Thursday Things

1. The Taste of Chicago is going on right now, which is all well and good if you’re into mildly overpriced food and crowds…


…which apparently I am…

tasteofchicago2(pulled bbq chicken from Robinson’s: meh. Cookie cheesecake from Eli’s: OMGSOGOOD.)

…but is even better if you’re into free music…


…which I definitely am.

Last night I went to see fun. for free at Taste. FREE! As in zero dollars. Not even a penny. My favorite price! Now, granted, I couldn’t really *see* much of fun. themselves during the show, but I could hear them just fine and I had a clear view of the screen, which was good enough for me. I’m not an obsessive fun. fan, so I was really just happy to be listening to a pretty popular current band for free. Seriously cannot get over the fact that I didn’t have to pay to see this show. Also, Some Nights was my JAM last summer. I could relate to so much of that song when I was transitioning into life in Chicago, and I instantly think of last July every time I hear it.

Going to this show was just another one of those, “I cannot believe how fortunate I am to be living in such an incredible city,” moments for me, which is the second time I’ve felt this way in seven days (Time #1 was when I was at the beach and at Montrose Harbor on the Fourth). I’m just wildly in love with Chicago at the moment, and I really enjoy that.

2. And then on my way home from fun. I caught a lightening bug without even trying. I wanted to bring him back to my apartment so we could be friends but he flew away as I went to take his picture.


So long, lightening bug friend! You’re the only kind of bug I tolerate aside from butterflies.

(But really you guys. What if the only bugs in the world were lightening bugs and butterflies? That would be THE BEST.)

3. Last Friday during my epic day of running errands, I stopped in Whole Foods to restock my almond milk supply. After visiting the Whole Foods on Ashland and not being able to locate any 365 brand shelf stable almond milk, I trekked over to the Whole Foods on Halsted on the same quest. While I frantically scanned the shelf stable pseudo-milk section, a Whole Foods employee asked if I needed help. I asked if they made the 365 almond milk any more, and he said, “No, they’re reformulating the product, so we don’t have any in stock right now and won’t for the next couple of months. Same thing with the refrigerated version.”

Pardon me while I drown myself in my own tears.

WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Whose idea was this?? Late last year, I realized I couldn’t have any dairy at all in the morning because it upset my tummy when I took my morning antibiotic, so in January I began to experiment with almond milk. If memory serves, I tried Almond Breeze, then Trader Joe’s shelf stable version, then Trader Joe’s refrigerated version, then Trader Joe’s vanilla refrigerated version — fail. None of them tasted good, and I was really looking for a brand without carrageenan because I am an Internet hypochondriac and all it takes is one random article to convince me everything I eat is going to give me cancer. (Spoiler alert: if it’s not something in my food that’s going to give me cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc., it’s probably something in the environment, or about my lifestyle, or just because I’m alive in general and have a body that will eventually die. None of us make it out of this game alive, folks). Anyway, the 365 brand at Whole Foods was the ONLY almond milk I could stand, and it was carrageenan free. Win all the way around.

But now it’s gone and I am beside myself with sorrow. I bought Silk almond milk from Jewel because it was the ONLY almond or otherwise non-dairy milk I could find without carrageenan, but I haven’t tried it yet. I also had to buy the refrigerated version, which is HUGE, and that sucks because…I really don’t like almond milk, guys. (I know, I know. Between this and the food coloring incident, I might as well surrender my HLB card right now.) It’s fine in my oatmeal because I can’t really taste it, but half a glass at best is the most I can manage to drink. I just prefer cow milk. Those handy dandy shelf stable sizes were PERFECT because it took me about 10 days to go through a box, which is just how long the box says it stays good after you’ve opened it. I’m either going to have to start eatingย a lotย more oatmeal or work on desensitizing my tastebuds if I’m ever going to get through 64 ounces of almond milk in 10 days.



Coolest summer thing you’ve done in your city?
Favorite brand of almond milk?

13 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I LOVE silk almond milk, it’s the only kind I like! I hope you like it!

    I caught a lightening bug on 4th of July too! I named it Abraham to be patriotic and all, maybe they are related?

  2. I love silk almond milk too but to be honest I don’t really mind TJs either. I’ve been drinking almond milk for a few years though so maybe I’ve just gotten used to it? I also drink a ton of it.. like two big cartons a week. I use it in overnight oats (at least 4 days a week), coffee, oatmeal on occasion, and sometimes I drink a glass before I run/before bed. Ian thinks the amount of almond milk I consume is absurd but I really only drink water and coffee so it’s nice to throw something else in to the mix.

    There are too many cool things in Chicago to pick one! I usually like the Taste, Zumba is up there, and the Maxwell Street Market of course!

  3. Hahahaha, ok the surrendering HLB card has me in stitches again ๐Ÿ˜› You crack me up girl. I love free concerts, especially when I know some of the songs, so that seems like a freakin awesome thing in Chicago! I would totally pay for the overpriced food, too ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope the almond milk comes back quick! I hate it when I can’t find a brand I like ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. they always do that with brands i like, makes me furious. they are doing that currently with the safeway brand rice cakes plain flavor. I want to hit them. they were super cheap (I’m saying like a dollar a pack) and now zip. all they have are the overpriced brand for 2.50 per which I refuse to buy. I haven’t had rice cakes for that reason. boo.

  5. Hmmm, I think I buy Almond Breeze Vanilla Unsweetened. A half gallon usually takes us about two weeks to go through. I use a half cup in my oatmeal every morning and I love it in smoothies. I rarely just drink a glass, though.
    But, yes, it does seem like whenever I find something I like stores stop carrying it! Very frustrating.
    I normally get the mustard fried catfish from JJ’s at the Taste but won’t be going this year. I only go on lunch (since it’s next to my office) but I haven’t had a chance and tomorrow I have a lunch meeting. Bummer!

    • I just started getting into making smoothies for myself, and since I tend to make them for breakfast, I’ve been using my almond milk in them as well. It’s worked great for me (…the two times I made a smoothie. Haha. I just hate cleaning the blender afterwords! I’m so lazy).

      If I worked where you work, I would definitely be tempted to hit up Taste for lunch. Doesn’t quite work with my location, but I bet it’s waaaaay nicer to go to Taste then than it is at dinner time when everyone and their extended suburban social circle comes in. Although Wednesday night really wasn’t that bad. I didn’t have to wait for any of my food at all! No lines!

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