Catching Up

Been awhile, hasn’t it? I guess technically it’s only been a week, but it feels like awhile. I had a crazy busy and stressful week last week, and since I think we can all agree that it’s silly to contribute to legitimate stress with unnecessary stress (i.e.: putting up a blog post just because “it’s what I always do,”), blogging had to take a back seat to real life last week.

So! Let’s see. What do I have to tell you about?

Blaze has dethroned Potbelly as my favorite fast-food-that-doesn’t-feel-like-fast-food place in Chicago. A couple of weeks ago a friend wanted to get dinner, and since I wanted to go somewhere both easily accessible and cheap, I suggested Blaze.

blaze pizza, blaze pizza chicago

At Blaze, you can either order one of the pizzas they have on their menu, or you can go through the line and build your own pizza (think Subway or Chipotle-style ordering) for the STUPID low price of $7.45. Unlike, oh, just about every pizza place in the world, Blaze doesn’t charge you per ingredient. You want to put exactly one item on your custom pizza? $7.45. You want to put literally every single topping they offer on your pizza? $7.45. (Unless you get the vegan cheese or GF crust, as those cost more). They build the whole thing right there in front of you on freshly made dough, stick it in an oven, and it’s cooked and all yours within three minutes. Insane, right?? AND this isn’t some itty bitty baby pizza. Oh no. I got two meals out of this pizza, which means I essentially paid $3.72 for dinner and dinner a few days later ($4.08 after Chicago tax). Where else are you going to find that kind of awesome deal in Chicago? Right. Freaking nowhere. My red sauce/ham/chicken/black olives/mushroom/pineapple pizza was amazing, in case you were wondering.

After Blaze, my friend and I went to my other favorite right-of-the-Belmont-El-stop location, Forever Yogurt.


For the third year in a row, I gave up sweets for Lent, but I tried to not make “giving up sweets” quite as blanket of a statement as I have in years past. Basically, if I would, under normal circumstances, eat fill-in-the-blank as a dessert/treat, I haven’t eaten it since March 4. Under normal circumstances, I fill my frozen yogurt cup with a decadent, definitely-sweet frozen yogurt (or several) and top that with all the candy I can fit in the cup. Exhibit A:


(But don’t worry guys: I always put blueberries on there as well, because blueberries are magical and counteract everything else, thus making this a health food. #science)

So when we went to Forever Yogurt a couple weeks ago, I opted for plain frozen yogurt (and a little coconut frozen yogurt) topped with fruit, granola, and coconut. Dessert? Eh, maybe by some people’s standards, but again, I would never do this under normal circumstances, so I felt like it was fair game. And, as it turns out, not bad at all!

Other recent happenings…


I saw Betty Who at Lincoln Hall on Saturday! Betty Who is a delightfully poppy, happy, upbeat artist, whose debut single, “Somebody Loves You,” you may know from this video:

I’m normally a huge hater of openers, but I really, really liked Betty Who’s second opener, Zak Waters. Overall a very fun night 🙂 Lincoln Hall has great shows.

This has nothing to do with anything, but I loved how HLB-cliche Sunday’s dinner turned out to be, so I had to take a picture of it.



Quinoa? Check. Spinach? Check. Meatless? Check. All it needs is kale, chia seeds, and maybe some greek yogurt, and it would be picture-perfect HLB meal 😛 (The quinoa, btw, is fabulous, and I definitely recommend it!)

What have you been up to lately?
Best concert you’ve been to? Fall Out Boy is still my #1.

14 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Wait a second… A “fast food” pizza place? Is this real life? Gahhhh why can’t Boston and Baltimore have places like that?! Also, I give you major props for restraining yourself to just fruit/healthy froyo. I would have not been able to resist that temptation, and I wouldn’t consider it a real dessert either. I have zero self-control at froyo places. None.

  2. I’m going to just off the Belmont stop tonight and even though we already have tacos on the menu for dinner now I’m thinking maybe I’ll make Jason come meet me up there and we can go to Blaze for dinner. Hmm….

  3. Don’t forget the protein powder too 😉 That pizza place sounds amazing!! One of those needs to be made in the burgh now….or maybe not since I would be there way too often. Then again, it presents the perfect meal for a runner sooooo bring it to the burgh! You just gave me a wicked craving for froyo too….maybe if it wasn’t freaking snowing right now I would get some after work but all I want to do now is go home and cry under many blankets with hot chocolate. Stupid weather 😦

  4. So many things to say! I’ve been DYING to try out blaze!! it looks so delicious. And Forever Yogurt is my favorite spot in Chicago! I go to the one on Clark 🙂 fall out boy has to be my favorite concert – either that or keith urban

  5. Pizza and froyo? A girl after my own heart! So I’ve been craving pizza for the past 2 weeks already and seriously nobody here wants to get some with me! Obviously I’ve been too lazy to just go out and buy a slice, but all the best places here don’t sell by the slice. Grrr….

    I love the “HLB-cliche” reference because I always have the same thoughts when I make something that’s overly elaborate and involves ingredients like quinoa or chia or something along those lines. Then I end up feeling silly because I can’t help some of the foods I actually enjoy eating!

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