Chicago Marathon Training Week 10

Monday, August 12: 40 minutes bike
One of my own modified running cutback weeks this week. Originally I planned to do this bike on Thursday, but because of changing schedules and more promising forecasts, I opted to do it on Monday instead. Nothing too fancy here, though I did get a decent chunk of Runner’s World read while I went nowhere on the stat bike.

Tuesday, August 13: cross training.
Hip hop and breakdance graduation! My teacher was actually out of town, so rehearsal before graduation wasn’t as insane/murderous as it sometimes is. I, however, was very tired from not getting enough sleep the night before, so the little we did wore me out big time. Normally dance starts again right after graduation, but my studio is now closed for a two week summer vacation. My other breakdance studio is also closed for a summer vacation as well, which means I have no more dance in my life until after Labor Day. This is very distressing (except it does mean I can watch SYTYCD for the next two weeks), and I honestly have no idea what I’m going to do 1) with my Tuesdays, which I have not had free literally once this entire year  2) to cross train. Biking? Yoga? That’s what I’m thinking right now.

Wednesday, August 14: 7 miles in 1:30:22 for a 12:54 pace.
So. About this run. About this day, rather. I had something Tuesday night that did not sit well with my tummy, and as such was down for the count most of Wednesday. I didn’t even go into the office, which is something I never do. Since I was pretty sure everything had cleared out of my system by the afternoon and I was feeling all right, I figured I’d see what I could do on the run front. Obviously the answer to that was “not much.” I had originally hoped to run eight miles, and instead I run/walked seven. When all was said and done, I ran a total of four miles and walked three, but spent about the same amount of time on my feet I would have if I had run eight. So there’s that. This is like the billionth week in a row now where I’ve had a really crappy midweek long run, and I’d love to see that pattern change ASAP, because this is getting really old.

Thursday, August 15: 5 miles in 51:20 for a 10:15 pace.
After Wednesday’s not-so-great run/walk, it was nice to get a solid weekday run in. I don’t really have much to say about it other than that I slowed by about 10 seconds each mile, which I thought was amusingly consistent.

Friday, August 16: rest

Saturday, August 17:  15 miles in 2:40:37 for a 10:42 pace.
PDR! PDR! Also: PTR. Is that a thing? Personal time record? If it’s not, it should be. I’ve never run for that amount of time before, and I think that’s significant. So let’s see. Because of the Air & Water Show, we ran north for a bit instead of south, further solidifying my belief that north path > south path. So much space! So much scenery! So many beaches! This did, however, bring us back to our starting site three miles into the run, which was a bit challenging from a morale standpoint. My tummy was quite grumpy for the first four miles of the run, and I would’ve been happy to bail, but obviously I didn’t (and realistically wouldn’t have). It got better by the time we hit our first water stop, so that was nice. By the end of the run I was struggling to keep up with the group, but the group situation was really weird on Saturday anyway. The 10:30s usually break up into two groups, and I go with the second group since they tend to be a little closer the 10:45 side of 10:30 (and the group is much smaller). Our pace leader wasn’t feeling well on Saturday, so we had a woman who’s been running with the group for awhile in front for the last few miles, and things kind of fell apart as far as clockwork pacing and side-by-side running goes. But we hit 15 miles, and that was pretty exciting.

Not nearly as exciting as this, though:


HOLY ICE BATH, YOU GUYS. Why did no one tell me how magical these glorious things feel?! You’ve all been holding out on me! That post-run ice bath was legitimately one of the greatest things of my life. I was all nervous it’d be painful and horribly cold, but honestly it just felt INCREDIBLE. Life changing. One of our 10:30 pace leaders suggests doing an ice bath after everything longer than 15 miles, and I GUARANTEE you I will be doing that.

Sunday, August 18: light cross training
Strength training + a teeny, tiny bit of dance. So, worst thing of my life, you guys: one of my roommates moved out last week, and our new roommate doesn’t move in for another two weeks, which means we temporarily have an empty bedroom. When I walked past the room a couple days ago, I was like, “Man, there’s so much space in there. It’d be great for dancing. OMG. IT’D BE GREAT FOR DANCING.” Haha. As such, I am now the proud “owner” of my own personal dance studio for the next two weeks. But! These two weeks just so happen to be the only two weeks of my year where I’m not taking dance and therefore have nothing specific to practice! The injustice of it all! So I’m using the space to freestyle (I was going to say choreograph, but that would be a gross overstatement for what I’m doing. So we’ll say freestyle instead haha). But anyway, inspiration struck on one song while I was strength training, so I briefly freestyled. Now if only I could turn one of those walls into a mirror…

