Thursday Things

1. First things first: What are you–yes, you–doing tonight between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m.? That’s right: you’re coming to Bottle & Bottega in the South Loop with me to raise funds for cancer and autism research. Haven’t bought your ticket yet? Great news! You still can, right here. You can show up as early as 6 p.m. to hang out, eat snacks, drink wine, and just generally enjoy life and the company of others, but if 6 p.m. is too tough to make with your work schedule, we won’t get our paint on until 7:00. Can’t wait to see all of you in the Chicago area there! (Because you will be there, right? I think we’ve established that you’re going to be there.)

2. Look look look!



Flowers! On the TREES! I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but this looks suspiciously like the arrival of spring…which, admittedly, does almost seem too good to be true, given this past winter, but it has to come eventually, right? May 8 seems late enough to qualify as “eventually.” (p.s. have you heard the rumors that since Lake Michigan got so freezy this year, areas close to the lake may stay cool all summer?! Holla! I’ll be the happiest marathon trainer you ever did see if that’s the case. I spent all winter vocally expressing my hope that cold winter = 75 and not-humid summer, and if I get my wish…well!)

3. My nose is falling off.

Okay, that might be slightly overstating things. The skin on my nose, however, is falling off. I spent about 11 hours outside on Saturday, taunting the sun with my fair-skinned, red-haired northern European heritage. “I don’t NEED sunscreen,” a younger, more foolish Bethany said. “Also, my hands are cold, and putting on sunscreen is a hassle.”

Unsurprisingly, I ended up with a WICKED sunburn on my face (which, fortunately, was the only part of my skin exposed for most of the day). I woke up Sunday morning with blisters all over my cheek and nose — that’s how sunburned I got, because I am an idiot. Even more unsurprisingly, I’m now peeling like a banana (I don’t think that’s a phrase, but I think we should make it a phrase effective immediately) and look like I have contracted some terrible skin disease. I didn’t — I’m just an idiot. But if anyone has any tips on how to make my peeling even remotely less hideous, I’m all ears. Even though I should probably just WEAR MY SHAME FOR ALL TO SEE.

Oh, did I mention I got a cold over the weekend, too? That my congestion moved from my sinuses to drain out my nose on Sunday? Misery is having to blow your nose when it is covered in blistery sunburn, just FYI.

In other news, I plan to worship at the throne of Coppertone from here until Christmas.

4. On Sunday, I was a) nearly out of food and b) at Whole Foods (see: a), and decided to treat myself to a salad from their salad bar, because…you know. It was just right there and so convenient and easy. Plus if you fill your box with lettuce to start, it’s a lot easier to keep the price under control.



This was a killer salad, if I do say so myself (killer enough to eat most of it before stopping to take a photo :P). Would I ever put sweet potatoes or tofu on a salad I make at home? Absolutely not. All the more reason to make one at Whole Foods, amirite?? Immediately after I finished this salad, I went to yoga, because if you’re going to be a cliché, you might as well go all the way, right?

Speaking of going all the way with clichés, I also bought myself cookies at Whole Foods in the name of balance.



I don’t know what exactly this piece of heaven was: BUT IT WAS AMAZING AND I WANT MORE IMMEDIATELY. I think it was shortbread dipped in dark(?) chocolate? What I really want to know is what kind of sorcery they used to put more chocolate inside the cookie, because that’s what really took this to the next level in my expert cookie-consuming opinion.

Do you have any good sunburn remedies? Or post-sunburn-peeling remedies? Or just general ideas on how not to be an idiot, since clearly I could use some help…
Best thing you’ve eaten this week?

20 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. That cookie though. Like actually, it is the greatest looking thing in the entire world right now, and maybe it’s because I just had breakfast, but it still looks like the Whole foods is the best for desserts. And mac and cheese… I’m loving these flowers. Even the birds that wake me up at 5am aren’t terrible. But I’m kind of confused as to where our spring went since we seemed to go from winter to summer in a matter of three days. I’m the worst with sunburns. As soon as I get my first of the year, my nose will be in a perpetual state of peelage until I turn into a ghost again next winter.

  2. No! The stinky trees are back! Ha ha. We have those lining our street and the smell of them makes me gag. So weird.

    A few weeks ago I burned my face at a duathlon then my nose starting peeling ,but around the nostrils, so I thought I was getting a cold! LOL. Nope, just not taking care of myself. You don’t want my advise – to pick at it. I hope that feels better soon, and your cold!

    Have fun painting tonight! 🙂

  3. Omggggg. I need that cookie now. I decided that since Joe is leaving me to starve for 28 weeks, I’ll treat myself to whole foods 1-2 a week (and when I say I, I mean we since I’ll be using our account…justice). I’m slightly excited, although cookie does take it up a notch. Good luck tonight!! I hope everyone in chicago comes and then some 😉

  4. Of course my company softball game is tonight 😦 although I’m looking forward to it because it’s basically summer now woooo! I love your sense of balance – cookies + lettuce = healthy. Just kidding but you catch my drift. Have fun tonight!

  5. That cookie does look amazing! I’m sure you could figure out a way to recreate it since you have baking skillz.

    Also, for the sunburn, exfoliate (even though it might hurt) with St. Ives Apricot Scrub and then just keep moisturizing it with facial moisturizer. Thankfully, I haven’t that epic of a facial sunburn since I was in junior high but in college I got the WORST sunburn…in my cleavage. Oh my god, I thought I might die. Especially when it got to the itchy stage!

    And I REALLY really want to be there tonight but A. my class has a policy that if you miss two sessions they can drop your grade a full letter and I’m already missing June 5th and B. We’re supposed to be learning basic CSS tonight and those are skillz I need 🙂

    • I need to figure out a way to recreate this. I’m sure it’d be more cost-effective than buying them all the time from Whole Foods. I’m not much of a recipe-maker, but I’d be willing to change that for the sake of these cookies.

      That sunburn sounds even worse than mine! I will say, as visible as it is, at least it doesn’t hurt quite like having sunburn that’s constantly aggravated by clothes or something else.

      Have fun learning! That sounds like a really useful class, so I can forgive you 😛

    • Oh gosh, it’s just the worst. It hurts to move, and then it gets all peely and you look like you have leprosy…AND it does permanent damage to your skin. Lose lose lose all the way around. The event did go well! I wore chambray, if that counts as dressing up 😛 It was a painting party, so I didn’t want to be too fancy!

  6. Oh my gosh now I am craving a cookie and I really want one of those! Blowing your nose with a sunburn sounds absolutely awful 😦 The only thing I can think of is to keep putting lotion on the sunburn!

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