Thursday Things

1. Apologies for the radio silence earlier this week. When my desk looks like this:


blogging, in the writing, reading, and commenting forms, does not happen for me.

(And yes, working with those cookies staring me down was an enormous challenge. Fortunately, for the first half of Monday, I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to eat the cookies or not, so that helped the situation a little bit.)

2. I had two more snow days this week (or “work from home” days…call them what you want), and instead of carrying on as normal, I decided to treat these snow days like the precious gifts they were. I did do some work, of course, but I also took advantage of my free time and did exciting things like sleep in, vacuum my apartment, and make real breakfast!


This was one of my stocking stuffers for Christmas. I had been looking for the ideal opportunity to use it, and Tuesday morning seemed like that time. If you have spent any substantial time around this blog, you know that I’m both ridiculously proud of my Dutch heritage and have an borderline unhealthy obsession with pancakes. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to give these pannenkoeken (which is Dutch for pancakes) a whirl.

This pannenkoeken mix is straight from the homeland, and as such presented a fun challenge when it came to preparation, as the directions were entirely in Dutch. I did learn all sorts of new, useful Dutch vocabulary, though! “Beslag,” for example, means “batter.” Since the only sentence I retained from my one semester of Dutch in college is “Wil je een koekje?” (“Would you like a cookie?”), I suppose it’s appropriate to learn more baking-related words.


Pannenkoeken are the middle ground between a traditional American pancake and a crepe. My mix was for 6-granen (six grain), so I imagine mine tasted a little different than other kinds of pannenkoeken, but I still thought they were great. I also did not have any “stroop” (syrup) to put on my pannenkoeken, so I just used a little suiker (sugar) and pindakaas (peanut butter). Pindakaas wasn’t on the serving suggestions, but from what the Internet tells me it’s pretty popular in the homeland (does that explain my love of peanut butter? Am I genetically predisposed to loving peanut butter because I’m Dutch?), so I figured it was probably acceptable.

IMPORTANT, BREAKING NEWS SIDENOTE: I just discovered that there is place called the Pannenkoeken Cafe IN CHICAGO. We all must go there immediately.

3. Speaking of Christmas and food, I received the Runner’s World Cookbook for Christmas and tackled my first recipe from the cookbook, Chicken Not Pie, on Friday.


Oooh, you fancy!

Was it necessary to buy the parsley simply to garnish my meal? Absolutely not. Probably a massive waste of money, in fact. But did it make everything look 20394823 times cooler than it would have without the parsley? Abso-freakin-lutely.

Made anything really good lately?
Do you have any snow day traditions? Growing up, omelets and hot chocolate were pretty popular around my house on snow days.

23 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I don’t know how you survived staring down the cookies for most of a day. I would literally be drooling with my face in the cookies. Or probably sneak one and hope nobody noticed… and then keep sneaking them and making it look like they hadn’t been touched. Yes, I’ve done this before when my brother tells me I can’t have something. Favorite snow day tradition: waking up and turning the TV on to watch the news scroll on the bottom of the screen to see if we have school. Then either go back to bed or go sledding in the backyard…It’s been awhile since I’ve had a legit snow day, clearly.

    • Well, since I wasn’t sure if they were fair game or meant for my roommate’s mother’s birthday present, it wasn’t too hard. Just frustrating. Haha.

      Ahh, yes, that was always great! Or listening to the radio in great anticipation. My dad was a high school teacher for almost my entire K-12 education, and though he didn’t teach in my district, whenever the phone would ring at 5:30 a.m. or so during the winter I’d get SUPER excited, because usually if his school closed, we’d close too.

  2. I just checked out the menu for that place and it looks so good! I’ve never heard of the danish pancakes, the in-between. I like thinner pancakes typically, and not the big fluffy ones, so it sound alike a winner to me! I can’t resist when cookies are sitting right in front of me. That takes serious will power. I literally would have had to put a dish towel over them!

    • Oh, then I bet you’d love pannenkoeken! They’re not fluffy like regular pancakes at all, so they’d be right up your alley. And trust me, the only reason I was so well behaved was because I thought they might be the cookies my roommate intends to send to her mom as a birthday present, and I did not want to mess with that!

