I’m Still Alive

Oh hey.

When I put up that post about a week and a half ago saying life was crazy, I had no idea how gravely I underestimated said level of crazy. These past couple of weeks–all right, let’s be real: the entire month of February–has been, without question, the most stressful season of life I’ve endured in quite some time. My mental state actually reminded me a lot of how I felt during taper before the Chicago Marathon last fall, except instead of suddenly having an abundance of free time, I had absolutely no free time. Turns out, both are equally awful.

So, what’s been going on? Well…

– I’ve been busier at work than I’ve ever before. That six weeks worth of data I mentioned we lost? Yeah, that represented over half of the data we had collected throughout the entire past year. Death to the Evil, Data-Eating Internet Zombies! (Officially, the problem resulted from our host not backing up data before making a server switch, but I will continue to blame the Evil Internet Zombies.)

– I’ve spent some quality time with my (one) yoga DVD. Throughout this time, running has basically been the only thing I can count on to calm me down. However, a combination of the weather, a less-than-ideal treadmill situation in my building’s gym (i.e.: one gone to be serviced, the other with a non-functioning display screen), and a really weird knee pain that popped up after getting a new pair of snow boots (which I have since returned) kept me from running as much as I’d like. I’ve only outright skipped two runs and altered one other, so I’m not concerned about how my 10 miler will go in a few weeks, but it would’ve been nice from a mental standpoint to be able to run. But such is life.


I did practice yoga a couple times, though, since generally that can work wonders for my head. It didn’t have the same effect as running, but it was better than nothing. I wanted to incorporate a bit more yoga into my fitness life anyway, so I can’t complain.

– I’ve pretended to be a grown up and tried to do my taxes. And by “tried to do my taxes” I mean “failed miserably, because even software that asks me very basic yes or no questions is too complicated.” Look, I’m all for an educated population and all that, but seriously, government. Can we please dumb down the terminology when it comes to required things like income tax? I’m am wholly convinced there must be a simpler way to take care of this entire process. (Not that I have any idea what that simpler way would be, but that doesn’t make me less convinced that one exists.)

– I’ve done a whole lot of stress eating.


I downed that entire box in three days. I do not recommend this method of dealing with stress, unless you would like to add awful stomachaches to your already anxiety-riddled digestive system. I also recommend that if you buy these…


…you leave them in a common area so your roommates can eat them as well, thus preventing you from stress eating both packages in their entirety. I also also recommend that you do buy both of these Oreo flavors, as they are delicious. Chicagoans: you can find them at Target (I have not seen them anywhere else thus far).

– I’ve been anywhere but home. Dance (times infinity) and trivia league and dinner with friends and book club and volunteering and going out to catch up with other friends, oh my! I’m all for a lively social life and getting myself out of the apartment, but last Thursday when a friend I had plans with was all, “I’ve got a lot going on and don’t think I can swing it tonight,” I was so relieved. Spending the night on my futon watching the Olympics was infinitely better than doing anything else that night and was exactly what I needed.

So that’s the gist of it. Work improved after the nightmare of last week, and as for life…well, when someone asked me last week when I’d next be free to hang out, I said, “I can either do this Saturday from 11:30 to 12:30, or I can do the Saturday of St. Patrick’s Day weekend.” Haha. That was a slight exaggeration, but life certainly looks like it’ll continue being packed for quite some time.

How do you deal with stress?
What’s been going on?? I feel like I’ve missed out on everyone’s lives by being absent from Blogland for the past week or so. Any life updates?

8 thoughts on “I’m Still Alive

  1. Yayyyyyy!! I did a happy dance when I woke up this morning and saw that you had both commented on my post yesterday and posted today (Caitlin got sick yesterday afternoon and didn’t move from bed until this morning). I’m sorry work’s been awful 😦 I can’t imagine that, and not being able to run?? That would drive me through a roof. Stress for me is handled with runs, extra chocolate, and journaling. The combination of those three things keep me sane! I hope the week goes better, hun!

  2. god i missed you. i really started to worry over here, selfishly of course because I know you are busy but still love to see you pop in here and there. i know life is crazy for you but hey, stress eating happens to us all. dear god I can’t keep sugar in the house when i am like that. you do stress eating, lately I have been doing stress reading. like every book I can get my hand on. funk hit me hard. so happy to hear from you though. is a bieber email headed my way? please say yes.

  3. I was just wondering where you were! I decided if I didn’t see a post from you today I was going to send out the search dogs.

    We did our taxes last night. We use Turbotax and it’s pretty self explanatory. Although, if they ask something about which I know nothing, I just say “no”. 🙂 I figure I don’t make enough money for anyone to care enough to audit me!

    • Were they cute search dogs?? You can still send them after me if that’s the case, though I can’t promise I’ll return them 😛

      Hahaha that’s what my parents told me, too — “You’re not important enough to be audited.” I suppose if there’s any time I want to be just an obscure, insignificant number, it’s tax season.

  4. Hopefully things have been going better for you.

    How do I deal with stress? I eat. I go to McDonalds’s and get a Big Mac, fries, and coke with no ice. I know it is NOT the healthiest thing to eat but for some reason that calms me down. Weird right?

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