Thursday Things

1. You know what I really miss about college? Clothes. And not so much in the I-could-wear-the-same-sweatpants-to-class-every-day-of-the-semester-and-get-away-with-it sense, but more in the convenience sense. Like if it was rainy at 8 a.m. and then stopped mid-morning, I could go back to my dorm/house/apartment, change out of my rain boots, and put on real shoes. Or if it was 35 degrees at 8 a.m. and 75 by noon (or, on those occasional super weird days, 75 at 8 a.m. and 35 at noon), I could wear jeans and sweatshirt or sweater in the morning and then change into shorts and a t-shirt when it got warm. Trying to dress for inconsistent weather was one of my biggest frustrations in elementary/middle/high school and, now that I’m out of college, is a huge frustration for me again. Because man, I walk two miles during my commutes each day, so you better believe I’m wearing rain boots if it’s raining in the morning. But what about when it stops raining? Then I’m stuck with rain boots. Or what about when it’s freaking cold in the morning but then is warm in the afternoon? I want to wear jeans in the morning so I’m not freezing to death on my way to work, but then it gets up to like 85 and is way too warm to be wearing jeans on the way home, so instead I’m dying of heat. I don’t have an office or even a cubicle, so it’s not like I have anywhere to store emergency weather-change clothes at work unless I want to carry them with me, and I don’t particularly want to carry an entirely new outfit to work each day. Sigh. Life is tough.

2. So…I’m really hoping my boss will tell me to take Friday off of work, because I want to go to the Hawks parade, but I don’t want to take a vacation or sick day to do so. I’m really only a casual Blackhawks fan, so it feels silly for me to skip work JUST to go to the parade, but you guys! The Stanley Cup! It’s so exciting! My boss is also unfortunately aware of the fact that I’m just a casual fan, which makes me think it’s pretty unlikely that he’ll straight up out of nowhere say, “Please, go to the UC on Friday instead of the office and celebrate!”

On the bright, unrelated side, however, he did say on Monday that we’ll be closed on both the 4th AND 5th of July, which was an extremely exciting and wonderful surprise. Hooray four day weekend!

3. Book club week! This month, we read Wild by Cheryl Strayed.


I’ve known about this book for awhile but never thought to pick it up for myself. I’m really glad it ended up being our June book for book club, because I thought it was an absolutely incredible story. The book is a memoir from the time the author hiked a significant portion of the Pacific Crest Trail by herself, and talk about impressive. She endures a lot of tests and trials (and toenail losses) along the hike but survives all of them (uh, spoiler alert? Although she did write the book, so it can’t really be that much of a spoiler). I definitely enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it.

How do you dress for inconsistent weather?
Best book you’ve read lately? I’m currently reading Coal Run by Tawni O’Dell and LOVE IT. Cannot get enough.

19 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I hate this inconsistent weather. Living on a boat, I have serious planning that has to get done every morning. I pack my running clothes, work clothes, and after work clothes. I’ve run into times where I think it will be warm at night and then it’s like 50 degrees and I have no sweatshirt, or vice versa. Life is hard out of school (even if it’s just the summer for me). I hope you get to take tomorrow off! I don’t follow hockey but if the Bruins had one you better believe I’d be all over that.

    • Sometimes I think I should move to Arizona or Alaska so I won’t need feel the need to change my clothes during the middle of the day — always warm or always cold. That’s all I ask! Which, I guess, is really probably a lot to ask from a place like Chicago. Alas.

  2. I really want to read that book when I am done studying!

    I read a quote yesterday that Mayor Emanuel thinks Friday should be a Ferris Bueller type day for everyone! So! The mayor said!!!

    • Ha! Right? I mean, I think the mayor trumps my boss…right? Of course.

      You should definitely pick it up when you have some free reading time! It was one of those books where I hated being interrupted while I was reading it because it was so engaging.

