Thursday Things

1. It’s been one of those weeks again, you guys. I’ve been working my face off and running around with barely a second to breathe when I’m not at work, so obviously blogging had to, once again, take a back seat. Someday I’ll be able to get back into a regular posting schedule…

2. But onto things more exciting than half-hearted apologies, like the reasons why I’ve barely turned my laptop on in the past week. Last Thursday, I headed to Bottle & Bottega (after changing into shorts — it was hot hot hot here last week Thursday!) for a fundraising painting party!


We all created a Chicago skyline on a small canvas while raising funds for Maggie’s DetermiNation fundraising for the American Cancer Society. I’ve done two painting parties before, and I liked that this time we used a 10×10 canvas instead of the normal 16×20. It fits nicely on a small wall I have in my apartment, even if the painting itself is…not so great. Haha. I never claimed to be an artist!

3. On Friday, my sister came to town on a somewhat spontaneous trip. My sister is crazy about the band Nickel Creek (never heard of ’em? Don’t worry. Neither has anyone else I’ve talked to about this show :P). Nickel Creek broke up in 2007 (thank you, Wikipedia), but reunited out of nowhere this year and announced a tour. My sister, STOKED BEYOND WORDS, planned to come to their Chicago show, but it sold out instantly. Bummer for her…until Nickel Creek released more tickets for the Chicago show two weeks before the concert. She needed a place to sleep and a concert buddy, so I found myself at The Riviera on Friday night with an eclectic group Nickel Creek fans.


(Not that you asked, but since it’s my blog: I’m not sure that I particularly like the Riv. It has the potential to be a beautiful space–not that that’s necessarily #1 on concert venues’ lists–but I felt like it look poorly maintained. There’s a lot of open space, which is great for crowding people into a show, but I think the interior itself leaves a LOT to be desired. Then again I’m a diehard restoration fan, so I’m obviously biased.)

Wikipedia bills Nickel Creek as progressive bluegrass, which I guess is somewhat accurate. I have a hard time describing their music. Personally, I think it sounds straight out of Appalachia (which I don’t mean as a bad thing). If you’ve ever listened to The Hunger Games soundtrack, that’s the kind of music Nickel Creek plays.


Honestly, it was super weird to be at a show where everyone was OMGSOEXCITED to see the main act when I knew very little about them. But my sister had a great time, we had awesome spots on the floor, and Nickel Creek put on a great show. Hooray!


4. On Saturday, I went to…another concert. Haha. Go big or go home, eh? Augustana played Double Door on Saturday, so a friend and I made our way to Wicker Park at the insanely late hour of…5:30 😛 Augustana actually played two shows at Double Door on Saturday, but by the time I got around to buying tickets, the 10 p.m. show had sold out. So the 6 p.m. show it was!


BAH. I’ve seen Augustana live once before, and though pretty much the entire band is different than it was in 2012 (i.e.: the bass player I had a crush on is no longer in Augustana. TRAGIC.), they still put on an excellent show. I must’ve looked super into it, because at one point, a girl standing behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said, “I’m so impressed! You know all the words to all their songs! Number one fan.” #winning

My friend and I contemplated going to Big Star after the show, since I’ve never been (I KNOW, I KNOW. Two years hear and I’ve never made it to Big Star. In my defense, I don’t really like tacos, certainly not enough to go out of my way to get them, so obviously Big Star has not been high on my priority list. Or on my priority list at all.), but they were obviously packed, so instead we got mediterranean at Dawali in Lincoln Park. Much more my speed.

5. AND THEN on Sunday, I spent the first half of my afternoon at Maxwell Street Market, another place I’ve never made an effort to patronize.  I had quite possibly the best quesadilla of my life there for lunch, but even more importantly, I learned that Italian ice is AMAZING. I always assumed Italian ice was a glorified snow cone, and since I’m not all that wild about snow cones, I never tried it. Turns out my assumption was completely wrong, and Italian ice is actually an amazing dessert that I had unintentionally deprived myself of for far too long. No more! I’m officially an Italian ice fan.

Favorite frozen dessert? I think ice cream is still #1 for me, but in terms of just the dessert itself, Italian ice might beat frozen yogurt. However, if we’re talking about frozen yogurt creations (i.e.: drowning in candy, courtesy of the self-serve style of frozen yogurt dining), then frozen yogurt beats Italian ice.
Been to any concerts lately? I feel like I just asked this question…oh well!

11 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. this is so random but I just went to see Neon Trees at the Riv two days ago! I have the same picture of the marquee sign on my phone (with different words, obviously haha). I liked the space but you’re right, it’s definitely not #1 on anyone’s renovation list haha. And Big Star is on my list to get to but I just don’t know when to go! I live way too far away to make the trip only to be turned away by the crowds.

  2. Busy weekend full of concerts girl! I like the sound of Nickel Creek. They sound a lot like punch brothers which is one of my favs…have to check them out when the boys are sleeping. And I totally agree that blue grassy crowds are fascinating…such a variety of people…makes people watching extra fun. I hope you have a relaxing weekend hun! Do something fun and get some rest 🙂

  3. I’ve actually heard of Nickel Creek. I think Matt was pretty into them for a while so I’ve heard a little of them. I’ve never been to Maxwell street market but it’s on my bucket list for Chicago. I guess I should make a point to hit it up this summer!

    • You are literally the first person I’ve talked to (other than my sister) who’s heard of them! At least someone knows who I’m talking about 🙂 If you’re in the area, you should definitely try to visit Maxwell Street Market sometime this summer…just make sure you get some Italian ice while you’re there!

  4. I just found your blog and love the name! That was part of the reason I checked it out 🙂 Sounds like a fun weekend. I haven’t heard of this band but sometimes I love going to random concerts and being pleasantly surprised, especially if they put on a good show.

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