Thursday Things

1. The ongoing saga of the soap dispenser in the women’s bathroom at work took an interesting turn late last week:


Why yes, yes that is a mostly empty roll of toilet paper. Stay classy, office bathroom.

2. Earlier this week Gracie linked to the 15 things girls like to do on social media, and though I don’t tend to be much of a link love sort of person, I absolutely had to link to that post. I’m giving it an Internet standing ovation. It covers just about every single social media quirk that drives me crazy, including:

– Mirror outfit shot selfies (also, the word “selfie.”)
– Using social media to complain about bad service (bonus points to people who specifically call out a company on social media in this manner: “Hey @DunkinDonuts, thanks for the bitter coffee this morning.” Hey @TwitterUser, stop being a passive aggressive jerkface.)
– BFF roll calls. What are we, 11?
– Taking pictures of boring food. Oatmeal is ALWAYS UGLY, people. It is ugly by nature. It can’t help but be ugly. You do not need to show off its lumpy glory to the world, no matter how #yum it is.

Sadly absent from this list was the excessive use, by girls, boys, corporate entities, or anyone or anything anywhere, ever, of hashtags. I cannot possibly go into enough detail about how much I despise, loathe, abhor, detest hashtags. They are #ruining #basicgrammar and #Englishingeneral and I #hatethem. Hashtags, like a highly concentrated extract, should be used sparingly, cleverly, judiciously, and only when appropriate to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your tweet, Instagrammed lunch, or (heaven help us), Facebook status update. As vanilla extract enhances the flavor of chocolate chip cookies, so your hashtag should enhance the wit or usefulness of your social media posting. Pictures of #homemade #chocolate #chip #cookies #chocolatechipcookies #chocolatechip #cookies #imadethis #lookatme #talent #baker #kitchen #sweets #dessert #yummy are about as appetizing as those same chocolate chip cookies would be if they were made with 1/2 c. vanilla extract, which is to say, NOT AT ALL.

So much rage. I apologize for my rantyness.

3. If I could bottle up the weather we’ve had since Tuesday and save it for the rest of the summer, I would in a heartbeat.


BLISS. Gimme gimme gimme. The fact that it’s supposed to be at or near 90 next week makes me want to weep.

Do you have any social media pet peeves?
What’s your ideal summer weather?

14 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. HAHAHA I love that list! I’m probably guilty of some but the excessive hash tags (aka more than the words used) are ridiculous. It’s just to get more followers and likes I’m pretty sure. Oatmeal pictures look nasty and I have no interest in seeing food that looks like throw up. I’m so with you. That is totally the ideal summer weather. Love it!

    • Right?! Everything about it is just so spot on.

      And yes, ideal weather for sure. Unfortunately it looks like that weather is leaving us for quite some time, which is oh so sad. I’m going to have to start wearing dresses since it’ll be so hot. Gag.

  2. Yes! This weather has been AMAZING! I could keep this all summer long.

    I am SO with you on the hashtags. I am seeing them on Facebook now, and they usually DON’T add to whatever the person is saying. It actually makes what they are saying less clear. It makes them look like a tool. Ha!

    Phew. I don’t think I do much, if any, of the things on that list. Except sometimes posting text chats on my blog. But not on Instagram.

  3. I really really want a cool summer! This weekend is going to be rough!

    I’m definitely guilty of some of the things on that list, including using hashtags but I’m not nearly as ridiculous as some people who tag #every #single #word #and #ingredient #included #in #their #food. …. #nobodycares. Haha.

    Also, totally agree on the bathroom selfies. I think whipping your camera out in a bathroom is just weird… and kinda dirty.

    • Tell me about it. I was watching the news this morning and they were all, “Summer starts tomorrow! It’s gonna be hot and humid with a chance of storms from now until infinity!” So I curled up in a ball and wept. Haha. Not really, but seriously. Buckle up, kids. I’m about to get REAL whiny about the weather. Haha.

      #nobodycares indeed. If I was THAT curious, I’d probably just ask, you know?

  4. Ughhhh hashtags. I was upset when Facebook added them because it just fuels the fire. I think a well-placed one works well, especially to express sarcasm or if it’s clever, but otherwise it’s just for attention. Especially when people put 14 hashtags on their ugly picture of oatmeal. WTF.

  5. pet peeve, all the reminders that they are having more fun than I am! haha Ideal summer weather… I enjoy the heat as the beach is finally nice, but having to wear work cloths and sweating on the walk to the train or something? thats hot..

  6. I ranted a few weeks ago to my husband about how irrationally angry pointless hashtags make me. Sometimes, yes, they are funny. And sometimes, yes, they are a great shorthand. But other times? So pointless. Don’t people understand that no one is going to search for “yummy” and that the whole point was to originally help with searches? Or is that just the librarian in me that gets that.

    Also, has anyone told maintenance about the soap dispenser? Or am I being silly in assuming you have building maintenance? 🙂

    • Pretty sure if you searched for “yummy” you’d come up with so many results your search pretty much would be useless anyway. That’s another problem with hashtags — so many get so overused that there’s no way it’s an effective search tool for a lot of terms. For something specific, sure, but not for something vague like “yummy.”

      Hahaha well, I think we have building maintenance, since usually once or twice a week the seats are up on the toilets, which implies to me that they’ve been cleaned. I mean, these maintenance people MUST have seen the soap dispenser. I know they have, in fact, because there used to be residue from the tape or whatever it was that held the dispenser to the mirror on the mirror, and that residue has been gone for weeks. And yet the dispenser is still on the counter…

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