Tuesday Things

1. It’s FRIDAY!! At least as far as I’m concerned it’s Friday. I’m taking the day off tomorrow and heading home around noon. Here’s hoping Union Station isn’t quite as crazy this year as it was last year.


2. Random thought of the week: once someone becomes your fiancé, do they stop being your boyfriend? My co-teacher in Sunday School this past Sunday got engaged two weekends ago, and she mentioned her boyfriend at one point and then corrected herself with “fiancé.” She’s certainly not the only person I’ve ever heard do this, but I guess I’ve always considered your significant other to be your boy/girlfriend until they become your husband/wife, even if you’re engaged. But maybe that stems from my disdain for the word “fiancé,” due to how I’m used to it being used among my peers…how people are all, “This is my finacé, John. See how successful I am by pre-feminist movement standards? I beat you! I won the game! You lost!” Or the fact that I really don’t like it at all when someone refers to their significant other, no matter which stage of the relationship they are in, as they’re boyfriend/fiancé/husband instead of calling him John (or whatever his name is). Yes, we realize your relationship to this man. You’ve reiterated it 23428374 times. Just call him by his name.

3. I don’t really have anything else to say, so I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with all sorts of turkey comas, pumpkin pie, Black Friday shopping, or whatever it is you enjoy most about the holiday 🙂

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Things

  1. Yay for a long weekend! I’m actually working tomorrow (who sets deadlines right after Thanksgiving weekend???? Thanks, JAMA) but I’m working from the comfort of my own apartment so I really can’t complain too much! Nothing like working remotely in your PJs.. plus I think my office has a half day too.

    About the fiance thing, I have no idea how that works either! I’ve referred to Ian as both but I think the norm is to refer to someone as boyfriend/girlfriend until you get engaged, then fiance, then husband/wife? Hmm.. I agree with you though, it drives me crazy when people refer to their significant other by their title as opposed to their name.

    • Bah, what?? That’s a dumb time for deadlines. I actually set a couple deadlines waaay earlier than necessary so that they wouldn’t fall right after Thanksgiving (which would’ve made more sense time wise). But it will be nice to work from home, I’m sure!

      I think your explanation makes sense. I guess I never considered finacé to be an actual relationship title!

  2. Wooooooooo! Have the BEST break! I hope you eat lots of desserts (if not, I’ll do it for you) and that travel isn’t too chaotic for you! I have no idea about the boyfriend thing… that’s a good question. Because technically they are still your boyfriend until the day you say I do… or at least that’s what I’d think… but we all know my relationship history so maybe I’m not the person to answer that question haha

  3. Hahahaha, ahh the fiance word. I never thought about it before, but I think I agree with Sarah. Till the wedding day, you’re still boyfriend/girlfriend (although I LOATHE that term for adults since we aren’t boys and girls anymore…but woman/female friend and man/male friend just sounds weird). Have a safe trip home and an AWESOME holiday, love 🙂

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