Thursday Things

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I am STOKED about Lollapalooza. I didn’t want to gamble with a three-day pass, because I wasn’t wild about the leaked headliners (which, if I can get on my soap box for one second: all right, Lolla, I get it. You’re a big deal, and you know you’re a big deal, and you know people are going to throw their credit cards at you just by virtue of the fact that you’re Lollapalooza. But honestly, it’s just a really arrogant move to put $250 tickets on sale before you announce ANY of the acts. And no, you clearly didn’t need my $250, since you got that sum from plenty of others within the space of like an hour, BUT STILL. That’s not the point. You’re going to sell out regardless — just announce your stupid lineup, or at least part of it, before putting passes on sale. *dismounts soap box*). Naturally, after the lineup came out, I really wish I had bought a three day pass, but whatever. I’ve got a pass for Sunday and it’s gonna be siiiiiiiiiiiiick. Current goals: Betty Who, London Grammar, Flume, Glen Hansard, The 1975, Skrillex. Now I just have to hope and pray not too many of those acts overlap. (Wait. Is it not normal I’m hoping to see acts that either scream “indie” or acts that scream “EDM” and nothing else?  Haha. Talk about eclectic taste.)

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Officially officially, I’m not 100% registered for the marathon at this point, because you can’t fully complete your registration until April, but whatever. Close enough. This year, I’ll be running the marathon for OAR Run for Autism. Yes, I want your money. All of your money. I need to raise $1,000, and I currently have $950 to go. So. Who wants to donate to my cause?? 😀

3. Last Friday, I made my once-monthly visit to Whole Foods to restock my almond milk supply. (I actively avoid shopping at Whole Foods as much as possible, because bad things happen to one’s bank account at Whole Foods. There is far too much temptation at that store.) Whole Foods keeps its almond milk by all its other shelf-stable fake milks (soy, rice, etc.), and on this trip, I discovered a new kind of boxed milk.

quinoa milk

Quinoa milk! I’ve never heard of this before! I’m very curious about it, but I’m definitely NOT curious enough to drop $5.99 (or $3.99 before April 1) on a box of it.

Who am I going to see at Lolla?? What days are you going? Who are you excited to see?
What are some unique grocery store items you’ve seen lately? Quinoa milk definitely takes the cake for me, but I feel like Trader Joe’s is always coming up with something interesting.
Any donors out there? OAR is a great cause…!

17 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Quinoa milk? Mm yeah I don’t know about that one haha. I typically don’t look for new stuff at the grocery store anymore because it usually comes home with me and then I get in trouble with how much we spent. Fail.

  2. Wow! Quinoa milk! That is a new one. Cool! Have you tried Hemp Milk? The Almond Milk at ALDI is really good, too 🙂

    That is nutso they don’t announce the artists before they expect you to pay. LOL. Makes me think of some races expecting you to sign up w/o a course documented!

    Did you see that “new” info that came out about Autism recently? I was just watching it on the news this am – they were saying they can pinpoint autism back to brain cells not connecting during the second trimester. I don’t believe everything I hear/read, but I thought that was an interesting theory.

    • I have not tried hemp milk! The only non-dairy milk I’ve ever tried (up to this point, at least) is almond milk. I didn’t know they sold any at Aldi…I’ll have to check that out!

      I did not see that new info on autism, but I’ll have to look into it! I feel like it’s such a mysterious condition, at least in terms of how/why it comes about, which is part of why I think autism research is so important.

    • I’m a huge fan of Hemp milk… it has a thick, creamy consistency which I enjoy… it’s on rotation with my Almond Milk. I got to go to TJ though and check out the Quinoa milk now… as well as Flax milk… so many things to try!

  3. I’ve never been to Lolla before, but I’m glad you got a ticket! That really does suck they would put the tickets on sale before even announcing the line-up. Bold move. YAY for the Chicago marathon!!! I got my confirm that I’m in too, so just have to make sure I don’t back out in the next 2 weeks before I have to pay the $$ lol

    • I guess when you think you’re one of the most important music festivals in the world, you can get away with that kind of thing. Like I said, though, it is pretty arrogant :/ Whatever. I got my ticket, and that’s what I care the most about!

      Yaaaaaay Chicago! No backing out! It’ll be totally worth it 🙂

  4. Ahhhh I am SO SO SO excited for Lolla too!!!! I somehow managed to score the 3-day early bird passes (first time ever), and am already counting down to the big event. I love the lineup so much more than last year’s as well, and I’m going to have to do my best to actually hang out at stages other than Perry’s (the EDM one…don’t judge 🙂 ).

    I wish I had your restraint with visiting WF only once a month. I get sucked in weekly 😦 I need to hunt down that quinoa milk…it looks interesting! My one unique WF find from this past weekend was quinoa polenta, which somehow managed to sneak into my cart and came home with me.

    • Oh, girl, NO judgement here. Not gonna lie: one of my favorite parts about the lineup for Sunday is that since Flume is playing, I’ll definitely have an excuse to go to Perry’s, which I’m stupid excited for 😀 Congrats on early bird passes! Lucky duck!

  5. Thanks again for reaching out to me via my blog. I think we found our place in River North. I was hopeing for Old Town but we wanted a dog friendly high rise so that leaves Old town out for now! Do you have any gym class recommendations? I need a good yoga studio!

    • That’s awesome! River North’s a great neighborhood 🙂 I haven’t taken a whole lot of gym classes, though I’ve personally really enjoyed The Bar Method heard great things about Shred415 and Crosstown Fitness. CorePower is a popular place to do yoga if you’re into hot yoga!

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