Thursday Things

1. If I were one of the Seven Dwarves this week, I would be Sneezy. Holy smokes, team, I don’t know what allergens are in the air, but they’re driving my nose bonkers. AccuWeather says we’re currently experiencing “extreme” levels of dust and dander and “high” levels of ragweed and mold, so I’ll point my fingers at those culprits. Fortunately I’ve just got a crazy case of the sneezies, not actual congestion/general misery, so I can’t complain, though I do feel compelled to apologize to everyone in my general vicinity for appearing to be deathly ill when I am, in fact, quite all right.


2. I’m helping out with Sunday School at my church this year, and last Sunday was our season’s kickoff. We had a big ol’ celebration of ministry, and since my church will use any occasion, no matter how minor, to break out the incense, we had incense in church on Sunday. You could smell the incense in the narthex, and when my co-teacher and I were bringing the kids back into church after the sermon, one of the younger kids remarked, “It smells like Jesus Christ!” which just may be the greatest thing I have ever heard any human being, no matter the age, say, ever, in the history of my life.

3. Someone plan my birthday celebration for me please. Right now it consists of “have fun, ideally with the company of friends” which I suppose is a good starting point, but also kind of goes without saying because birthday. I have no idea where I want to go, I have no idea what I want to do…nothing. The whole crippling-fear-of-rejection-so-I-don’t-like-inviting-people-to-do-things-ever-because-I’m-afraid-they’ll-say-no-not-because-they-actually-have-other-plans-but-because-they-secretly-hate-my-company thing isn’t helping matters either. Am I allowed to request a surprise party so someone else can take charge of all the planning/inviting? I promise to look shocked. 😮 <– like that.


September 18, kids. Mark your calendars. (But not for celebrating, unless someone wants to join me on a casual post-work 10 miler? Celebrating will take place later in the week.)

What are some funny things you’ve heard kids say? One of my kids at camp this year was telling other kids in the group that “it’s illegal to kiss someone unless you’re married to them.” Bahaha.
Birthday: Halp plz. I’m socially inept AND paranoid.

13 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. If I lived in Chicago I’d plan your birthday for you! Slash if I end up going to Illinois this fall (which is very possible), maybe we can work something out… a little belated partying perhaps? We’ll see. Anyways, I hate planning things for myself too but I’m also not big on birthdays. My best friends threw me a surprise party one year at a pizza place after our swim meet and it is still my favorite party to date. And they only did it because they screwed over my actual birthday so it was really a guilt trip. But I had fun and forgave them so it was worth it. I’m happy going out for dinner and calling it a day.Bonus points if I don’t have to pay for it 😉

  2. LOL, have Maggie plan it! She is itching to go back to the dance club after Erin’s party! She has mentioned that twice to me in the last week 🙂

    And people will come 🙂

  3. Ahhh my allergies are THE WORST right now too. I’ve been a little sneezy but mostly stuffed up and feel short of breath. Ugh. Unfortunately, I also find that Benadryl is the only thing that really works for my allergies but it also makes me really drowsy so I can’t get up in run if I take it before bed. Fingers crossed the cooler weather alleviates both of our allergies!

    I’m totally down to do something for your birthday! Are there any cool fests, farmers markets, etc going on next week? I find those are always really fun to go to on your birthday. You also should make a list of all of the places that offer free things and make sure to hit them up (haha #noshame). I’m fairly certain Ben & Jerrys gives a free cone!

    • For real! I feel like I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about allergies lately — all this stupid hot weather! SO glad it looks like it’s gone for good now…or at least gone for quite some time.

      Um, yes. I ABSOLUTELY need to find out where I can get free things for my birthday! I am not in any way above that haha. And I’ll let you know when/if I ever figure out what I’m doing!

  4. dude birthday party planned out. fly to dc (along with cute hip hop boy). stay with mwah. go on our first run together. get a killer brunch downtown. spend the day exploring shops and of course finding a random dance party to partake in. all before a night of obviously hilarious dancing and our one drink drunkenness. you feel me?

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