Thursday Things

1. Two weeks from today, I’ll be hopping on an airplane to fly out to Washington, D.C. to hang with Alex. Excited doesn’t even begin to cover it. Oh, and run a 10 miler, too.

Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 8.31.01 PM

How is 10 miler training going? I’m so glad you asked! Thus far, things have gone quite well. I am a cold weather runner through and through, so while everyone else in Chicago has started applying for jobs in Miami, I have very much appreciated this winter.

For the most part, I’ve been running three days a week. After soliciting speed advice a few weeks ago, I’ve altered my plan to incorporate one tempo run per week (usually outside), one hill work run per week (always inside, because there aren’t exactly hills in Chicago. But there are pretend hills on treadmills!), and one long run per week (always outside). I think the weather and my training both deserve some credit, but I’ve been faster than ever lately. I run my tempo runs strictly by feel, and the numbers I’ve put out have been nuts. On one tempo run, my tempo miles were about 15 seconds off my usual 5K pace, and while I thought that might be too fast, my non-tempo miles–which genuinely felt easy–were at my usual 10K pace. When I did a tempo run earlier this week on the treadmill (Monday’s weather defeated me 😦 ), I kicked the speed up from a 6.6 to a 6.8 for the last half mile at tempo because 6.6 honestly felt far more “comfortable” than “comfortably hard.” A couple of weeks ago I ran a seven mile long run at a 9:49 pace…and I was a 10:45 long runner on aΒ goodΒ day all summer long. Looking over my Garmin stats from last year, I am, generally speaking, able to knock out all my runs in the 9:xx range during cooler months, so I’m sure the weather has a lot to do with this. Regardless of the reason, I’m quite happy with how things have been lately.

2. Speaking of the weather, down with this warm up! Ugh. It’s not that I don’tΒ likeΒ seeing the world come alive, but I will always, always, always take 10 degrees and blizzarding over 90 degrees and humid and/or storming. While it’s obviously not 90 and humid right now, I still prefer it to stay super cold all the time, especially since these above freezing temps are making the sidewalks horrendous.

On the bright side, though, horrendous sidewalks give me the chance to trade my snow boots for rain boots, and man do I feel invincible when I wear rain boots.


Pictured: super powers.

3. Does anyone ever have recurring dreams? I’ve never noticed myself having the same dream over and over again, but last week I realized that in the past three months, I’ve had the same dream three or four times. I have a gas stove, and in my recurring dream, I can’t get the flame to turn off. It makes me freak out every time, but nothing I do makes it go away. Anyone want to analyze this? I normally don’t pay much attention to dreams, but since I keep having the same one, I figure it’s worth thinking about.

Warm weather or cold weather?
Have you ever had recurring dreams?

21 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I’ve been having the CRAZIEST dreams lately. Seriously, I can’t even begin to describe them to you but i will wake up thinking my roommate hates me, or that I rejoined the swim team and they were all awful to me, or that I failed a major exam, you get the picture. It’s not fun waking up these days. And they definitely are recurring. Not fun. I have been wearing rain boots too. I don’t have winter boots haha I just wear my ugly uggs if it’s really cold out, but they don’t work so well in the rain/slush. It’s a sign that spring is coming! I hope…

    Also sad day. I think the weekend you’re coming, my mom is also going to be here. Aka I will be in the middle of 3 very jam packed days 😦

    • Gahhhh yes, those realistic dreams! Sometimes they stuff like that actually makes me wake up all anxious/feeling ill. Not cool. Be gone, bad dreams!

      It’d definitely be a struggle to survive in Chicago without winter boots (at least this year), but to be honest mine barely keep my feet warm/dry, so they’re hardly worth it. My rain boots, however, are awesome πŸ™‚

      Nooooooooo! 😦 Bummer, dude! Well, if anything happens to change on your end be sure to let me know! It’d be great to meet up if you’re free, but if not, I’m sure it’ll be awesome spending time with your mom πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! That is a super interesting recurring dream! I wonder what it means.

    I am soooo like you – seeing the warmer temps this week scared me. I love winter and don’t want it to go away. I really struggle in the spring.

    It sounds like you are having some kick butt training! The 10 miler is going to be a blast! πŸ™‚

    • Haha me too! It’s hard to Google, though, since I don’t know what to focus on — the recurrence? The fire? The stove? The inability to control it? All of the above? I don’t know!

      I’m so glad you can relate! I feel like the odd man out loving on winter, but spring is really not my thing. Although I will say that it’ll be nice to not wear four layers just to survive my commute haha.

  3. ugh I’m in that group that is looking for jobs in Miami right about now lol…or anywhere south. I am definitely a warm weather girl. i’m jealous you’re going to DC! one of my best friends lives there and I really need to get out there soon!!

  4. Well, lucky for you, the temps are dropping again this weekend! Hahaha. At this rate we won’t have spring-like weather until June.

    I LOVE my rain boots for the same reason. While everyone else has to walk down the street, I can stomp my way through the puddles on the sidewalk.

    • Woohoo! Let’s hope so! The longer it stays cold, the better chance I have at PRing at some races I hope to run later this spring.

      I mean…I won’t say that I *intentionally* sought out puddles to walk through on my commute today…but I definitely didn’t make any effort to avoid them, either. Haha.

  5. Cold weather! But I can’t take the snow and ice anymore…wreaking havoc on my running form and tweaking my knees and heel again if I’m out for more than 4 miles. I’m thinking spring and fall are officially my fav running seasons. Cool but (theoretically) less snow and ice. We’ll see how that plays out as we head into march….

  6. Well, obviously you are anxious about SOMETHING. That’s probably the point of the dream. Anxious about what, though, is the question.

    You know, I don’t really mind cold. What I mind is sidewalks covered in crap! I’m so tired of having to plan my route so that I don’t have to run on snow. Or through giant puddles. If only Saucony made rain boots I could run in.

    • Oh goodness. I think last week you could’ve literally thrown out anything, asked if I was anxious about it, and the answer would’ve been yes. I know I’ve had that dream at least three total times since November, but I can’t remember when the other two were/what was going on in life when I had them, though I bet it probably was during a high stress period.

      MAN. If Saucony made running rain boots, I bet everyone would buy them! I certainly would, at least. Messy sidewalks are definitely the one major downside to winter.

  7. Congratulations on your amazing speedwork!!! Can’t wait to see how those numbers translate into your upcoming racing results!!!

    For running, I would definitely take cold weather over hot weather anyday… but I have become pretty wimpy this year considering just how cold it has been. Somewhere around 20 degrees or below is usually the point at which I’ll start slugging things out on the treadmill instead of outside. But things have been so brutal this winter that I can count on less than two hands the number of outdoor runs I’ve done this entire season. Blugh.

    Yay for rain boots! I love wearing them and just plowing right through ankle-deep puddles without a second thought while envious onlookers tiptoe around (or so I think, at least πŸ˜‰ ). I wish they’d make rain boots in a wide calf size, though, since I have trouble finding rain boots that will fit my legs. First world problems for us runners, for sure!

    • I definitely hope it all pays off! At the very least I imagine it’s better for my fitness than just plodding along on easy runs all the time, so that’s good.

      I’ll pretty much tough any temperature/weather condition during daylight, but if it’s dark, chances of me going outside in less-than-perfect conditions are basically nonexistent. I’ve spent FAR more time on the treadmill this winter than ever before. Sigh.

      Hahaha that’s exactly what I do, too! Like I said, rain boots make me invincible πŸ˜›

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