Thursday Things

1. I think I’m going to write all my federal legislators and request that they petition Congress to change Thanksgiving from the fourth Thursday in November to five Thursdays before Christmas. This late Thanksgiving thing is just killin’ me. Unsurprisingly, any and all holiday soirees have been crammed into the next two weekends, and I am a STRESS. CASE. Like straight up want to take a week off work just so I can have the time to shop/bake/wrap/not die. On top of being a stress case, I’m also royally annoyed at myself for BEING a stress case, because that’s not what Christmas is about, darn it! I could protest and be all, “I’m not buying anyone presents! I’m not making anyone anything! I’m not attending any parties whatsoever!” but honestly, it’s not that I don’t want to do these things. It’s just that I don’t know where to find the time to do them.

2. I did find time to decorate my apartment last Saturday though.


Christmas cheer! I wish all holidays called for this kind of extravagance. Everything looks better with Christmas lights. So much ~ambiance~

3. It’s book club week!


I just started reading Me Before You last week (took a little while to get it from the library). So far, I’m a little so-so on the writing but loooove the story line. I look forward to lunch and my commute home every day so I can get in some reading.

4. One extra for good measure…

I love me some yearly mashups (okay, I love all end-of-the-year nostalgic things), and a bunch just came out. Pop Danthology’s is my favorite thus far, though DJ Earworm also has his out, if you’re interested.

Have you decorated for the holidays?
What was your favorite song of 2013?

10 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. 5. for extra good measure, ALL THE CHRISTMAS CUPCAKES

    I decorated my desk at work like it’s a national cheesy treasure, and decorated the apt out a bit, but it could use still a few upgrades

  2. Love the ornaments hanging from the light/fan! Such a fun idea.

    I actually did take next Friday off work so I could get ready for the Chicago Running Bloggers party (are you coming??). But I also have vacation time to use up before the end of the year otherwise it doesn’t carry over to next year and my boss has been hounding us about not losing our vacation time. Take more time off work, you say? Done.

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