .75 mile warm up, four .25-mile intervals (with a .25 mile recovery between intervals) and a .5 mile cooldown. I had some hesitations about doing two speedwork runs in a week, but since my toes felt fine on Sunday and we had cool weather on Thursday, I figured I’d give it a shot. The intervals were tough in a good way, and my toes…idk. They felt numb-ish, but not in the normal spots? Hello, my name is Bethany, and I am an overanalyzer.

Friday, June 20: Rest.

Saturday, June 21: 7.18 miles in 1:15:38 for a 10:32 pace.
You ever have a run where all the stars align and everything goes perfectly? Yeah. This was one of those 🙂 While all my runs since this whole toe numbness thing started haven’t necessarily been bad, I don’t remember the last time I walked away from a run feeling better than, “Meh,” but this one. This one was what dreams are made of. I felt solid the whole time, I talked my running buddy’s ears off, I was in a good mood for the entire thing, AND I didn’t notice any toe numbness whatsoever. High fives all around.

On a not-entirely-necessary note, when I woke up my phone told me we had light fog outside. My view begged to differ.


If that’s light fog, I’d hate to see dense fog!

After my run, I came home and intended to catch up on some So You Think You Can Dance, but got distracted by dance videos on YouTube before I ever even got to Hulu and found myself with an overwhelming desire to dance. Occasionally I go to both hip hop and breakdance classes on Saturday, and though part of me was all, “Wait for cutback week!” a much greater part of me was all, “You could either stay home for an extra hour and watch people dance on YouTube, or you could go dance yourself.” So I packed up and went off to two hours of dance, and they, too, were perfect. More high fives all around.

I thought this week on the whole went very well. My toes don’t seem to be 100% yet, but if nothing else things at least look like they’re moving in the right direction. I have a followup appointment with my PT today, so we’ll see what he says, but I’m optimistic (I know. Never thought you’d see the day, huh? 😛 ). Time for cutback week!

6 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

  1. I’m SO glad you had a good run without the numbness! That kind of stuff is so freaky! It sounds like you are back on track! I think dancing is a great form of cross training, and doing anything that you love that much has to be good for the soul!

    • Tell me about it! I’ve got a doctor’s appointment later this week to double check on things, but hopefully I’ll come out clear from that as well. I’m such a huge proponent of dance as cross training. You can get a lot of strength and cardio work in doing that, but it’s fun! What more could you ask for?

  2. I freaking love those runs where they just feel right. Your toe numbness is just baffling to me. I don’t understand it! I’m glad it’s not stopping you from every day life though. Whenever you talk about your dance class it reminds me of my zumba ladies. There’s something about shaking it with a bunch of ladies despite the fact that they’re significantly older than me.

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