Thursday Things

1. Remember in January when I went to Bottle & Bottega to celebrate Erin’s birthday and recreated Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”? As it turns out, that wasn’t my first attempt at mimicking Van Gogh’s classic piece.


When I was home to work at camp, my mom pulled out all my art portfolios from elementary school and asked what I wanted to keep (“Literally nothing” was my answer. I hated art). Apparently when I was in second grade, I made an oil pastel rendition of “Starry Night.” Who knew?

Bestest Fwend also photobombed the picture. Silly fwend.

2. Late last Wednesday I could feel myself beginning to come down with a cold, which took me for quite the sinus-misery ride. After feeling generally awful and having a grossly runny nose, my cold moved into my ears. I texted my mom on Tuesday morning (“Mommmmmmmmmy. My cold is making my ear hurt when I swallow. Make it stoooooopppppppp.”), she suggested Sudafed to ease congestion. I’m pretty anti-drug, both in the legal and illegal sense, and as such don’t keep much other than Motrin and my acne meds around the apartment, so I went to Walgreens on the way to work Tuesday. I knew Sudafed is kept behind the pharmacy counter because meth heads ruined pseudoephedrine for the rest of us, so I got the little slip, brought it to the counter, and had the pharmacist ask me, “Do you have photo ID?”


I didn’t have my license (or any other photo ID, for that matter), so I couldn’t buy my medicine, so I left Walgreens in tears. I wish I were kidding. I now understand why small children get so cranky when they have ear infections, because earaches HURT, you guys.

Anyway, this whole situation got me thinking: how is it 2013 and we all need to still carry photo IDs on our person to prove who we are? Why isn’t there some extensive, digital database with this kind of information? Nothing crazy, of course–just your name, photo, and birthdate, perhaps. I mean, obviously there are security risks that come with that, but I imagine all of that information is stored digitally somewhere anyway, since I’m pretty sure all information is stored digitally somewhere nowadays. Wouldn’t it be nice if select businesses (like pharmacies or banks, for example), had access to that, so poor souls like me could find temporary relief from their cold symptoms even if they left their license at home since they don’t drive to work?

Or if people just didn’t do meth. That would solve this problem, too.

3. Last Saturday after Zooma I went up to Wisconsin for a friend’s wedding (my only wedding of the year! Hooray!). My friend got married on the beach at Lake Michigan, which was just insanely beautiful. I’ve been to a lot of weddings over the past 14 months, but I think this one won in the pretty department.


Another unique thing about this wedding: no seating chart! Guests were allowed to pick their own seats at the reception, which I personally thought was a genius idea (as did those I was around). Keeps stress off the bride and groom who have to make the seating chart (“What do you MEAN the Smiths and Joneses don’t get along?! They’re the only group of five + three that will fit at this eight-seat table!”) and keeps the Smiths and Joneses from being annoyed that they had to sit next to each other when they’d rather sit somewhere else. Good things all around. If I ever get married, I just might steal this no seating chart idea.

Do you have any artwork (or other schoolwork) from when you were little?
Have you ever been to a wedding reception where the guests chose their own seats?

6 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I didn’t have a seating chart at my wedding. That just seems ridiculous. We’re adults. Sit with whoever you want! Figure it out!

    Also, it admittedly weirds me out that people leave the house without their ID. I don’t drive to work but I ALWAYS have my driver’s license on me (except when I run…but I keep thinking I should take it. But I do have a Road ID for running & biking but it doesn’t have my picture). I feel naked if I don’t have my photo ID. How would people know who I was if something happened to me?

    Also, what I used to think was hilarious was that when they first started the whole behind-the-counter thing for Sudafed they just had you write your name in a notebook. As far as I know they didn’t create a database to track who was buying it from each store. Which made no sense to me!

    • Yeah, true that. I never realized how silly seating charts were until I went to this wedding without them, and it made me question EVERYTHING. Hahaha.

      I tend to be a minimalist when it comes to carrying things with me, so if I don’t absolutely need it, it doesn’t come with me. Although I guess you could argue that I absolutely need my ID on me at all times.

  2. No! To the seating chart thing that is haha. That is an awesome idea! Definitely keeping that in mind when my time comes….less i have to do the better! I think my mum probably has some of my old artwork somewhere, but I haven’t seen it in years. I know she has every ornament I’ve ever made haha and insists that those are the first ones to go up on the tree each Christmas. They’re her favs for some reason 😛

    • Right?! SUCH a good idea! I’m actually surprised more couples don’t do it (or at least more couples I know). And oh yes, we definitely still have all those old ornaments at our house, even the totally lame ones from kindergarten. I think we all agree that they add character to the tree haha.

  3. I used to buy a lot of Zyrtec-D for my allergies so I looked up how much you can buy and it turns out you can buy quite a lot before the feds show up at your door and start asking where the meth is.
    I’ve only been to a few weddings with seating charts and most of the people around here opt out. It seems like it would be such a huge hassle! And whenever the meal is over I just go sit by whoever I want anyways!
    I only have one more wedding to go to this year! YAY!!!!!!

    • Home stretch! Congrats! I know you had a lot this year, so I imagine it’s nice to be almost done with them (unless you love weddings, unlike me. Haha). I had no idea no seating charts was a thing! I truly had never heard of anyone doing that before, but this couple did have strong Iowa ties, so maybe it’s more common in Iowa than Michiganish. Interesting!

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