So overall, not really my best week of training, but such is life. I’m a little nervous about this week from a weather standpoint (why oh why oh why does hot and humid weather have to return? Who asked for this? I do not approve!) and a little bit from a mileage/happy legs standpoint (we’re looking at 32 this week, which is far and away my highest ever), but hopefully things will be all right. My IT bands have been a tiny bit persnickity lately (*rolls eyes* could I be more cliche?), so I’m doing my best to give them a lot of TLC. It’s really mostly an issue on my long runs, and only when I start after stopping (we stop at every water station and tend to stand around for 3-5 minutes, and it’s when we start running again that they get real angry). Ideally I will not be spending that much time at water stations during the marathon, so in the mean time I think I need to figure out some way to rest a whole lot less at these stops, both for the sake of my brain and my legs.

11 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 10

  1. Woohoo!!! Way to go miss 15 miler 😉 that’ll be no big thing before you know it 😛 i’m glad you mentioned ice baths because i have yet to take one (blasphemy i know) and was wondering when they were recommended. I’ll try to fit one in after my 20 miler on Saturday. Hopefully i get back with enough time before i have to babysit! Keep taking care of those legs hun…injury is no good! Sounds like you’re doing a great job though 🙂

    • Thaaaaaank you 🙂 Yeah, on Thursday my roommate asked how far I had to run on Saturday, and when I told her 15 and she was like, “Man. You’re crazy,” I was like, “I mean, maybe…but what’s crazier is that the actual marathon itself is 11.2 miles beyond that.” Haha. SO MANY MILES. And ahhhhh 20 miler for you!! So exciting!!! You’re getting crazy close to your marathon and I’m so stoked for you!

  2. Ugh I HATE ice baths. Hate them hate them hate them. I mean, I know they’re supposed to be so good for you after hard runs and everyone I know takes them after practice at school, but my legs hate it! It tightens them up so much! I’m seriously the weirdest person ever, I’m pretty sure. So yea. Go you! I love the positivity even on weeks that don’t go so great and I know you’re going to rock this next week as long as you give your body the tlc it needs.

    • I will admit that my legs felt awfully stiff when I was trying to pull myself out of the bathtub, but it was worth it for how much better it made them feel both for the rest of Saturday and, even more importantly in my mind, on Sunday. I’m trying to keep the DOMS at bay as much as possible, and if an ice bath will do that, then bring it on! Haha.

    • Thank you! And yes? I think? I don’t know, I suppose, since I haven’t done it, but I’m sure they’d catch up with me eventually. It’s not like I’m knocking out 9:30s when I’m running on my own on a long run, so I’m sure eventually we’d all get back together again. I might experiment on my 16 miler this Saturday and see what happens.

  3. Sorry to hear about the stomach issues! I like to think we have some control over them, but they happen to the strictest of diets too!
    You should head north more often on the path! Much less congestion 🙂

    • Ugh, I’m coming to learn that the hard way. I felt gross for the first three both at Zooma and on my 15 miler. I’m not really eating anything different, so idk what the deal is. I’m thinking of maybe getting up earlier to give everything a chance to settle more, but at the same time I’m hesitant to do that because I get SO. HUNGRY. on these longer runs. Midrun fuel helps, but I can’t be popping Gatorade Chews every mile, you know?

      I actually feel like I’ve run north on the path A LOT lately, between Zooma and my five miler which included a north jaunt before turning south and our 15 miler. For some reason when I run north, distances feel waaaaay longer than when I run south. I don’t know why, because a mile is always a mile…maybe just because I’m not as familiar with all the exact mile markers like I am headed the other direction. But I do very much enjoy the north path when I get up there!

  4. I think PTR should be a thing! Congrats on that and the PDR!

    Happy to hear your stomach felt better by the end of the week and that you get your own studio for two weeks. That is fun! 🙂

    • Oh yes! And I meant to say, ice baths help SO much. One summer I tried to end each long run by a cool stream/river/lake whatever to soak in and it really helped my legs!

      • That sounds heavenly! The lake does look SUPER tempting after our long runs, not gonna lie. The ice bath at home is a little more convenient, though. And thanks for validating that PTR should be a thing. I’m definitely going to start using that regularly now 🙂

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