For reasons I fail to understand, I was a bit on the homesick side for much of November, and I was stoked to go home for Thanksgiving. I’d been antsy to get on my homebound train for quite some time when Wednesday finally rolled around, so I got to Union Station a bit earlier than necessary, and proceeded to…wait. And wait. Annnd wait.


I’ve never had a train leave Union late, but there’s a first time for everything, I suppose, and of course the one time I’m dying to get home had to be the first time for a delayed departure. After “patiently” sitting around the Great Hall for nearly three hours, we finally set off on our way to Michigan.


Being at home was fine, though it was a little more blast-from-the-past-y than I anticipated. Like, for example, when my family headed to the bowling alley for our traditional post-Thanksgiving-feast hour of bowling, and I ran into eight different people I went to high school with. I kid you not: out of the 10 groups of large families at the bowling alley aside from my own, only two did not contain my former classmates. I suppose I should have seen this coming, given that when I packed to go home, I specifically thought, “I haven’t seen anyone from high school at the bowling alley in at least three years. There’s no way I’ll see anyone there this year, and therefore I’m not going to worry one tiny bit about what I wear home.” Gotta be honest, there are exactly two people from high school I ever particularly want to see, neither of which were there, so this wasn’t the best part about Thanksgiving. It was pretty funny, though, to be all, “My gosh, I literally forgot that person existed. And yet here they are, bowling right next to me. Along with the person next to them, who I also forgot existed. …And the person next to them….” Ah, life.

The best part about Thanksgiving happened on Friday.



I’m really not punk/emo/scenester at all, nor have I ever been, but I just love Fall Out Boy. Like a whole lot. I always feel like I have to justify this given my distinctly not punk/emo/scenester tendencies, but man, this is my corner of the Internet, and honestly, I don’t have a good reason for really liking Fall Out Boy. (Although not gonna lie, Pete Wentz is a pretty good reason to like Fall Out Boy….)

I, admittedly, have not been to every concert venue in Chicago, so maybe my opinion doesn’t count for much, but I adore The Metro. I like the setup, I like the size (capacity is 1,100), and I just like the general vibe. Obviously with a capacity of 1,100, this is not the kind of place that often books bands that you, y’know, saw on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade about 32 hours earlier.

There were no openers on Friday night, which in and of itself was enough to make the show my favorite concert of all time. I really do not like opening acts, and if I had my way, no concerts would ever have openers. Instead, the show started with Fall Out Boy blazing through the entirety of PAX AM Days.


And then they got to the real good stuff (in my opinion), with a bunch of songs from a variety of their other albums. At the moment, I’m a bit obsessed with Alone Together, so seeing that live was incredible. I also have a very special place in my heart for Sugar, We’re Goin Down, which to this day is the only song in the history of pop radio that I have never gotten sick of hearing.

Especially live. (Not my video.)

I think the all-around highlight of the show for me, though, was My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark. (The MPAA would rate the following video, which is also not mine, R for strong language, just as a heads up).

THE INTRO. omg the intro. “It’s all riff-raff! We are the riff-raff!” So good.

I’ve been to a lot of shows this year (10, or 14, depending on if you count Lolla as one show or five separate shows), and this was hands down my favorite. Even better than Eric Church at Lolla (I KNOW). Honestly, it was probably my favorite show of all time. To see a band like Fall Out Boy at a venue like The Metro is pretty much one of the coolest concert situations I can imagine, and I’m SO glad I came back to Chicago early to see it.

How was your Thanksgiving?

12 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. WHY DO YOU KEEP SEEING AMAZING BANDS, gosh even that band is a full throwback to high school days. I always find when I am home I run into people when I am either a. not properly dressed or looking for being in public or b. with family doing embarrassing things. My luck.

  2. No opening act?! That would immediately make it my favorite concert ever, regardless of the band playing. Seriously, I hate waiting for the person I paid a million and a half dollars to see to come on. As for the bowling fiasco, yep. Story of my life. I’ll be looking real cute in sweatpants from middle school running errands with my mom and run into the “popular crowd” from high school. Sweet. That’s why this time I left ALL of my clothes at home so I’m living in running clothes for the next 2 weeks so that I have some semi-acceptable clothes to be seen in when I’m home over Christmas break.

    • Right?! I totally thought of you when I found out there would be no openers in light of your Macklemore experience. I mean, I get that it’s a great way for nobodies to get exposure, but MAN, I did not pay to see a nobody, you know? I’m normally pretty good at avoiding high school classmates, but clearly not this time around. Sigh.

  3. Oh wow that’s awesome!! I wouldn’t have expected to see fall out boy in a smaller venue like that and NO OPENERS?? Sign me up. I detest those things, too…possibly one of the reasons I rarely go to concerts (two this year is a record for me). I really like the fall out boy songs that i’ve heard (sugar we’re going down was our jam senior year of high school and my songs know what etc etc has been a fav running song this year [hate the length of that title though haha])…i’ll have to check out their station on pandora to learn some more.

    Totally with you on not being overly thrilled to see people you went to high school with, too. I talk to my best friend from high school somewhat regularly and am happy to leave it at that. High school was not the happiest place for me at times, and since I didn’t grow up in Grove City, I always felt like an outsider. Luckily my best friend wasn’t raised there either so we bonded over that and have remained close since 😛

    • Fall Out Boy is originally from Chicago, and I guess they used to play The Metro when they were a newer band…like 10ish years ago. I obviously wasn’t in Chicago at that point, but it was pretty cool to see them where they used to play before they were super famous. Save Rock and Roll is an AWESOME album. I highly recommend it!

      Yeah, aside from my best friends from high school, I’m really not interested in anyone else’s life haha. I didn’t mind high school that much at the time, but so many people I went to high school with act like we’re still in high school, and man, I am ooooooover that. No thanks.

  4. Jealous you got to see Fall Out Boy!! I sort of saw them after the Nike Human Race 10K back in 2008 but by the time I finished the 10K and made my way into the stadium they were already halfway through their set and I was hungry and out of it so I didn’t really enjoy the show. I love every song I’ve heard by them, though, so I would definitely see them in concert for reals.

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