2013 Running Recap

I did this same survey last year and really enjoyed the reflection that came along with it, which is as good enough of a reason as any to do it over. Shoutout once again to Kim for creating the survey in the first place.

Races participated in: 9


Races “raced” (of x amount above): Hm. Probably 2. Well, no. 3. Let’s go with 3.
DNFs: 0
DNSs: 0

7K: 1
8K: 1
10K: 1
HM: 1
Marathon: 1
Indoor Triathlon: 1
New to me distances: 7K, 8K, marathon, indoor tri.

States run in: 1. Ditto that for “cities run in.” Haha. I was so adventurous this year 😛
Road: 7
Technical Trail: 1. I mean, “officially” Jingle Bell was not technical trail, but I’ll be darned if anyone considers running through three inches of uncleared snow to be a road race.


Months run in: 12

Hottest race: Zooma Half Marathon. Though, all things considered, it really wasn’t *that* hot…probably in the 70s or so? Hotter than I like, but it could’ve been much, much worse.
Coldest race: Tie between Jingle Bell and Get Lucky 7K. Officially Jingle Bell must have been colder (high of 30 that day, low of 23, while the high was 36 and the low was 31 the day of Get Lucky), but Get Lucky felt much colder.
Windiest race: Get Lucky 7K. Mis.er.a.ble.
Wettest race: Indoor Tri. Haha. No rain on race day this year!

Races I ran for free: 3
Race entires I paid for other people: Well, “paid” might be overstating things, but 6.
Total spent on race entries: $324.95
Average cost (total/race I paid to run): $54.16
Cheapest race: Jingle Bell: $30 with my CARA discount
Most expensive race: Officially, the Chicago Marathon. Really, the FFC Indoor Triathlon.

Participation medals received: 3, 4 if you count my Team PAWS medal.
AG medals received: 2


PRs: (I’ve been waiting all year to answer this question…!)
5K: 25:24 (0:25 PR)
7K: 40:37 (default PR: new distance)
8K: 42:26 (default PR: new distance)
10K: 57:28 (3:02 PR)
HM: “2:13:44” (doesn’t *really* count because the course was .25 miles short, but given that my current official PR is 2:22:34, I would’ve PRed, so for these purposes it counts 😉 )
Marathon: 5:25:30 (default PR: new distance)
Placed in AG: 2 – first at my Indoor Tri (and last…hooray being the only person in your age group! Haha) and first at the Wacky 5K.

For those of you keeping an eagle eye on things, yes, I did PR every distance this year. During the back half of 2012 I decided to make 2013 my year of speed, where I would consciously attempt to PR, if nothing else, my 5K. Then I decided to run the marathon in 2013, became much more concerned with PDRing than PRing, and did, like, one interval workout all year. Haha. The fact that I PRed every distance I ran (even though some of them were cheater PRs) is an enormous source of pride for me — even more so than completing the marathon.

Races run alone: 7
Races run with others: 2, in the sense that I had made plans with someone prior to the race that we would both run in that race.
Who: A couple different friends.
Acted as pacer: 0. Well, I suppose I ended up pacing Marathon Friend Dennis for the first 16 miles of the Chicago Marathon, though that was entirely unintentional.

Favorite medal: Chicago Marathon. Enough so that I chose to save it over my computer when I thought my apartment was going to explode.


Bib: Mmm, probably Chicago Marathon again.
Picture: Guesses? Anyone?


Duh. Chicago Marathon.

Miles run in 2013 (roughly): 529.44 miles (+176.74 from 2012)

I’m really, really satisfied with my running this year. I did a TON of things I never dreamed I’d be able to do–broke 26:00 in the 5K, broke 60:00 in the 10K (after running 5.8 miles to just get to the race!), ran an 8K at my 5K pace, ran a freaking marathon (!!)–and I’m incredibly happy with how everything turned out.

I also did a much better job of taking care of myself, taking basically the entire month of April off to nip my shin splints in the bud instead of letting them carry on all season like I did in 2012 and trying to be as smart as possible in regards to my hip flexor (taking a week off during taper, getting myself into PT, taking another full week off after the marathon, taking two weeks off after Jingle Bell, etc.). Hopefully I’ll be able to take these lessons into 2014 and stay uninjured throughout what will ideally become my highest mileage year to date (though at least if I do get injured, I’ll get to go back to PT! Legitimately the highlight of my week from September through December. It’s embarrassing how much I loved PT. But the people! They’re all so wonderful! Definitely the silver lining to injury.).

I really don’t know what 2014 will hold for me in running. I have my first destination race with Alex in March (!!), another 10 miler in April, and hopefully the Chicago Marathon again in October, but nothing else is set at this point. I’d say my main goals for this coming year are to PR my half marathon, PR my marathon, and stay uninjured in the process. Everything else will be icing on the cake 🙂

15 thoughts on “2013 Running Recap

  1. Soooo what you’re saying is that you ROCKED 2013 in terms of running. So excited for you!! And I better meet you when you come to dc in March… Just saying.

  2. You ROCKED 2013 on the roads hun!! And in the rest of your life, too, but since this is only concerning running that’s what i’m going with at the moment 😉 Have to agree with you on the marathon thing, too…favorite pictures and medal came from mine. My medal is still around the lamp on my nightstand so it’s the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing at night….and it will prob stay there for a few more months 😉 Fingers crossed for an injury free 2014! That is my hope as well!

    • Thanks! Which half am I going to do…definitely the million dollar question. Assuming I run the Chicago Marathon again (which I very much hope to do), I’m planning on running the Chicago Women’s Half, though I don’t want to bank on that being my PR half. Chitown and Illinois are the ones I’m eyeing for my PR (colder temps = faster Bethany), but I can’t make up my mind on which one is likely to go better for me.

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