Thursday Things

1. Well, to say #gradfest2014 has not gone as planned would be quite the understatement. The festivities haven’t wrapped up yet, so I’ll hold off on a full recap of the extravaganza until next week. After my sister’s graduation on Saturday, the whole family went out to dinner, and I felt a strange twinge in my stomach as soon as I ate the pre-meal bread but didn’t think anything of it and continued indulging on all sorts of delicious food. I was really tired when we finally got home Saturday night, so I went to bed and woke up around 6 a.m. Sunday with a substantially-more-than-slightly unhappy tummy. Nausea is more or less my modus operandi, but this was way different than usual. I thought maybe I could breathe through it, but as the morning wore on it became clear that this was not my run-of-the-mill stomach distress. Sure enough, a few hours later I got sick, and though I initially thought it might be food poisoning, based on the fact that no one else in the family had anything, it looks like it was probably some version of the stomach flu. Blech. So instead of a wonderful Sunday dinner of ham and scalloped potatoes, I attempted to choke down some ice.


Living the dream.

Blah. It was MISERABLE. I could muster up energy to play a couple rounds of 2048 on my phone before feeling too sick to do anything but lay still, which was also uncomfortable since I was running a 101.3 degree fever and my skin was super sensitive and it hurt to touch anything. All things considered, the timing was really great, since I was home and had people to take care of me (nothing makes the stomach flu more lousy than having no one to take care of you, in my experience), and I didn’t have to worry about missing work at all, what with Memorial Day and all that. I also had my Bestest Fwend to keep me company.


And now I’m clear from the stomach flu for another 26 months. (I have, oddly enough, regularly gotten the stomach flu once every 26 months since January 2010. My mom thinks I’m ridiculous for assuming this is a guaranteed thing, but personally I appreciate the predictability and plan to spend all of July 2016 at my parents house to ensure I have my mommy and daddy to take care of me :P)

2. So, uh, Ryan Cabrera is following me on Twitter?

Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 9.26.26 PM

I’m not entirely sure when I became cool enough to have minor celebrities follow me on Twitter, but since this is the most legit I’ve felt, well, ever, I’m not complaining. I’m usually excited enough to have a company favorite a tweet I send to them, so as far as I’m concerned, this is a Big Deal. Does this mean I’m a cool blogger now?

3. Yesterday, I participated in the annual cousin mini golf outing. This has been a tradition in my family for well over a decade, and though it’s tricky to get us all together these days now that we’re not, you know, between the ages of 8 and 15, it’s still a fun time.


I am proud to report that I achieved TWO holes-in-one during the tournament. Unfortunately, those did not at all make up for my, ahem, several holes-in-six, so I still came in second-to-last, per usual.

Most importantly, I felt well enough to finally eat some ice cream.


It’s good to have an appetite again 🙂

How was your Memorial Day?
Do you have any fun traditions with your family? Tradition could probably be our family name — mini golf is the mere tip of the iceberg.

18 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Psssh you were a cool blogger before Ryan followed you. Now you’re just epic 😉 boo to the stomach flu and that you get it every 26 months, but well done timing wise so you had someone to take care of you. Absolutely nothing is worse than having to deal with that on your own….Joe still hears about the time he went out to dinner with a friend from out of town while I was at home puking even though I “said it was ok.” Dude, I cannot be trusted when I am puking and shaking. You should have seen that coming. Needless to say, I think he’s learned his lesson. Sick Caitlin means unless you work, you take care of her even if she pretends it’s ok to ditch her.

    • Bahahaha, well, thanks for the validation, lady 😛 It’s kind of silly, really, because I didn’t particularly want anyone around me, since I didn’t want to get them sick, but just having someone to crush ice for me and get me a glass of water (not that I could drink it, but you know, it’s the thought that counts) makes SUCH a difference when you’re sick!

  2. SAD LIFE but all i was thinking about last night was god damn it alex stay awake in case you get to see Bethany on Tv. just muster up the energy to do so… when did i fall asleep… right when Chicago came on. Damn it!! Were you on it? I have to say I am already in freaking love with this season. Have my favorites picked out from that section already. Their dancing… amazing. Again, I get second hand jealousy over here just thinking about all the moves I can’t do.

    • Ahh, bummer! Well, the good (?) news is you didn’t miss me, because I didn’t make it. BUT they only showed one day of Chicago auditions and are finishing up the Chicago auditions next week, so there’s still a chance I might be on! We shall see. Seriously, though, so much talent this season. Definitely looking forward to it!

  3. Man, that ice cream looks delish!

    Aww, happy you did have someone to take care of you! Ha ha. I have a cold right now, and last night I was laying in bed and said to my husband “take care of me!” He was like, “What do you want me to do?” I said, “Baby me.” LOL!!!

    Is it okay I have no idea who Ryan Cabrera is?

    • It was soooo tasty. Birthday cake ice cream? Yes please 🙂

      Hahaha, well, “Baby me” at least sounds better than “Make me throw up,” which was what I told my mom when she asked me if there was anything she could do for me 😛

      What do you MEAN you don’t know who Ryan Cabrera is???? Hahaha. Totally kidding. I don’t think he was ever really famous, like at all. He had a couple singles, and apparently is coming out with a new album? idk. I don’t know any of his songs off the top of my head. I just recognized his name.

  4. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Being sick is the worst. I haven’t had a stomach bug in years but I literally used to cry every time I threw up (which is about 5 times in my entire life. no joke.). Ice cream is the best food to get in you post-flu 🙂 I’m pretty sure you are officially twitter famous if he’s following you. That is awesome. I am the WORST at mini golf but this makes me want to go haha I just have to find someone to go with that won’t kick my butt.

    • We should go mini golfing together! I’m terrible as well, so we’d be evenly matched 😛

      Dang, five times in your whole life? Lucky you! When I was a kid I got the stomach flu pretty much at least once a year, and that always involved more than my fair share of throwing up. Blech. Not at all fun.

  5. Yes! At least you had people to take care of you. That’s key. The last time I got a stomach bug Jason got it at the exact same time (we caught it from our niece) and we were both down for the count. We still lament that the worst part of both of us getting sick at the same time was that there was no one there to take care of us!

    • Oh no! That’d be awful! Although I guess at least that way you didn’t have to worry about getting each other sick. The last time I was sick, I was in Mexico with a bunch of classmates, and like eight of the 12 of us all got sick at the same time, including our leader. Misery. And those who were healthy understandably did not want to get anywhere near us!

  6. So sorry to hear about your stomach flu! Glad to hear you’re doing better now. I swear I already know of more than 5 people who went through the same thing recently…it must be going around. At least you’re immune now (for the next 26 months at least 😉 ).

    I used to be a die-hard mini golf fan. I probably still am but haven’t played in years! I have the best memories of when my family and I would travel the country by car and I would always insist on stopping at mini golf places to play. 2-hole-in-ones?!? Niceeee

  7. That’s so awesome that you were home for the flu – great timing. Whenever I’m sick and my mom’s not there it’s miserable! So while it sucked I’m sure I’m glad you got to be taken care of. I can’t believe Ryan Cabrera is following you on twitter…JEALOUS! Now i’m gonna go listen to him on Spotify lol reliving the glory days…

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