Against the Stray, Chill Peal of Bells

You know that classic piece of advice, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? In the spirit of that, a low word count post, because, well, I’ve already said what I have to say. (+1000 if you recognize the title reference without the aid of Google.)

Photos from the weekend!

runners world cookbook, chicken sausage, rigatoni with chicken sausage

Another winner from the Runner’s World Cookbook: rigatoni with chicken sausage. Or, in my case, penne-and-spaghetti-because-that’s-what-I-had-on-hand-and-goodness-knows-the-last-thing-I-need-is-another-half-empty-box-of-pasta with chicken sausage.


Someone thinks they’re funny.

chicago skyline

Time to kill on Saturday afternoon.

do rite donut, cinnamon sugar donut, old fashioned donut

My first Do-Rite Donut. Life will never be the same.


Does breakfast food at lunch time on a Sunday count as brunch? I planned to have a salad but didn’t have time to make one if I wanted to get to yoga…so cereal it was.

I also finally watched Catching Fire for the first time this weekend. I know, I know. I’m so behind. IT WAS AMAZING. Obviously. As if this Hunger-Games-loving girl would think any differently. I don’t often watch movies because they feel like such a time commitment, but I couldn’t believe how fast time passed while I watched Catching Fire. It felt over too soon!

What was the best thing you ate this weekend?
Favorite kind of donut? I got a cinnamon sugar old fashioned donut at Do-Rite, and it was fabulous. Cinnamon sugar donuts (or apple cider…nomz) are usually my go-tos, though I do enjoy ones with sprinkles as well. It has to be a cake-style donut, though. Yeast donuts almost always result in me hating myself/my decisions, because they generally give me an instant tummy ache. A comprehensive guide to donut varieties can be found here.

11 thoughts on “Against the Stray, Chill Peal of Bells

  1. Mmmm, apple cider cake donuts….

    And, you know, I never thought about it before but I’m totally the same way about cake vs yeast donuts! That must be why sour cream cake donuts are my favorite. Followed closely by apple cider donuts.

    • I discovered this about myself in high school when I kept buying yeast donuts when we’d have donut sales and then feeling miserable for the rest of the day. Somewhat of a bummer, but at least it helps me with the decision-making process when it comes to donut ordering haha.

  2. I’ve been making a few recipes from the Runner’s World Cookbook lately too and I love them all! They’re all so simple, fresh, wholesome, and delicious. You’re the one who inspired me to buy the book so I’m glad you did 🙂

    Would you believe it if I told you I didn’t like donuts? It’s true :/ Donuts and cheesecake are two desserts I just can’t get behind… Rumor has it that NYC has some pretty stellar donut shops so maybe I’ll give them a try for testing purposes.

  3. Mmm cereal for lunch definitely counts as brunch on the weekend 😉 and while I’m not a huge donut fan, you just made me want one like whoa. That looks awesome. Typically I’m a chocolate glazed kind of girl, but I’d eat that in a heartbeat. And that elevator picture is hilarious haha 😛

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