Thursday Things

1. Sometime between approximately 3:35 p.m. on Tuesday and 9:45 a.m. on Wednesday, tragedy struck my office building once again.



Without question, the highlight of returning to my office job after my week at camp was my discovery that Monday morning that, after two months of various “solutions,” someone had finally put the soap dispenser in the women’s bathroom back where it belonged: on the mirror. This, therefore, was a most unwelcome discovery Wednesday morning for multiple reasons, not the least of which there is now soap all over the counter and floor, but none in the soap dispenser itself.


Sometimes I wish I worked in a fancy office.

2. Last week, I was on the El headed home from a meeting when I noticed my only pair of non-running sunglasses were not on my head like I thought they were. While I’m not particularly attached to my sunglasses, I do like having something over my eyes when it’s sunny, so after 1) panicking and 2) berating myself for leaving my sunglasses at my meeting, I realized I was downtown and as such had access to an abundance of stores. I popped into Forever 21, and while most of the sunglasses were a bit too ~trendy~ for me, I found one pair that both fit my style AND my head, which is not an easy task. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself as I continued on my way home for having paid all of $6 for a new pair of sunglasses and for snagging the only pair of that style of sunglasses on the rack. Before I went to bed, I went to cut the tag off the sunglasses, and discovered:



So apparently I bought men’s sunglasses. Whatever. They were with all the women’s sunglasses, and I don’t think they look particularly manly (and I don’t know if Forever 21 accepts returns on sunglasses…though even if they do, I’m certain they won’t if the tag’s already been removed), so I’ve now been rocking men’s sunglasses for the past week.


I also found my old pair of sunglasses in my bag the morning after all of this went down. Of course.

3. Well, folks, I have some wonderful news. Remember the whole almond milk dilemma of early July? For the past two months or so I’ve been suffering through 64 oz. boxes of Silk almond milk, pretty much downing it like a shot to avoid tasting it as much as possible. This past week when I was at Jewel, they were out of Silk Unsweetened Original, which is what I had been “drinking” (read: pouring down the drain), so I grabbed Silk Vanilla instead, figuring it would be awful just like other vanilla almond milks I’ve tried (I had previously tried Silk Unsweetened Vanilla, and it was just as vile as Unsweetened Original). I braced myself on Tuesday before drinking it, and just about dropped my glass in shock upon discovering that Silk Vanilla Almond Milk is AWESOME. Seriously, you guys. You can’t even taste the almond milkiness in itΒ at all, which is just how I like my almond milk. It’s probably due to the fact that there’s more sugar in a serving of this vanilla almond milk than there is in three Oreos, but you know. Sugar is a carb, so I can count that as carb loading for the marathon, right? Right. Good talk.

Any strange office stories to share?
Do guys actually shop at Forever21?Β I mean, I know they *have* a men’s section, at least in the big Forever21 on State Street, but this is a store I tend to associate more with cheap, trendy clothing for young women more so than a prime fashion destination stop for men. But maybe I’m wrong.

17 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. That sunglasses problem. Man oh man can I relate. I used to lose sunglasses every single day which is why I could never be trusted with a pair that didn’t come from a drugstore. I finally had to buy myself a more expensive pair for lifeguarding and I’ve had them for a full year now! That’s not to say I don’t sit on them, misplace them, or pop the lenses out on a regular basis, but I’ve managed to keep them around. I did by a pretty rocking pair of neon yellow foldable ones this summer when I thought my expensive ones were broken forever. I was the hippest lifeguard in town. And now that I said hippest, I just lost 30 cool points. Anyways, sunglasses are rough. I didn’t know forever 21 even had a men’s section, to be honest. Shows how much I know about shopping and fashion…

    • The crazy thing about this whole situation is that I NEVER had trouble with sunglasses in regards to losing/breaking them until about a month ago when I broke a pair I’d had for three or so years, and then a couple weeks later I “lost” this other pair! Sheesh! Get it together, Bethany. And not to be *that person* but I gotta correct your typo, I believe you meant you just GAINED 30 cool points for saying hippest. Just sayin.

  2. that happens to me ALL the time where i search for things and then replace them only to find them. how frustrating. and i think those sunglasses are cute. just out of curiosity, why drink almond milk if you don’t like it? i know you wrote a post on your fave almond milk but if you don’t like the silk, no other milk options out there for you? that said, i love me some silk unsweetened vanilla so probs i’m just biased πŸ™‚

    • I take an antibiotic every morning for my acne (because otherwise your average 13 year old boy has clearer skin than I do), and when I started taking it I noticed that I would get AWFUL nausea when I’d eat dairy in the morning, but on days I didn’t have dairy, I was a-ok. Since I have oatmeal or cereal like three times a week, I decided to experiment with almond milk in place of cow milk in my breakfast, and I haven’t been nauseous since. I primarily use it that way, but since the boxes are so big, I drink it sometimes too so I’m not throwing well over half of it down the drain. Normally I drink cow milk, though, which I very much enjoy…I just don’t enjoy the morning tummy aches it brings.

  3. The soap dispenser looks even worse than last time! My floor has one bathroom with three stalls and three sinks for about 200 people (approx. 150 of those are women). It actually isn’t too inconvenient when everything works but lately one of the sinks (the one closest to the soap dispenser of course) hasn’t been working. So annoying! Nothing is more awkward than hanging out in a bathroom with your favorite colleagues waiting to wash your hands.

    I think Ian bought a pair of shorts at forever 21 once but only because I was taking forever and he got bored.

  4. The soap. Definitely a tragedy. Although, the women’s restroom sign fell off the wall outside our restroom and no one has replaced it yet. It’s just sitting on the counter inside the restroom. Fine for those of us who work here and know that’s the women’s restroom but not so great for visitors…

    • I always hate it when restaurants use the theme of their establishment in their bathroom labeling (there were times in my youth where I came back from the bathroom before going in to ask my parents which one I was supposed to use haha) and I feel like having the sign sit on the counter instead of on the door is 1000x worse than not knowing if I’m an hombre or a mujer (which fortunately I know now). Actually, I think that’s even worse than the soap situation, too.

  5. Hi Bethany! I just found your blog after commenting on Alex’s at the Run Within (your title was sort of catchy) and I had like a mini, internal fist pumping moment when I realized that you were training for the Chicago marathon! I just moved to Chicago 6 months ago from FL. I was too late to sign up for the Chicago marathon but like half of the people in my running group are training for that race. I’m training for one 2 weeks after that so I’m so excited to have found another blog to follow about marathon training! πŸ˜€

    And now I’m done my longer than expected, random comment! lol

  6. I had to look at the sunglasses picture for several seconds to figure out that it said “21men”. I guess this is proof that I don’t shop in that store anymore.

    The soap situation is a tragedy! The women’s upstairs toilet at work has been acting funny, like you have to push the flusher way far down to get it to flush, but I’m pretty sure I broke it for good on Friday lol.

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