Wednesday Things

(Because I have better things to do tomorrow than hang out in Blogland, and I hope you do, too! Hooray Fourth of July!)

1. Anyone else see the error in this?


(And no, it’s not “life gets better,” though I would argue that that’s an error because anyone who thinks sweaty and hot = better is nuts, at least in my winter-biased opinion).

Nights do not get longer during the summer, people. They get shorter. Markedly shorter. Like almost six hours shorter from January to July. Unless, of course, this pithy iPhone cover is significantly more insightful than I’m giving it credit for, considering that yes, technically nights DO get longer, in Chicago by about a minute per day, all summer long, because the sun starts rising later and setting earlier every single day of summer. But something tells me this iPhone in all its beachy, summer-championing glory, is not trying to subtly remind all of us that each passing day of summer brings us one day closer to winter.

2. Yesterday marked a full  year at work for me, and it is time for CHANGE! Not work change, because I’m quite happy at my job, but not-work-at-work change. When I started this job I told myself I would use my down time wisely, i.e.: I would limit my Facebooking to once or twice a day, and I spend the rest of my time doing something useful, like writing. That lasted exactly one day. Fail. So! I’m trying to get break my awful habit of Ctrl + T + f + enter, which has become such a reflex of mine I don’t even realize I’m doing it until suddenly I find myself on Facebook. Not okay. Instead I want to do worthwhile things, like actually work on that novel I wrote during NaNoWriMo back in November and promised promised promised myself I would edit…and never did. Fail again. Or teach myself how to use the various Adobe software I have on my computer. Or do ANYTHING but Facebook.

3. This upcoming four day weekend for the Fourth has me so excited I could cry. At the moment I have exactly two plans for Thursday and Friday (run on Thursday, haircut on Friday), and that is IT. I can do whatever I want on those two days! I could go to the beach! I could go shopping! I could go exploring! I could go get my groceries whenever I darn well please! I really don’t mind my job, but the whole 9 to 5 thing really puts a damper on doing anything on a weekday, so I am STOKED to have TWO weekdays with no work. I think out of all my options, the beach holds the most promise, provided the weather holds out. I’ve been to the beach exactly zero times since I moved to Chicago, and that’s unacceptable. Plus my freckles, which only come out in the summer, are still in hiding, probably due to the whole slave-to-my-desk rather than working-outside-at-camp thing. Regardless, I really do like my seasonal freckles and I think the beach could be the perfect way to coax them out.

Fun plans for the Fourth?

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Things

  1. we have the same kind of schedule the next two days (besides a stupid work schedule on Friday but I plan on just laying low those two days outside of that six hour shift. I like your idea of change but not really change- I think that is why I made a lot of my july goals to be do something or some things I haven’t had time to do in a while, cook, experiment, explore, etc. accountability partner? I think yes.

  2. Having no plans is the best! I hope you enjoy it- every second of it. I’ll be insanely jelalous of you as you get to do whatever you want this weekend since I’ll be guarding lives. Wait! Genius idea! You can come ylMY beach 😉

  3. I’m so excited to have two days off too! I think I’m going to clean and run all of the errands I can’t usually run because I’m at work. Sounds lame but I’m so excited to be personally productive during the week!

    Are you going to zumba on Saturday? I’m also super excited for that!

    • No, I totally feel you. I might even do some grocery shopping tonight just because I CAN. Haha. It’s so sad the things that make me excited now that I’m pretending to be a grownup 😛

      And yes I am! Stoked! I haven’t done zumba since college!

  4. Ahh lucky girl!! Enjoy those extra days off and live it up at the beach! I’m starting to become increasingly sad that I don’t live closer to one…pretty sure the NJ trip I’m planning for August must include a day at the shore!

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