Chicago Marathon Training Week 9

Monday, August 5: 7 miles in 1:17:58 for a 11:08 pace.
Nottttt a good run. Not a good run at all. I wanted to get my midweek long run out of the way as early in the week as possible since I had a half marathon to run on Saturday and wanted to “taper” for the race through the rest of the week. I don’t think I was quite recovered from the weekend, though, and I was struggling for pretty much this entire run. A headwind for about four miles didn’t do me any favors, either, but most of the issue was lead legs for sure. Normally I fuel at mile five on any run seven miles or longer, but I decided to experiment and see how I could do without a five mile fuel.


Not well, as it turns out. Won’t make that mistake again.

Tuesday, August 6: cross training
So, graduation time has just about come once again for hip hop and breakdance (graduation is tomorrow). The class size has dwindled dramatically, and there is a distinct possibility the only two people dancing at graduation will be this one girl who started taking hip hop at the same time I did last October (and who has become my wise, older-than-me friend. Seriously. Everyone should have friends 12 years their senior. Wealth of wisdom and perspective, people, especially in the boy department). So that should be interesting.

Wednesday, August 7: 4 miles in 42:50 for a 10:42 pace.
I ran in the morning BUT did not have to wake up at 4:30 or even 5:00 to do so! Hooray different work schedules! My legs were draaaaaaaaagging when I started this run. They didn’t necessarily feel like lead legs, more just like tired legs, but it was rough both physically and mentally (two heavy runs in a row does not a happy runner make). As I got into it, though, I actually started thinking about my personal finances of all things, and that made things go by really quickly. Go figure. I still wasn’t running fast, obviously, but at least I wasn’t quite so miserable.

Thursday, August 8: 3 miles in 30:23 for a 10:08 pace.
seriously considered bailing on this run. On Wednesday when I left work, I felt a tickle in the back of my throat that I just knew was a cold, and as Thursday progressed, my suspicions were confirmed and I felt first-day-of-a-cold crummy. I also felt royally pissed off, since I was more or less banking on PR-ing at Zooma on Saturday, especially since I’ve been so much faster this year than I was last year, especially since the weather was supposed to be perfect, and then to come down with a cold just two days before Zooma did not make me happy. My roommate was sick when I got home from Michigan, so I was blaming all of this pretty much 100% on her and as such did not want to be in my apartment, so I ended up going for a run anyway. And it went quite well! My best training run of the week, and I’ve found when I’m in those first couple days of a cold I usually feel slightly less like death when I’m running vs. when I’m doing anything else. My theory on this is that my body is too concerned with keeping me alive and moving forward to be bothered with infection-fighting symptoms like sore throats and runny noses. I could be completely wrong. Whatever. Moral of the story: the run temporarily distracted me from my cold and my intense, raging anger at my roommate, which was probably a good thing. I also finally strength trained again (hadn’t done that in at least a week and a half…whoops) and ran through my hip hop routine a few times.

Friday, August 9: rest
Sweet, merciful rest. First total rest day in over a week. LOVE.

Saturday, August 10: 12.84 miles in 2:13:42 for a 10:25 pace.
Zooma “Half Marathon.” More like Zooma Quarter-Mile-Short-Of-A Half Marathon. Recap on that coming tomorrow.

Sunday, August 11: light cross training
Practiced dance and took care of a strength training circuit. Nothing too fancy or too intense.

I’m now officially halfway through training. I do feel like marathon training has completely consumed my weekday free time life, and I’m sure it’s only going to get worse from here, but other than that I wouldn’t say I’m feeling too burnt out at this point, which is rare for me. I usually get really sick of training programs around week six, and I haven’t felt that way too much yet. Physically I’m also doing fine. I get achy on longer runs, though I think that’s to be expected just by nature of them being long. My are-they-blisters-or-callouses? on my left feet have DEFINITELY revealed themselves to be blisters, but fortunately they’re not particularly painful. They’re just kind of there. The longer I run the angrier they look, but since they’re not really causing me any trouble at this point I’m not freaking out about them (though I do wish they’d just magically turn into callouses overnight so we could be done with this whole situation).

This week will be my first step into uncharted territory: 15 miles on Saturday. I’ve never run more than 13.1, and I’ve only run that once (should have been twice, Zooma. *grumble grumble*), so 15 is kind of intimidating for me right now. I am, however, stoked to reunite with my beloved 10:30s to take it on. I haven’t run with CARA for three weeks now and I very much miss the camaraderie. I haven’t hated running by myself the past three weeks, but I can’t wait to be back with people who don’t think “only seven miles” is a oxymoron.

9 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 9

  1. Great job with training and I’m glad you’re not feeling too tired of training yet. Welcome to the world of blistered feet. Thankfully it hasn’t been too hot this summer, the cooler temps have definitely helped my feet.

    I’m interested to hear more about the Zooma short course half tomorrow too but even though the course was short, congrats on another half!

    • Thanks! It’s a doozy of a post, that’s for sure.

      Not gonna lie, I was really hoping to never venture into the world of blistered feet, but if that’s as bad as things are going to get for me (every single finger and toe crossed that will be the case), I’d choose this “injury” over just about anything else ANY day. Slight discomfort is so much better than something to knocks you out of the game like strains or whatever.

  2. Hahaha ok i’m sorry i probably shouldn’t laugh at the zooma title but i can’t lie… It made me giggle, esp since i would have been so royally ticked at coming under 13.1 it’s not even funny 😛 i had some rough runs this week too, although mine were in the second half of the week and not the first. Maybe just an off week? Hope so since i’m slightly concerned about running tomorrow now ha. You are going to rock your 15 miler! Seriously, I bet you’ll be so proud when you’re done of what you accomplished you’ll feel on top of the world all day! I can’t believe you’re halfway through training already…crazy how fast it flies!

  3. That’s funny that the Zooma half marathon was shorter than 13.1 when the 10k was longer than 6.2 (my watch said 6.5). You guys could have used our extra .3! Either way great week of training and it was great to meet you at the race on Saturday!

  4. “only 7 miles” I sometimes catch myself saying things like that sometimes and then think how crazy others must find me. Like it’s taper week so I only have to bike 20 miles! No big deal! Glad you aren’t too sick of the training plan yet! Sometimes I just need to mentally take a break from those.

    • My perspective has definitely become warped of what constitutes “long,” that’s for sure. But I guess considering I’m training for a marathon, that’s a good thing! I’d very much like to hit mile 7 of the marathon and be like, “Meh, whatever. Seven miles. nbd,” then hit mile 7 and be like, “GAH I JUST RAN SEVEN MILES AND STILL HAVE LOTS TO GO.” Hahaha.

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