Thursday Things

1. I’m in the midst of a week I have entitled, “Bake ALL the things!” and as such I needed to visit Jewel to pick up a bunch of supplies over the weekend. Two thoughts in regards to this Jewel trip:

a. reciept1

Like. A. Boss. I’ve never been so successful at capitalizing on deals at Jewel.

b. reciept2

Why does toilet paper count as grocery, while cookie icing counts as home, health and beauty? I do not understand.

2. It’s been a while since I’ve declared a Tumblr to be my favorite, but I found a new one a couple weeks ago. Respectful Rappers is now one of my favorite things ever. Whenever I practice breakdance, I throw on a hip hop playlist from Songza, and since Songza generally plays explicit versions of songs, on more than one occasion I’ve found myself a bit troubled by the lyrics. Therefore, I love this Tumblr.

3. I finished Me Before You yesterday afternoon. In book club on Saturday, someone asked why we thought it was titled Me Before You, and now that I’ve finished the book (vague spoiler alert), I think it’s because one of the biggest themes of the book is putting your needs and desires ahead of what other people want for you. Throughout the book, Louisa tries to conform Will’s, ahem, will, to hers. Will tries to conform Louisa’s will to his (at least in terms of horizon broadening). Louisa’s mom tries to conform Lousia’s will to hers. But ultimately, what makes everyone happiest is doing what they want with their lives–putting what “me” (sorry, awful grammar) wants before what you want for me. On the one hand, I think that sounds like a terribly selfish way to live, but the more I think about it, the more it sounds healthy, making decisions for yourself instead of making your decisions based on what others want. Things to think about!

Are you an extreme couponer? Normally I’m not, but desperate times and all that. It was also just a coincidence that most of what I needed was on sale.
If you’ve read Me Before You, thoughts on the title? Or just random thoughts on any book you’ve read…haha.

10 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. No!!! But I need to become one haha…one of my goals for 2014…become a better couponer…and learn 1-2 crafts so I can make people presents for Christmas and birthdays! Oh and that icing v. toilet paper thing is crazy! I’ve never seen that before haha. I haven’t read Me Before You, but it sounds like it’s an interesting book with the ability to start some great conversations. I used to put everyone’s wants/needs above my own and it was an awful way to live quite honestly. I have come to believe that it’s important to talk with your loved ones and friends about what you need/want and what they need/want and then try to figure out a compromise if possible. I’m not advocating doing what you want regardless of what everyone else wants/needs, but I definitely think it’s important to take your own stuff into account, too.

    • Right? So weird. I don’t understand why toilet paper counts as grocery while icing counts as health and beauty.

      And seriously, what an insightful comment! Thanks for your thoughts! You’re totally right that compromise is key. If you want a relationship to work, you’ve got to be able to meet in the middle!

  2. I get stupid excited when what I want is on sale AND I have a coupon. I don’t do any pre-shopping research so when it happens it’s only because I’m getting lucky 🙂

    Also, that’s a great point about the title of the book. I’m the one who asked it so I appreciate that you addressed it here.

  3. Oh man sometimes I miss the goodness that is Jewel and all it’s savings! I’ve gotten soooo horrible and lazy in NYC and always end up going to either WF (it owns me) or Fairway Market. One of my 2014 goals is going to be to slash my grocery “budget” by some significant amount that I have yet to determine. Actually, since I don’t have a grocery budget I’m thinking my goal will be to simply create and closely follow one 🙂

    • Hahaha it’s so funny you say that, because I always lament how much I wish we had Meijer in Chicago instead of Jewel! I guess you just gravitate towards what you know from growing up, huh? I have a grocery “budget,” but man, I stay within that budget like maybe once a month. I probably should start budgeting more for groceries…haha.

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