Thursday Things

1. After not having ice cream for months, I’ve now had ice cream twice in the space of a week and a half. I approve of this life change. On Tuesday night I went to Annette’s, and ohhhhh baby was it good. Oberweis had a somewhat limited selection of ice cream flavors, which made decision making a breeze when I went there after the Fourth, but Annette’s has approximately a billion flavors, and picking just one was a struggle. I ended up going with peanut butter cookie dough because peanut butter AND cookie dough?! Be still, my heart. It was phenomenal.

2. I’m trying very hard to not be predictable and whine about how much I despise this weather, so instead I’ll whine about how much I despise what this weather does to my clothing choices. Once it gets above 90 degrees, I stop wearing pants and their relatives (capris, shorts, etc.) and start wearing dresses. I don’t necessarily hate dresses…but aside from occasions where I need to look nice, dresses are never my first pick. I have the worst time trying to find dresses that fit me, and generally speaking the only ones that do are ones that have something around the waist–either an elastic band to make it cut in at the waist or a belt. I don’t like any sort of pressure on anything close to my stomach, so I spend too much of my day adjusting my dress trying to find a way to make it sit without irritating me. Worse than all day discomfort, though, is attempting to commute in a dress. The hem of my dresses and my work bag always get into fights while I’m walking, leading me to show off WAY more leg than I ever intend, and while I have some itty bitty Under Armour compression shorts from my high school soccer days that keep me from showing off more than just my legs, it’s still wildly awkward and not fun.

In short, dresses suck and I hate wearing them to work.

3. With that being said, eyes on the prize, people.

Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 11.11.55 AM

Sunday cannot get here soon enough.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? I don’t know if this is a real thing, but if I could find a chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and fudge swirls, peanut butter cups, cookie dough, and brownie bits, I would be the happiest ice cream eater in the world.
What do you wear to stay cool in hot and humid weather?

12 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I love anything birthday cake flavored. Total sucker for it. Have you been to iCream in Wicker Park? They make your ice cream for you using liquid nitrogen and it may be possible to make your favorite flavor listed above… just a thought :).

    I’ve been wearing dresses and tanktop blouses with capris (+ a sweater when I get to the office). It is way too hot out for full on pants.

    • WAIT WHAT?! Looks like I’ll be making a trip out to Wicker Park as soon as humanly possible. That sounds so cool!

      True that. I feel really awful for the guys I see walking to the CTA in the morning with their long sleeve dress shirts and dress pants. As much as I don’t like fighting with my dresses, at least they’re way more comfortable than long sleeves and pants in this weather!

  2. I can’t wait for that cold front. The beach is KILLING me. Also, how did you go that long without ice cream? My sugar obsessed brain can’t comprehend…

    • I’d imagine! Being outside in the sun all day…yikes. Soon! So soon!

      Hahaha well, I guess it’s just one of those things I never buy for myself, and I didn’t ever feel much of a need to get in the winter…and I’m cheap. Hahaha. That’s probably the best explanation.

  3. GASP! How did you go so long without ice cream?! After 5 days, I get antsy! That is rough.

    I like coffee flavored Ice cream! There is this awake shake that a place by me has, amazing! And frozen custard mixed with a cupcake! amaaaaaazing too!

    How do I stay cool? I don’t. The moment I walk at more than a snails pace, my body starts sweating like it would for an hour long run. There is no in between. blegh!!

    • Hahaha I guess it’s just not something I normally buy for myself? Which is kind of weird, because it was definitely a staple of my diet growing up.

      So this awake shake…given its name I assume it’s breakfast food, right? That’s the only reasonable conclusion I can come to. And if milkshakes for breakfast are wrong, I don’t know if I want to be right.

  4. I wrung sweat out of my shorts last night after my run. Then I hung them up in my bathroom and they made a puddle. Ew. I can’t wait for the cold front. I love chocolate and ice cream but I think chocolate ice cream is the worst.

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