Thursday Things

1. Well, my affair with the Gel-Cumulus 16s ended up being rather short lived. They kept making my feet go numb, which was no bueno.


So now I’m back to the 15s and living in state of denial. The 16s made my feet go numb because they reshaped the toe box (WHY. WHY DO SHOE COMPANIES DO THIS. WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE.), and the new toe box and my feetzies did not agree with one another. I also bumped my shoes up half a size, per the recommendation of the saleswoman at Universal Sole. She initially did this to solve my 16 numbness issue, but then realized they had 15s in a half size larger than my normal size in stock, so she let me try those on and it was seriously just a night and day difference. Apparently, my left foot is also larger than my right foot (I call foul. I have perfect feet, thank you very much), which would explain why I kept getting blisters on my left toes in the 15s last summer while my right feet were just fine and dandy. Hopefully going up half a size will resolve that problem.

I really wanted to upgrade to the 16s, mostly so I could finally settle into a shoe instead of changing brands/models every stupid time I need new shoes, but ohhhhhhhh no. Asics had to be stupid. Boo hiss.

2. I’m turning into my mother. Growing up, if she expected someone to be at our house by a certain time and they weren’t, she would always jump to the worst conclusion possible. A lot of traffic? A late start? Nah. They were definitely dead in a ditch.

I have totally become that person, and I think our hyperconnected world is just making my anxieties worse. Silence on social media, unreturned e-mails or voicemails (even if there was no reason to return the e-mail or voicemail), not seeing someone where I expected to see them: PANIC MODE. It’s totally ridiculous, and I know it’s ridiculous, and yet here I am, stressed over who is and is not on Gchat. Dumb.

3. The time has finally arrived. Graduation Extravaganza, Graduationpalooza, Graduation Fest of 2014: however you want to phrase it, the week of madness is (almost) here. I’ve got a college graduation, a high school graduation, and a high school grad party to attend next week. So much pomp and circumstance. So many caps and gowns. (So much good food for free… 😀 haha) It should be a good time, though not gonna lie, I’m bummed I have to be out of town for a full week. Earlier this year I would’ve done anything to get out of Chicago for a week…now I don’t want to leave. LIFE. Haha. I’ll survive 😛

Do you worry when you don’t hear from people when you expected to? Alternatively: are you turning into your parents?
Are you going to any graduations this year? Or all of the graduations, as the case may be…haha.

18 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. i remember you talking about your grad week palooza, i have to say though i tend to dig events like that. good food and great people tied into one. shoe companies blow my mind. they make the slightest switch and wam you are totally thrown off. like me and my mizunos – i just can’t wear the 17s, i can’t. luckily a birdie told me they are going back to their old structure because the new ones weren’t as well accepted. BOOm. happy dance over here.

    • That’s what I keep reminding myself: I am in for an abundance of good food (that I don’t have to make!) next week. Plus of course it’ll be great to celebrate with my family. And yes, yes, one thousand time yes to the shoe thing. Just does not make sense to me.

  2. Oh man! That is a bummer they changed the shoe box. 😦 Did you ever try the 14s? I only ask cause you can still get them pretty cheap on Amazon.

    LOL! I don’t worry when people are late/don’t respond… I just think it’s rude. But I think that is because we still see people doing other things online and it’s like… what about my email from a few days ago? Ha ha.

    Sadly, I am turning a bit in to my mom though 😦

    • I haven’t tried the 14s. I’m so anti-buying-running-shoes-online that I’ve never gotten anything that wasn’t available in stores! Fortunately with the 16s now out the 15s are on sale at most places, so I can stock up.

      I am a chronic late e-mailer when it comes to non-personal e-mails. Way too many of my business e-mails begin with, “Sorry for the delay…” haha.

  3. Do shoe companies change the shoes to try and get new people to wear them? Because it always pisses off the loyalists! You should write an article on this. In-depth investigative journalism!!

    Jason graduates in June but he isn’t going to the actual graduation and as far as I know he’s not planning party. He’s basically the worst at planning things in advance, though, so who knows!

    • Hahaha a genius idea! But really, though. It doesn’t make sense to me why they do this! I mean, I’m not anti-Asics, but since the 16s don’t work for me, once I can’t get 15s anymore, I’m going to be back at square one. There’s no guarantee that I’ll still be in Asics when that happens!

  4. Ugh yes!! I’m a mini version of my mum haha. I catch myself saying things to the boys that she always said to us growing up, and we both react to similar situations in the same way. There are worse people to be like in my opinion 😉 I have no graduations this year thankfully…everyone in my life is old or way too young 😛

  5. On Mother’s Day, we headed out to my in-laws house first, and the plan was to head to my parents house after we had lunch. I think I called them a couple times – once right before we ate, and then again as we were leaving to give them our ETA – and it went to their answering machine both times. My mind immediately went to “oh my God, someone broke into their house and murdered them and we are going to get there and find their bodies OH MY GOD IT WILL BE SO TERRIBLE.” Um, no, they actually called while we were driving there and I didn’t hear my phone and when we got there, they were in the front yard.

    Also, yes, I am sort of turning into my mother. Just the good parts, I swear!!

  6. Say it isn’t so! I’ve been wearing Asics Gel Nimbus for years! Why would they change a good thing? Now what?


  7. Well since you brought up graduation parties, what is your favorite graduation party food? Mine is turkey and dressing sandwiches which is like an eastern Iowa delicacy and like no one else has heard of but I swear is amazingly delicious. I also like pulled pork and of course cake.

    I had one graduation party for my cousin last weekend and I have one for Matt’s sister coming up in June. I had to skip both ceremonies to ride my bike and I missed my brother’s graduation the weekend before because the drive was too long.

    I am also turning into my mom. I can’t help it. Sometimes I even say her one-liners like “Good riddance” which always drove me nuts. And now I’m saying it! I try not to jump to the worst possible scenario when I haven’t heard from someone and I make myself think of all the other possible non-emergency things that could be happening –i.e. their phone died, they fell asleep too early, someone stopped by to visit. But Matt has this really annoying habit where he won’t respond to any of my texts or calls for days! Then I start to get nervous. In the end it almost always turns out that he was super busy at work and fell asleep on the couch at 7:30 pm. But it is hard not to freak out!

    • Oooh, tough question. I think pulled pork and cake top the list of my favorite grad party foods. I went to a couple dessert grad parties when I was still in high school, though, and those are probably my #1. All of the sugar!

      Oh my gosh, if someone didn’t respond to me for days, I don’t even know what I’d do. Stalk their apartment to make sure they were alive, probably. Haha. I wouldn’t be able to handle that at all!

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