Friday Things

Sorry for the delayed post! Tuesday and Wednesday got completely away from me without giving me a chance to sit down and blog. But now that I have time, let’s get on with things, shall we?

1. It’s rather belated, but happy Easter! I hope everyone who celebrates Easter had a lovely day 🙂 My Easter kicked off Saturday night with the Great Vigil of Easter at church, followed by a champagne and chocolate reception…aka a Lenten fast breaking reception.


Let me tell you, chocolate never tastes as good as it does when you’ve fasted from it (and all other dessert) for six and a half weeks.

Easter morning I woke up and put the final touches on my (many) baking projects for the day, including…


banana chocolate chip muffins (based on these),


coffee cake muffins (based on these)


and coconut macaroons, since I’ve been dying for coconut for the past two weeks. I also made blueberry lemon cheesecake bars, though those went unphotographed.

After church on Easter morning, I came home, made myself a lovely little Easter dinner of ham, scalloped potatoes, corn and peas, digested for a bit, and then headed out to a friend’s for Easter dinner round two.


All in all, a fabulous day. I foolishly continued my fast-breaking celebration in excess on Monday, eating way too much of all the candy and baked goods I accumulated, and spent all of Tuesday feeling sick as a dog as a result. Lesson learned.

2. As you may or may not know, I’m running the Chicago Marathon again in October, and this year I’ll be raising funds for the Organization for Autism Research. In two Saturdays (May 10), Maggie, Amanda, and I are holding a joint fundraiser for our respective charities (OAR for me, the American Cancer Society for Maggie, and Ronald McDonald House Charities for Amanda) with a Zumba Happy Hour. I would LOVE for you to be there! If you’re going to be in Chicago that day, please please please register ASAP. You can purchase a ticket here. If you’re not going to be in Chicago, the event page includes links to all of our individual fundraising sites. Feel free to share this event with anyone you know in Chicago. We need a few more people to register to make this event happen, and it’ll be such a bummer if we have to cancel 😦 Sign up sign up sign up!!

3. On Wednesday, I got something on my contact in my right eye, and, like an idiot, chose laziness over ocular health. I opted to leave my contacts in until I went to bed, per usual, and ended up with a bloodshot eye as a result.  I figured it’d go away with sleep, but when it didn’t, I decided it’d be best to not make matters worse by putting my contacts back in and wore my glasses all day Thursday instead. I have horrendous vision (-4.75, for those of you in the know), but I haven’t worn glasses for more than walking from the bathroom to my bedroom at night in years. I don’t know how those of you who regularly wear glasses do it! I missed having my peripheral vision!

How was your Easter?
Do you have bad vision? Glasses or contacts? Contacts 4 lyfe. Or rather, 4 as long as possible. I’d actually love to get Lasik someday, if for no other reason than that the idea of waking up and being able to see sounds so wonderful.

11 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. And now I have a craving for chocolate cake at 10:30 in the morning haha. Your easter looks and sounds delicious, girl! I need to get my bake on stat…it’s been too long. I also need to go to the eye doctor for a glasses check up sometime in the next 2-3 months. I haven’t gotten new glasses in years, and my old ones are bad…reeeeeeal bad. Add it to the list of things to do to stay busy while joe is gone 😛

    • Hahaha my bad 😛 It’s been SOOOO nice to get back into baking after taking so much time off. I actually had another baking project earlier this week and my roommates were all, “You’re baking…again…?” Haha. I’ve had my glasses since sometime in high school, so they’re at least six years old. The prescription is fine but the lenses are weird. I could definitely use new ones, but I’d much rather spend my money on contacts!

  2. I give you major props for being able to give up sweets for that long. I seriously can’t go a few hours without them if you count my daily hot chocolate addiction. We didn’t really celebrate Easter at my house but I kind of wish we had. I missed all the fun desserts, but my mom’s snickerdoodle blondies made up for it I guess.

    • Haha, honestly, it just becomes second nature after a few days. I know I can’t eat sweets, so I don’t buy them or keep them around. Makes things simple (though don’t get me wrong…I’d still like to have them, and I’ve definitely gotten back into the swing of things :P)

  3. I find it so annoying that my vision insurance covers only either glasses or contacts once a year. Look, I want BOTH to have updated prescriptions. Why do I have to choose? So I, too, usually choose contacts over glasses so my glasses tend to be years out of date. Which makes wearing them a little odd (I prefer not to wear the outside the house).

    • True that. My glasses are on an emergency-only basis with my face haha. Also, I don’t have vision insurance, so I’m definitely not interested in paying for an eye doctor appointment AND contacts AND glasses out of pocket. Not until my money tree in the backyard starts bearing fruit.

  4. Those muffins and cake look DELICIOSO. I am so inspired now to break out the cookbook and bake myself into oblivion. =D

    I have both glasses and contacts, but rarely ever wear the contacts. I wear the glasses usually just for distance, e.g. driving, watching TV, reading menus posted on walls, LOL. My prescription isn’t strong enough that Lasik is really a consideration right now, but admittedly the idea of the Lasik procedur frightens me. My friends who have had Lasik all SWEAR by it, though!

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