Thursday Things

1. Last Sunday, I attended Breaking Through the Wall, a panel discussion put on by Fleet Feet for anyone planning to run a marathon (in particular, the Chicago Marathon) in a couple weeks. It. Was. Awesome. On the panel were Monique Ryan, a sports nutritionist, Mike Norman, co-founder of Chicago Endurance Sports (the “other” training program. Sidenote: do any other CARA members feel like they’re cheating on CARA whenever they shop at Fleet Feet or do anything in any way related to CES? Because I always feel like I’ve gone rogue by shopping at Fleet Feet [which, um, is pretty much the only running store I ever shop at in Chicago…] or participate in any CES event [which is pretty uncommon, since CARA almost always has a similar event that I’ll go to instead, but has happened occasionally].), Carey Pinkowski, executive race director of the (Bank of America) Chicago Marathon, and *pauses for dramatic effect* Deena Kastor and Meb Keflezighi.


*geeks out*

It was SO COOL to have Deena Kastor and Meb Keflezighi RIGHT THERE. Three of the highlights of the afternoon for me came courtesy of Meb, when he told us he does a 20 miler pretty much every Sunday, tapers by only running 90 miles/week (instead of 120-130), and recounted the time he went out too fast in a marathon and his last mile was “under 6,” which he took to mean as a bad thing. Ah, to be an elite!

However, the REAL highlight came Sunday night, when your’s truly cashed in about three seconds of her 15 minutes of fame on Fox 32.


I sent the video to my parents with a subject heading “LOOK I’M FAMOUS!!” Haha.

2. If you, like me, find child modeling to be a weird practice (child modeling like when people dress small children in fashion forward pieces, as if these small children were 25, not 5), then you need to check out My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter. It was brought to my attention a couple days ago and it  just may be the greatest Pinterest board of all time. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in need of a laugh.

3. I have rather strong opinions on immune systems which, in general, boil down to: “Don’t be an idiot, and your immune system will take care of the rest.” Obviously there are exceptions to this (people with compromised immune systems, for example), but because I tend to believe this, I also tend to be pretty judgmental of healthy people who are insane germaphobes.

Until I became that person.

Oh MAN you guys. In the space of five days, I found out that both of my roommates, one of my good friends, and two of my coworkers were all sick. While normally I’d view this as quite the unfortunate coincidence, with a marathon breathing down my neck, I have turned into an insane, out of control germaphobe. I’m washing my hands like 20 times a day. I’ve taken to opening the fridge and freezer with my elbow. I refuse to touch any towels I think my roommates might have so much as looked at over the past week. It’s exhausting! I don’t know how people live like this long term! I plan on keeping these habits up through the marathon, but man, as soon as that race is over you better believe I’ll be ditching my obsessive hygiene ways, because a life of germ terror is not a fun one to lead.

Have you ever been on TV?
Are you a germaphobe?

11 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Ahhhhh! How did I not know about Breaking Through the Wall?! It looks like it was awesome! I would have loved that.

    Also, I am sadly a pretty legit germophobe. Like, I have chronic dry hands because I wash them 28 times a day. Then again, I have a past of just being a walking WebMD. My sophomore year in college, I somehow got mono, strep throat, and ringworm in the span of about a month. Haha

    • It was an awesome event! Do you follow Fleet Feet on Twitter? They put on events all the time, and usually Twitter is how I find out about what they have going on.

      Wowza, yeah, I’d imagine that dries your hands out like crazy! Mine have been super dry this week, though it’s totally worth it to stay healthy to race day. And HOLY SMOKES. That sounds like the worst month ever! Yikes!

  2. YOU WERE ON TV?!?!? WHATTTTTTTT!!! But in all seriousness, that is so freaking cool. I wish we had talks like that around here! Or maybe we do and I just live under a rock which is entirely possible. Also, toddler models are weird. My mom and I are disgusted by toddlers and tiaras so this is almost more disturbing.

    • Hahaha I know, I know. I’ll try to remember all you little people when I make it really big 😛 I know the running stores around here are REALLY good about putting on events, but you usually have to be paying attention to their calendars/social media feeds to know what’s going on.

  3. Oh man! you made the big times! That is pretty sweet! 🙂
    A sub 6 for them is like us hitting the wall and walking lol

    I hope you are wearing a little blue mask around the house!

    Have I ever been on TV…Not yet!

    • Right?! I’m expecting the interview requests to roll in any second now 😛 Yeah, it was funny to hear Meb say that, but when he put it in perspective–how that’s practically two minutes/mile slower than what he usually runs–I think we all gave him a little slack. But still…

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