Thursday Things

1. Whoever said, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” clearly was not a runner.

Last Sunday, I made my way to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for CARA’s Marathon Training Super Clinic. I didn’t stick around for any of the seminars this year because I couldn’t make it work with my schedule, but I needed to pick up my packet since training begins on Monday (yikes). I had time to kill downtown and needed to get lunch, but I didn’t want to spend money. I thought about waiting until the sponsors came out with lunch around 12:45, but as I dug through my packet to see what kind of goodies they had for me this year, I found a coupon for a free bowl of pasta (or salad, or sandwich) at Noodles & Company. I had that coupon in my possession for all of about 45 minutes.


Woohoo! Free lunch!

AND THEN, since I was already close to Mariano’s, I walked over to cash in another coupon I had, this time from my Shamrock Shuffle packet for a free 6 oz. gelato.


Free lunch AND free dessert, all courtesy of running. The next time someone asks me why I run, I think I’ll just direct them to this 😛

2. Speaking of deals, I got back to Chicago pretty early in the day on Friday and since I had taken the day off work, decided it was high time to put some of my Christmas gift cards to use. I had $40 to Macy’s, and though I anticipated only spending $40 at Macy’s would be a challenge, I didn’t know quite how hard it would be until I started looking at tank tops that were all $60+. No thanks. But then, off in the distance: 75% off. I beelined it to the clearance rack and dug through the motley collection of clothes in search of things I could actually afford. I tried on a few shirts, found a couple I liked, and, after doing the math on my phone, found that together they should cost me $39.93, including tax. That’s pretty darn close to $40, so I took this as a sign that I was meant to buy both shirts and made my way to the register.

WELL. As the woman at the register rung up my items, she said, “Wow! What a deal on this shirt!” The shirt in question was a Lucky short sleeve shirt, originally about $70 (LOLWHUT. Who pays $70 for a SHORT SLEEVE SHIRT?!) marked down to about $25. Apparently, the shirt was mismarked, however, as it actually rang up at $14. The other shirt I bought was mismarked as well, plus Macy’s gift cards count as Macy’s cards, so I got an additional 15% discount. When all was said and done, I paid a whopping $24.63 for both shirts, for a total savings of…


Right?!?! I was so proud of myself. Also, can we discuss the fact that TWO short sleeve shirts at full price would have cost $106.54? SERIOUSLY?? This is why I shop at H&M and Forever21. You can practically buy the entire store for that price.

3. Way back in January, I won a free month of unlimited yoga at CorePower from CARA. I waited to cash it in until after I finished all my spring races so I could actually go to yoga without feeling like I should have been running instead. My month expires today, and not gonna lie: I’m pretty bummed about it. I’ve loved going to yoga over this past month. I usually went twice a week, though occasionally I made it as often as four times per week. I’m not a huge fan of hot hot yoga, but CorePower’s intro level C1 classes aren’t very heated, nor are their CoreRestore classes, which I adored. Though my triceps have been more sore for this past month than probably at any other point in my life (so. many. chaturangas.), it’s been fun to progress in my yoga practice, and I think making a commitment to go to yoga as much as possible did wonders for my overall stress level. I’m definitely going to miss it during marathon training!

Scored any good deals lately?
Do you enjoy yoga?

10 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Macy’s is seriously the BEST place to get killer deals! I almost never buy anything there at full price because there’s always some sort of sale and/or coupon option. The Macy’s here is INSANE (I think it’s the biggest in the country) so shopping there is a long adventure.

    I’ve never tried hot yoga but I go to Vinyasa yoga 1-2 times per week. It’s done wonders for my back (I have scoliosis) and my weak core. Why don’t you add in 1 class per week while marathon training? It will help loosen up your muscles and it will be like an hour-long stretching session 🙂

    • I should start shopping at Macy’s more often! I stayed away for awhile since I wasn’t really sure where to shop (juniors is too young, but ladies feels too old), but I think I found a nice twentysomething balance with what I got, and I do ❤ a good deal 🙂

      I'd love to keep yoga up if I could keep doing it for free! If I wanted to keep going, though, I'd have to drop my dance classes, and I don't want to do that, so if I do continue practicing yoga throughout marathon training, it'll probably be of the DVD and YouTube variety.

  2. Uh I hope I don’t jinx it but you’ve had a serious streak of luck! haha. And wait I ran the Shamrock Shuffle where is my coupon?! Well I probably lost that haha but I’m bummed cuz there’s nothing better than free food!

    • Haha no worries — I think I’ve used most of my coupons by now, so I don’t think you’ve jinxed me 😉 They had the same coupon in last year’s Shamrock Shuffle packet as well (I never cashed it in because Mariano’s seemed too hard to get to…now I know that gelato is never, ever too hard to get to 😛 ), so if you run it again I’m sure you’ll have another shot at free food 🙂

  3. I have the same coupon from the Shamrock Shuffle but have not used it. I think it expired already.

    Great deal on the shirts! I don’t shop at Macy’s because I think it is too expensive but sometimes you can find great deals.

    Oh, and yoga? I like it! But I’ve been to Bikram Yoga but I am finding is too hot for me. Will have to look into CorePower since I know they offer a variety of classes.

    • Yeah, it expired on June 1, sadly 😦 Next time!

      Macy’s is $$$$$. I haven’t shopped there in a long time, so I had forgotten just how expensive it can be, but YIKES. Thank goodness for the sales rack, though.

      CorePower can get a little toasty, especially in their upper level classes, but their C1 intro level class is only heated to 85 degrees, I believe. Not too bad!

  4. Funny you should mention Noodles, because I JUST Googled to find out whether or not there was one in Chicago! I love Noodles more than I should, and I haven’t had it in years! None in Louisiana and none in Connecticut! And for some reason, my friends don’t want to eat at Noodles whenever I got to visit them. What’s WRONG with them??

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