Thursday Things

1. I have a bunch of colleagues who enjoy discussing current events amongst themselves during the work day. Obviously they had much to say about the royal birth, some of which was insightful, most of which was tragically inaccurate, but provided for quality entertainment on my Monday afternoon. The highlight of the discussion, however, was easily when one of my colleagues said, “So the baby was about eight pounds, right? I wonder how much that is in dollars.”

Bahahahahahahahahahahaha. Best joke ever.

2. About six weeks ago, I was in Trader Joe’s and saw that they sold potted basil plants for the low low price of $3.99. On the occasions when I have time to cook, I tend to cook Italian-ish dishes, and a lot of the recipes I use call for fresh basil. Because buying fresh basil sucks (there’s always way too much in the package, and I’ve never been able to use it all before it goes bad), I figured this fresh basil plant was a worthwhile investment. I’m concerned, however, that my basil plant is on its last legs.


This is an old picture because I’m lazy super pressed for time this week, but on Tuesday when I got home the plant was such a wilty disaster that I was sure I had lost it. I gave it a good drink and it seems to have revived a little bit, but man, I am struggling with this guy. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! I’m following all the instructions on the handy dandy little card with care guidelines that came with it, but it’s just not working out. Sigh. I had so much confidence, too, after the $3 plants I bought at Home Depot in September have continued to grow and, dare I say it, even thrive under my care. Basil is a different beast, it seems.

3. And that’s it for me, kiddos! I’m headed back to my one true love, summer camp, next week (wooooo!) and obviously will not have the same sort of computer access as I have when I’m doing my big girl chained-to-a-desk job. I have a couple posts that will go up, but that’ll be it. I’m afraid I’ll be far too busy making friendship bracelets, singing nonsensical songs about moose, Princess Pat and green grass growing all around all around, and just in general acting like a child to spend much time in Blogland. I shall return in August with camp stories galore and a recap of my Saturday at LOLLA (a;lsdkfjas;ldfkjaslakdsffjasd so excited so excited so excited)! Have a good week + change!

Any advice for my struggling basil plant?
What’s your favorite summer job? Camp, obviously, though I did really enjoy this wonderful cafe I worked at the summer after my freshman year in college.

8 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I just planted two basil plants this morning. I’ve had them thrive for extended periods of time in a big planter in my back yard before. Hoping it isn’t too hot outside in this Florida sun for them right now. Are your plants going to camp with you? Maybe they just need some fresh, clean air! LOL.

  2. I loved working at a camp! I think it was probably my favorite job ever because you basically get paid to go to camp and play with kids. What could be better??

    Have a blast though! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  3. have a BLAST at camp!!!

    RIP your basil plant, I’ve thought about purchasing one but after seeing yours… and remembering how I kill plants easily I’ll pass…

  4. I think maybe the basil plant needs a bigger pot or possibly more frequent watering. Says the girl who killed her basil last year. In my defense though, all my other herbs are still alive.
    Have fun at camp. My favorite summer job was when I didn’t have a job and spent every afternoon at the pool. It’s times like these when I wish I had a job with summers off.

  5. Ahh you get to go to summer camp?? I’m super jealous…my parents always refused to send me to the sleep away ones (something about wanting family time and missing me too much…lame i know 😉 ), and i was always sad they refused haha. I was a strange child 😛 have a blast and make some awesome bracelets!

  6. Our basil plant isn’t too happy right now, either. I think they don’t like heat. Picky, picky.

    I never really went to summer camp so I find the whole concept fascinating! I hope you share at least SOME of the stories you come away with this year 🙂

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