Chicago Marathon Training Week 8

Monday, July 29:  6 miles in 1:03:39 for a 10:36 pace.
I really thought this was going to be a killer-in-a-good-way six miler after I hit a 9:50 for my first mile, but things turned south extremely fast when soon after the first mile mark I found myself in desperate need of a pit stop. While this isn’t much of an issue in Chicago, where there are conveniently located bathrooms in all sorts of places, it is DEFINITELY an issue out in the boonies, which is where I grew up and where I spent all of last week. I very strongly considered the woods but just could not convince myself to do it, so I slogged through another mile, walked half a mile home, used the facilities there, and then continued on my merry way. “Merry” way, really, because hillllllllssssssssss. So. Many. Hills. My poor Chicago legs didn’t know what do with all the up and down.

Tuesday, July 30: 3 miles in 32:41 for a 10:54 pace.
Again, just going to blame this one on the hills. Although I suppose there are a lot of things I could blame this pace on: the hills, the fact that I ran six miles the day before, the fact that working 10 hour days at camp is a bit different than working 7.5 hour days at a desk, running on the side of the road and having to jump off into the grass every time a car went by instead of running far away from traffic like I do in Chicago. This was, in no way, the best run of my life, but I got it done, and I guess that’s what really counts. Also, funny story: I got passed on my run, which is SUPER rare out where I live since there aren’t usually too many other people out running. The guy offers a hearty, “Hello!” as he passes me, and I respond with, “Morning.” At 5:15 in the afternoon. Fail.

Wednesday, July 31: 3 miles in 30:06 for a 10:01 pace.
I think this was one of my latest runs ever. My parents and I went out to dinner with my grandma and aunt after I finished at camp for the day, and we sat around talking long enough that I felt I could go for a run when I got home without any tummy trouble. And I did! I felt really strong and comfortable throughout the run, which surprised me given that this was my third straight day of running.

Thursday, August 1: cross training.
Because honestly, I think we can all agree that spending 11 hours on your feet, eight of which were with children between the ages five and eight, should count as cross training.

Friday, August 2: rest.
But again, camp, so maybe cross training?

Saturday, August 3: 11.53 miles in 2:03:49 for a 10:45 pace ( + 7.5 hours of Lollapalooza)
I grew up really close to a lake, and since I was in high school, I’ve had this fantasy of going all the way around the lake by the power of my own two legs. In high school I biked a lot to exercise during the summer, so originally I thought some day I’d bike around the lake, but since our training schedule called for 13 miles on Saturday (which I flipped with next Saturday’s 10 because I’ll be running Zooma next Saturday) and I was at home, I decided to use that opportunity to run around the lake. Overall, the run went pretty well. Again, I had to deal with a lot of hills, which is certainly not something I’m used to, but I was more or less able to maintain a decent pace despite the constant up and down. It took me a little while to get in the zone, but once I did it was great to let the miles tick by while I enjoyed the scenery.


I do enjoy running in Chicago, of course, but it was so cool to run in such a different environment than the Lakefront Trail for my long run this week. The sights and sounds and smells were just so different from what I’m used to, and it was just plain cool to run the entire way around this lake that has always been a part of my life.


And then I spent all day on my feet at Lolla, but we’ll get to that in a different post 🙂

Sunday, August 4: cross training
As I was checking my e-mail post-Lolla, I found out that my hip hop teacher wanted us to all have an extra rehearsal on Sunday, a week earlier than I expected said rehearsal to take place. Nothing says active recovery quite like a 1.5 hour dance rehearsal? Sure. Let’s go with that.

I’m glad I was able to get in all my training for the week, at least from a running standpoint, despite being at camp. One of the other day camp counselors is actually training for the Detroit Marathon, which is the week after Chicago, and I don’t know how on earth she does it. Running after camp was a lot different from running after sitting at a desk all day.

9 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 8

  1. Ahh i bet haha! I don’t usually run after work because I’m too tired but i decided to use the two weeks that danielle is on vacation to sleep in and then run after work…maybe i won’t be as tired? Who knows haha but worth a try! I love running in different places…change of scenery usually makes running even more awesome, especially in a place that holds a lot of memory for me but i don’t get to see very often 🙂 and i kept hearing about lollapalooza on joe’s sirius this weekend and thinking about you 😛 i hope you had a great time!

    • Honestly, I think running at any time of day is just an issue of mind over matter. I never dreamed I’d be able to get up at 4:30 to run before work, and I never dreamed I’d be able to knock out six miles after camp, but I’ve done both of those things this cycle. I think the key is not letting yourself think about what you’re doing until you’re too far into the run to think, “Wait, what on EARTH am I doing right now?” Hahaha. Lolla was amazingggggg. There will be a post about it soon!

  2. I love running in different places, especially ones with fewer runners and traffic. It’s just so calm and soooo different from Chicago (which I also love but for different reasons).

    I’m so glad you got to spend a week at camp and had a great time!

    • There were many times over the past week (starting when I ran to the BTN Big 10K on a mostly empty Lakefront Trail, but particularly when I was running at home) where I was like, “Oh. So THIS is what people mean when they talk about the loneliness of the long distance runner.” You don’t really get that much in Chicago, but I TOTALLY got it at home. Not that I was lonely out there, really, at least not in the, “I’m so alone! There’s no one here and I hate it!” sense, but it’s definitely different being one of hundreds in Chicago.

    • The interesting thing for me about running at home is that I used to run this two mile loop allllll the time, and even though I can clearly run much farther than two miles, mentally I still see that two miles as such a long way to run. That first mile at home seems WAY longer than my first mile in Chicago. But once I get past there, everything goes by much faster.

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