Thursday Things

1. When I went to the Red or White Ball two months ago, I “won” (bought) a Total Fitness auction package, which entitled me to a one-hour consultation, three one-hour personal training sessions, and a one-hour massage. Last week, I had my second training session, and beforehand my trainer asked if our first workout had left me sore. To be honest, it hadn’t at all, and I told him so.

Worst. Idea. Ever.

He SLAYED me last Thursday. Absolutely murdered me. I was sore until Monday, and my arms still protested when I tried to do pushups on Tuesday. We worked out for an hour straight, and every time I thought I was going to get a stretch break, he dragged me over to another machine to have me do ridiculously impossible things like lat pulldowns or 50 calf raises in a row (50!). It was brutal.

However, I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed working with a trainer, and I wish I had the budget to keep this up long term. I like the personal attention, I like having someone correct me when I’m doing things wrong, I like having someone tell me exactly what to do, and I like having someone to hold me accountable to showing up for a tough workout at least once a week. I think it’s been really good for me, and it’d be cool to see what it could do for me in the long term. I just need to win the lottery first.

2. Sometime at the end of last week, I entered the women’s restroom in my office building and discovered that the soap dispenser had fallen off the sink. It was a bit of an inconvenience, but it still functioned, and I figured the problem would be solved within 24 hours, or at least by the beginning of this week.

This is the solution:



3. My mom happened to be passing through town on Monday morning and offered to take me out to breakfast. Never one to turn down a free meal OR a chance to go out for breakfast, I was obviously 100% down for this. She needed to be close to Union Station, so we ended up going to Lou Mitchell’s. I LOVED it. It had such a great diner vibe, the pecan pancakes I had were out-of-control flufftastic and perfect, and we got free donut holes as soon as we walked in the door. Perfect.

Have you ever worked with a personal trainer?
What’s your favorite place to go for breakfast? And, if you live in Chicago: what’s your favorite place where you want to go out for breakfast with ME? Because I am ALWAYS down for going out for breakfast.

24 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. When we joined our gym we got a free personal training session. The trainer first tested us to see where we were physically. For some ridiculous reason, I felt the need to do perform at least one more rep than my husband in every exercise. Couldn’t walk without looking like I was 80 for 4 days!

  2. Your trainer sounds amazing! I had a trainer once years ago but felt like she was more interested in chatting than actually pushing me. Now I want someone who would train me using freeweights and not machines, though. I tend to not lift very heavy when I’m by myself. I need someone to hand me the weights!

    I pass Lou Mitchell’s all the time when I’m running but I’ve never been. Diner breakfasts are the best so this one will get added to the list!

    • Yeah, having my trainer be the one to decide what weights I’ll be using DEFINITELY is a game changer for me. Goodness knows I would NEVER set a lat pulldown at 55 lbs. if I was the one making the decision! I like being pushed, even though it does hurt.

      If you like diner breakfasts than you’ll LOVE Lou Mitchell’s! I personally thought the prices were a teeeny tiny bit high, but that’s because I used to work in a similiar-ish restaurant back in Michigan, where obviously things are cheaper to begin with than they would be closer to the Loop, and our prices were ridiculously low anyway (pretty sure coffee was like $1.40 with unlimited refills), so that kind of skews my perception of what is or is not expensive.

  3. Never done a personal trainer, but I have a good friend that is pretty adept that set up a routine for me that doesn’t embarrass me too much! I do miss doing bikram yoga, as one of the few guys in the class, I felt the instructor would give me a little extra focus to help out or encouragement. Darn money and time!

    And for Breakfast – M Henry’s hands down! It is in Andersonville, its sister place, M Henrietta is basically the same and right near me.

    • I’ve heard about M Henry’s! Definitely sounds like a place I need to check out. That’s great that you have a friend who can set you up with those sorts of routines. Maybe that’s what I need — a friend who will be my personal trainer for free! Haha.

  4. Silly girl…everyone knows you always lie to your trainer and tell them they killed you with every workout just so they don’t actually do it 😉 seriously, though, i agree with you about working out with a trainer for all the same reasons. I hope when i sign up for a gym in a few months they offer a free training session! My last gym did and it was hell so awesome 😛

    • I know that now! Haha. I guess at least by being honest I got a better workout in. There are a lot of gyms around here that offer three or four free personal training sessions if you join the gym…but when I have a gym for free in my building, it’s kind of hard to convince myself to pay $$$ for a membership anywhere.

  5. I had to do a consultation with a trainer when I joined XSport and I played with the idea of signing up until she quoted me. I was a student on a stipend at the time and almost burst out laughing at the idea of my ENTIRE stipend going toward a personal trainer each month.

    I agree with Declan about M Henry. They have this amazing breakfast bread pudding that was my fave thing ever until food allergies. Ian used to take me every year on my birthday because it is just that good! Lula Cafe is also pretty fab in Logan Square, their strata is amazing!

    • omg you did not just talk about the OUT OF THIS WORLD bread pudding. that is my FAVORITE! I sadly learned it was only served on the weekends when I took a day off from work and went out to breakfast… heart was crushed.

  6. Hahahha I’ve totally been there with the soap dispenser. I probably would have been the genius that invented the idea. I’ve never met with a personal trainer but I think I’d make the same mistake… and pay for it at the next session. I don’t know how I’d feel about all of the individualized attention!

  7. I’ve always dreamed of having a personal trainer (you pay for it you’re obligated to show up right?) but your experience sounds brutal! You can’t deny though that sticking around with him for a few weeks will provide some killer results! You should hit up Wicker Park for some awesome brunch spots. Lately, brunch in Chicago is something I look forward to weekly! Some tasty spots: Prasino, Milk and Honey Cafe, and Bongo Room. Go!

  8. Did you really do 50 calf raises in a row?! I would be curious to hear what the trainer was thinking with that. LOL. There is really no reason to do that many reps in a row! (Sorry, trainer brain turned on)

    I worked with a personal trainer for two years for one-on-one and group classes and freakin’ LOVED it. It’s super affordable out here though.

    • Yes and it was AWFUL. Straight up awful. By the third set of 50 (yeah…there were three sets of 50. Woof) it wasn’t so bad, but that first one was brutal. But I’m glad to hear there’s no need to do that many reps of something. I usually max out around 15 of anything (unless I’m doing a workout that has me doing an exercise for a minute straight…I’m usually able to get in more than 15 reps in a minute 😉 ), and while most of the time I was only doing reps of 20, occasionally he had me doing 30, 35, 40…blech. No fun.

      • Yeah, even with endurance training, you are doing 12-16 reps at 60-70% of your maximum resistance. So… I hope the trainer had the resistance really low!

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