  3. Mm best book lately? Either cinder or the bungalow by sarah jio. Picked up blackberry winter because i enjoyed the bungalow so much. I’m jealous you guys get such a fun parade…if the pens won, i was going to see if i could take the boys to it. Oh well…maybe next year 😛 yay for having a four day weekend next week! That’s always a great surprise 🙂

    • Maybe next year unless the Hawks win again! That would be distressing if the Hawks and the Pens were in the finals. What would we do?!?! Although I think you’re a much stronger Pens fan than I am a Blackhawks fan, so I wouldn’t give you too much grief.

  4. I really really want to read the book! I tried to find it at the printer’s row lit fest but I couldn’t find it anywhere!

    • What?! Come on, Lit Fest! Get it together! That’s actually kind of surprising, since you’d think if there was anywhere you’d be able to find any book, it would be Lit Fest. I’d loan you my copy, but “my copy” was the Chicago Public Library’s copy, and I already gave it back to them.

  5. I usually leave a cardigan and shoes at my desk at work so I can not die of heat on my commute and can potentially wear old running shoes if I want (or if anything feels awkward). I also bring a HUGE bag with me on the days I have to go to PT with a change of clothes etc. It’s a little inconvenient but not as bad as I would have thought!

    I don’t have this Friday off or the 5th but I may take next Friday because I need a long weekend in a really bad way.

    I’m glad you liked Wild. I read it last summer and really enjoyed it!

    • Leaving a cardigan at work is actually a really good idea. Earlier this week I wore dresses to work since it was too hot for pants, but I wore cardigans in the morning since it was too cold to wear JUST a dress on the way to work. I never thought about actually leaving my cardigans at work, though.

      I know a fair number of offices are open on Friday, but it seems silly to me. For me, at least, Fridays are almost always my least productive day at work, and to try to get anything done on a Friday after having Thursday off would be AWFULLY ambitious. Just give people a four day weekend and let them be productive on Monday!

  6. This month I was cheap and didn’t buy the book and am still like #37 on the waiting list at the library. But, since we know she lives I think people can talk about it and I will still read it later!

    As for the whole inconsistent weather thing, I just make sure I have extra bags and shoes in my desk drawers so that I can swap out footwear and then take my rainboots home in a bag (yesterday) and I usually try to dress for the warmest part of the day and put a jacket on if it’s chilly in the morning. Of course, you have to carry the jacket home but if you have extra bags you just throw it in one!

    In 2010 I stupidly scheduled a meeting in Lincoln Park on the day of the Hawks parade. I had to get from the Loop to Lincoln Park and it was a nightmare. This year I am not going to leave my office.

    • You know, I actually thought about bringing a bag to work for my boots yesterday, but then I was in a huge rush when I was actually leaving my apartment (my roommate, bless her heart, gave me a ride to the CTA so I didn’t have to drown on my way there) and forgot until I was like halfway to work. I should really just bring bags and leave them here, though. That’s smart!

  7. i honestly bet your boss will let you off, I feel like a lot of people in that area would. or at least let you leave early. i honestly miss wearing shorts and a t shirt everyday. I am all about being a scrub. haha

    • I imagine he’d let me off if I asked…I just don’t want to have to ask. Haha. Just like everything in life. I never want to ask for favors — I want people to just GIVE me things unprompted. Hahaha. Oh, and I definitely miss that, as well. I honestly have about 10 shirts that are “work appropriate” (I use that term lightly…I work in a casual office, so it’s not like I’m dressed up. We’re talking like Old Navy, not Macy’s over here), but I have probably 50 t-shirts. I think I’d have a lot less trouble getting sick of my clothes if I could wear my billions of t-shirts rather than my limited supply of regular shirts. That was, without question, one of the best things about working at summer camp. T-shirt and shorts all day err’day. Yes please.

  8. I just finished that as an audiobook on my runs! I agree it was one I’d heard about but didn’t think was for me and it was actually pretty great…well once she got to the trail the first part was a bit of a downer while running, ha! 🙂

    Hmm I most miss taking sick days while in college!

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