Thursday Things

1. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my physical therapist? Just once or twice or five bazillion times? Yeah, well, that sentiment still holds true. I paid a visit to one of my happy places, the PT’s office, on Tuesday for an injury screen, and left with a couple of hypotheses as to the root of my toe numbness:

– As I fatigue while running, my ankles pronate (I do know that I’m an uncorrected overpronater — stability shoes just do not work for me, so I run in neutral shoes), and my pronation causes my shoes to press against my ankle in a way that irritates the nerve that runs down calf, around your inner ankle, and branches off into your toes.

– While I previously laced my shoes in a way designed to lock your heel in place, I had not done that with my current pair of Asics Gel-Cumulus 15s (I had, however, done that with the 16s that initially caused my problems, and also do that with my New Balance Fresh Foams). This, in some way, could have something to do with my numbness.

My PT (…and my mother…and most of you 😛 ) thinks, based on the timeline of my symptoms, my symptoms, and my lack of symptoms while doing literally anything other than running, that my shoes must somehow be at the root of this. I definitely like that thought, though I have a hard time understanding how four different pairs of shoes would cause the same symptoms every time. For the moment, my PT told me to wear my running shoes as much as possible in an effort to break them in a little more, keep running, and follow up next week. So that’s where things stand at the moment.

2. On Sunday, I went to the embodiment of the phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”: my first ever clothing swap!


I’ve wanted to go to a clothing swap ever since I learned they’re a thing. Getting rid of clothes I don’t want and replacing them with new, free clothes? Sign me up. I had feeling the vibe of this clothing swap would be a bit trendier than I am, and though I was definitely right, I still walked out with a few nice new items.


Tragically, as soon as I got home I realized the dress is stained to high heaven (the lighting at the swap, as you can probably tell from the first picture, was not ideal), so unless someone has a genius way to remove stains of unknown origin, I imagine that dress is headed for the trash. But I still got two nice shirts out of the deal, all for my favorite price: $0. Can’t complain.

3. Last week, I had an event to attend for work. Since the event took place in the evening, the organizers provided dinner in the form of appetizer-y foods, including the cutest little mini Chicago hot dog you’ve ever seen.


Isn’t that adorable? I like ketchup, so I’ll overlook the fact that the caterers committed the ultimate Chicago sin, but I thought it was just the cutest little appetizer I’ve ever seen! It’s the simple things 😛

Have you ever been to a clothing swap?
Does your area have a “classic” food that you enjoy? Personally, I could take or leave Chicago-style hot dogs. Deep dish pizza, however, has my heart, forever and always ❤

13 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Omg those hot dogs are amazing. I wish I had seen those before we did the menu for the wedding haha. Definitely would have put those on there! They’d have contrasted the sliders nicely 😉 I need to find a clothing swap. My cc would be much happier if I did. Sucks about the dress, though. Stuff should be checked in some way before you can put it in thw swap pile

    • The worst part is that they DID check things before putting them in the swap pile–most of my clothes/items got rejected for not being cool enough (which, fine, perhaps no one trendy *really* wanted incredibly cheap, crappy drawstring bags from races 😛 I didn’t want them either!)–but I think because the lighting was so horrific no one noticed. I get that they were trying to be oh-so tragically cool and all, but real lighting probably would’ve been a way better choice for the swap. Whaaaaaatever.

  2. Maybe you can take the dress to a dry cleaner and see if they can get the stains out? It’s difficult when you don’t know what they are but since you didn’t pay anything for the dress it might not hurt to try!

  3. So glad to hear you’re on the way to fixing your running issues!!! Also, that hot dog is super cute-at my wedding we had these mini tomato soup and grilled cheese “shooters” that were like that. I just loved them.

    • Well, *hopefully* on the way. Haha. My toes were still tingly when I ran yesterday, so I’m definitely not in the clear yet. We’ll see what happens this weekend, I guess. Mini tomato soup and grilled cheese shooters sound AMAZING, and I seriously hope I someday get invited to a wedding that has them!

  4. Clearly they were trying to make sure all the clothing got taken, because that lighting really is terrible. At least you got two nice shirts out of it! Glad to hear that even the professionals think it’s the shoes! Hopefully breaking them in will help.

    Those hot dogs are so cute. Pretty sure the only hot dogs I’ll be eating in Chicago will be prepared at home, though, because all I like on mine is mustard and ketchup. As far as foods I can’t live without…I’ll give you one guess 😉

    • Honestly, I’m usually quite happy with just ketchup on my hot dog, but on the very rare occasions that I have a Chicago-style dog (which I think has happened all of like three times in my two years of living here), I don’t hate all the extras. Although neon-green relish does kind of creep me out haha 😛

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