Thursday Things

1. I decided to make the most of my Saturday trip out to Lincoln Square last week by finally visiting the Pannenkoeken Cafe, which has been on my radar since late January. It’s literally next door to Fleet Feet (enter on Western), so it worked perfectly with my schedule. The cafe was just as delightfully Dutch as I hoped it would be.


Note: Welkom. Yes.


TULIPS IN A WOODEN SHOE. I mean really. Felt just like home ❤

I knew from Yelp that the place was small, but not one review quite conveyed just how small this place is. I kid you not: I’ve been in studio apartments larger than this restaurant. About 18 people can eat at a time in the restaurant, and there’s not exactly room to turn cartwheels between the tables. I got there a little after 9 a.m. and still had to wait about 20 minutes to get a seat. Once I did get a seat, though, I ordered an apple pannenkoek, which was approximately the size of Ohio.


This held me over until, oh, like 6 p.m. Just insane. To be honest, I’m a bit more of a fluffy pancake person, so I think if I were to return to the Pannenkoeken Cafe, I’d get their regular pancakes, but there was no way I was going to trek it all the way out to a place called the Pannenkoeken Cafe and not get pannenkoeken.

2. I also stopped by the recently opened Flirty Cupcakes Dessert Garage, because, you know, when in Lincoln Square.


This place was so cute. I couldn’t stand it. It was also the exact opposite of the Pannenkoeken Cafe — airy, spacious, uncrowded (then again, how many people buy cupcakes at 10:15 a.m.?). There ended up being WAY more cupcake options than I anticipated, but after much hemming and hawing (and reminding myself that I do make it out to that area about once every other month, and thus can easily stop back into the Dessert Garage again at a later date…) settled on the Me Want Cookie Dough.


It made for a delightful post-5K treat on Sunday 🙂

3. The time has come to retire my shoes.



I try to not be a hoarder (my parents might beg to differ), but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get rid of these shoes entirely. These shoes saw me through my first marathon, my first destination race, and an 8K, 10 mile, half marathon, and 5K PR. Those are some pretty special shoes if I do say so myself.

At least I have pretty new shoes!


Oh la la! I upgraded to Cumulus 16s (only because Universal Sole was out of 15s…), and I’m hoping they treat me as well as my 15s. I’ve bounced around between styles and brands for most of my running career, but I’m hoping I finally found my shoe with the Cumulus. We shall see.

Favorite breakfast food? Yes. All of the breakfast foods. Haha.
Are you a hoarder? I think we’ve pretty well established that I hoard running things…

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12 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I’m quite the hoarder when it comes to running shoes (I have 4 pairs right now and I donated 5 more at the Illinois Marathon expo) but I figure that its smart to be prepared! You never know when you might need a backup (like running to the gym in the rain and then changing there, etc.).

    Oh, and I totally still have the shoes that I wore during my first marathon. I’m not sure exactly where they are but I know I left them at my mom’s with strict rules not to throw them away.

    • Oh good, you’re making me feel much better about myself. Haha. I officially have four pairs on hand right now, but only two of which I’ll actually run in. The others are just for sturdy-shoes-required occasions. Well, I guess I have five if you count my first half marathon shoes, but those are at my parents house (also with strict rules not to throw them away), so they don’t *really* count 😛

  2. Pancakes/waffles/french toast 😀 or bagels. Those are good too. I used to be way more of a hoarder than I am now, but Joe claims I still have those tendencies. He’s wrong. Clearly. I try not to be too sentimental about stuff, but it’s hard at times. Moving a lot in the last year helps with that though. Less you have, easier moving is, happier I am (Joe esp since less work for him) 😛

  3. Ahh! Thankfully I am having lunch soon – this post is making me HUNGRY! I love pancakes for breakfast 🙂 With onions and peppers!

    I am curious to hear what you think of the 16s! I am still using the 14s, since they are so cheap on Amazon!

  4. Asics for life! They’re the best and the only shoes that I haven’t gotten injured in. Call it luck or shoe-build but I’m not questioning it! That pancake looks insane – I don’t blame you for trying something new. You can get fluffy pancakes anywhere! You have to try specialties at places. How have I not trekked it out to Lincoln Square yet?

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