  3. Those pancakes look so good! You must go to the place here and report back!

    I am curious about other company’s emergency work from home procedures. Since I work from home most of the time, I am at my desk from 6:30-4:00. But a lot of posts I see (on Facebook, your comments just made me think of it) imply that working from home = vacation. Since I got a “WHERE ARE YOU?! ARE YOU OKAY?!” email for turning off chat during my lunch break the other day… I am sometimes afraid to leave my desk (it should not be this way).

    • Well, if you insist… 😛

      We’re super small, so I don’t think we have any official policies on working from home, other than that if you have something due that day you had better get it done no matter where you’re working from. Though to be fair, I don’t know if we really have many official policies on anything haha. Normally when I work from home I have enough work to hold me over, but I wasn’t anticipating a snow day on either Monday or Tuesday, so I hadn’t brought anything home to work on! I was able to do a few things, but not like if I had been in the office. That definitely made my time off more vacation-esque than other work from home days.

      • I like that results based work model. A few federal agencies (I am a fed) tried that and it didn’t stick. I would thrive on it though 🙂

  4. I’ve always loved pancakes but even more so now that I can eat gluten without writhing in pain. Where has Bisquick mix been all my life? [Obviously, I’m not nearly as fancy as you!]

    How do you like the Runner’s World Cookbook? I’m debating buying it for myself.

    I missed your post on Tuesday but I figured you were probably off doing something more fun than writing a blog post :).

    • Losing pancakes would be one of the worst things about having to go gluten free in my mind. Though I enjoy making my pancakes from scratch, Bisquick is quite wonderful as well 🙂 I also HIGHLY recommend Krusteaz. That’s what my parents use, and I think you can find it at Jewel? SO GOOD.

      So far I really like the RW Cookbook! I mean, I haven’t done much with it yet, but they have a good variety of recipes, and I like how they label things (like pre-run, recovery, vegan, GF, etc.)

  5. I’m on way to Chicago as we speak to check out that Dutch pancake place. Anything that has pancake in it is good in my book 😀 Sometimes I wish I could work from home, but I don’t think facetiming the boys and trying to get them to do stuff would be quite as effective, so I’ve come in each morning. Good thing they’re cute and make it more than worth it 😉 I have made nothing of note recently (obviously) but Joe makes pretty things like that with herbs for garnish. I complain about the added expense in the grocery bills, but then he puts something pretty in front of me and shows me my jar of Justins and I can complain no more 😉

    • Oh fantastic! I’ll look forward to your arrival! Yeah, I imagine your job would be much more difficult to do remotely 😛 I suppose that’s the one benefit of a desk job, even if all this sitting around is slowly killing me according to every study ever. Hahaha.

  6. Ahh so these are the pancakes you mentioned that have buckwheat in them! Yumm they look so good. Due to various factors (including cold), I worked from home all week and made plantain pancakes one of the mornings. And now all I want every morning are pancakes topped with peanut butter. You should try to make crepes one day as well, and dip them into a sunny-side up fried egg (it’s a Russian favorite). So delicious!

    How do you like the Runner’s World Cookbook by the way? I’m endlessly tempted to purchase it but I already have so many cookbooks and use them approximately once every few months.

    • Indeed they are! Not gonna lie, crepes kind of intimidate me. They’re so thin, and I’m afraid I’d mess them up! Although I guess since I was able to handle the halfway point between a regular pancake and a crepe just fine, maybe I’d be able to make crepes as well.

      Chicken Not Pie is the only recipe I’ve made from the RW Cookbook thus far, but I REALLY like it (the recipe, that is). I don’t have a lot of cookbooks (Pinterest is my cookbook haha), but I think the RW one is pretty solid. There’s a lot of variety, and I particularly like how the description of the recipes are like, “This food has this nutrient in it, and this is why it’s good for you, runner!” They’re not all exactly like that, of course, but it’s helpful information. I also REALLY like that the way the recipes are labeled — in addition to vegan, vegetarian, GF, etc., they also label them pre-run or recovery, which I really appreciate.

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