Thursday Things

Chiberia edition!

1. I suppose everything really began around 3 or 4 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, when it started to snow. (Or “started” to snow. After a snowstorm on New Year’s Eve that lasted through New Year’s Day [Tuesday and Wednesday] followed by a lake effect snowstorm on Thursday, the snow on Saturday really just felt like a continuation of everything else that week. When all was said and done, we got 23.1 inches of snow in Chicago last week.) I hunkered down in my apartment (tragic, really, because I got a bangin’ new haircut Saturday morning and wanted to show it off, but alas, such opportunities did not present themselves) and woke up Sunday morning to find a baby snow drift in my window.


2. I had long since decided that I would not be going into the office on Monday, so I stayed up far too late on Sunday night and finally drug myself out of bed around 8:30 Monday morning. The units in my apartment are radiant heated through the floor, which is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing in the “I have a toasty floor, and nothing makes my frozen toes happier than a toasty floor” sense, curse in the “I have no control over my heat whatsoever and live high up in the building” sense. It was BLAZIN in my apartment Monday morning. As in, I wore a tech t and shorts all day when the actual temperature never cracked -10. Assuming the entire building would be a billion degrees, I headed down to the laundry room to wash everything I own and discovered I had gravely underestimated the rest of the building’s temperatures. It was so cold in the laundry room that you could see your own breath, plus the “breath” from all the dryers. The dryers themselves also got so cold that when I went to retrieve my laundry, I couldn’t tell if my clothes were wet or just cold (most of them were still damp, but that’s hardly a concern when your apartment is a billion degrees).


(Heartbreaking side note: I lost one of my running socks in this load of laundry 😥 . I’m fine with losing plain socks, because whatever. Those cost like $7 for a pack of lots at Target and can easily be paired with other socks. Running socks, however, are FREAKING EXPENSIVE and can’t just be paired at will with my Hanes socks. If anyone happens to have a lonely Balega they want to get rid of, I’ll take it off your hands, especially if it’s purple and grey.)

I actually had a lot of work to get done on Monday, and, though I struggled to concentrate (I really, really, really hate working from home and try to avoid it at all costs), I managed to get all of my day’s work done around my normal quitting time. I then hemmed and hawed for a few hours about whether or not I should try to go into the office on Tuesday before finally deciding that if the Chicago Public Schools deemed it too cold to hold classes, I could deem it too cold to go to work. As I went to e-mail my boss my decision, I actually received an e-mail from my boss, telling me to work from home again on Tuesday, so I stayed up too late for the second night in a row and stressed about what I was going to do on Tuesday, since I had only brought home work to do on Monday.

3. By Tuesday, I was dying. I hadn’t been outside my apartment building since Sunday evening and my cabin fever was at an all time high. There are only so many different places you can go in a 700 square foot apartment you’re sharing with two other people, and I needed out. Fortunately I had dance Tuesday night, so I was able to escape for a few hours. When all was said and done, I spent 47.5 straight hours inside my building, which is about 37.5 more than I like to spend in one stretch and about 23.5 more than I can at all tolerate. 

My windows also finally grew inside ice for the first time ever Tuesday morning.


4. I have never, ever been more excited to go to work than I was on Wednesday.

Have we all thawed out by now?

18 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. oh my god that frost on the window, crazy. as I said, I wish I could work from home more often but I don’t think I would like being forced indoors for 2-3 days at a time. also I am the queen of losing socks and it drives me bonkers.

  2. I work from home every day. Yesterday, I went to Walmart. It was the first time I had left my apartment since Sunday afternoon. This cold is KILLING me. I’ll be making a point to leave my apartment again today. So glad the cold weather is taking a hike.. at least for a little while.

  3. I was off Monday and Tuesday (teacher in Cicero) and was glad to be back at work on Wednesday. I had been home since Sunday morning and by Tuesday morning I was finally ready to get out. And I did and it felt good.

  4. I want heated floors. I can’t sleep at night if it’s hot but I would give anything right now for my house to be above 58 degrees. I don’t want to complain though because I would be out of my mind if I was trapped inside for that long. I go stir crazy in my house if I haven’t gone anywhere besides the gym in the morning. It’s times like these where I reconsider the thought of living in Chicago one day. It makes New England look downright tropical.

    • In Chicago’s defense (and the Midwest in general’s defense), I had never experienced cold like we had on Monday, and I’ve lived in the Midwest my entire life. So this isn’t *entirely* normal. I think the average temperature this time of year is normally like 32 or something…much more reasonable than -10!

  5. Other than going to the gym and the trash room (which are both in my building so I didn’t have to go outside) I didn’t leave my apartment from Sunday night until Tuesday morning. And you know what? I was actually kind of fine with that. Of course, I did just spend the entire weekend surrounded by people so I think I probably needed the introvert down time 🙂

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