Weekend Highlights

My sister came to visit this weekend, which means I spent nearly all of Saturday and Sunday running around this lovely town and, for the most part, photographed nothing. So, visualize, if you can…

– giraffes at Lincoln Park Zoo.

– extreme, debilitating disappointment at Lincoln Park Zoo upon discovering penguins no longer live at the zoo. I haven’t visited the zoo since April 2011, so I was unaware of this tragic turn of events.

– a walk through Lincoln Park (the neighborhood), including a trek through Oz Park and a jaunt down Halsted.

– homemade pizza with spinach, tomatoes, and black olives (no mushrooms, sadly, since my sister doesn’t like them).

– Forever Yogurt and effectively counteracting anything that could have possibly resembled healthy with ALL the frozen yogurt toppings. Best.

– A personal shopping session, courtesy of my SIGNIFICANTLY more fashionable sister.


– Exploration of Whole Foods in Lincoln Park, including a trip to the hot bar.

Cookie Butter Peanut Butter. aka a fabulous sugar high.

– An accidental trip to Fleet Feet.


Dang it. I’m hoping these more-cushioned-than-my-Mizunos Asics will make my longer long runs a bit less brutal on my cranky legs. We shall see.

I’ve recently realized I’m dating running shoes. After a tragic breakup with my New Balance 890s, I’ve been wandering alone in the wide, scary world of running shoes, turning to professionals for guidance but never quite finding what I’m looking for because there’s always something that keeps the shoes from measuring up to my standards — they’re too heavy, they’re too loose, they’re too tight across the top, they’re too hard, they’re cushioned too weird. Really, it all boils down to the fact that I haven’t gotten over my 890s yet when I just desperately need to move on.

Maybe this is why I’m single.

How was your weekend?

23 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights

  1. Well I’m kind of sad that we aren’t mizuno twins anymore. I really liked that. But I used to be an asics wear-er until they got too clunky and heavy for me. I date my running shoes too. Mizunos are just that perfect fit, so maybe asics are yours. If we can’t have boyfriends, at least we have our running shoes. Your weekend with your sister sounds absolutely perfect! Usually my frozen yogurt toppings run me at about 12 ounces… not even sorry. It makes clothes shopping kind of difficult when you can’t fit into your size since you have a food baby from the dessert 😉

    • I mean, we’re *kind of* Mizuno twins. I still have my Rider 16s and intend to use them for shorter (5 or less miles) runs in order to extend the life of my Asics. Or at least that’s my plan right now. We’ll see what happens. I will concede that I’m not thrilled about how heavy these Asics are, especially compared to my Mizunos or my old 890s. We’ll see. Fleet Feet has a 30 day return policy, so I have time to test them out and see how I feel about them before making any permanent decisions. And yes! My sister and I actually went shopping right after frozen yogurt, and I was like, “This was an absolutely terrible order for things.” Hahaha.

  2. Too bad there isn’t a shoe dating website – ShoeHarmony.com? You can type in what you are looking for in a running shoe and set up a date at Starbucks to see if you are compatible. But then again, the shoes could post a false pic of themselves and you could end up with George Costanza like in the Brad Paisley video for “So Much Cooler On-Line.” LOL.

    • Bahahaha this is one of the best comments I’ve ever received. I love everything about this. I TOTALLY need ShoeHarmony.com. Or, even more so, a magic shoe fairy who will grant me shoes that fit my feet and needs perfectly — custom made shoes. That would be perfect!

    • They just updated them, but I don’t like the update. I ran in v1, but both v2 and v3 have a really weird cushion/support right under your big toe joint (I don’t know if that makes any sense at all…you know where your foot kinda sticks out with that curve by your big toe? Yeah. Move in a little bit and that’s where the support/cushion hit on my foot) that v1 didn’t have, and I’ve been SUPER skeptical about that. I think it’s designed to give midfoot strikers a little more cushion, but I’m not convinced it wouldn’t make my feet angry, so I haven’t bought any v2s or v3s. Doggone New Balance. If they hadn’t changed that, I’d for sure still be in updated 890s.

  3. Did your sis find some good deals, too? Hope so!

    I SWEAR someone, somewhere wrote a hilarious post about dating your running shoes but for the life of me I can’t remember where I saw it. Dang.

    After putting together a trivia quiz about the Lincoln Park Zoo I know so much random information about it. Go on, quiz me!

    • She seemed to! She actually did most of her shopping while I was in breakdance on Saturday, so I didn’t witness any of her deal-sleuthing, but I’m sure she made out just fine.

      If you find it, be sure to pass it along! I’d love to read it!

      Quiz: WHY did they get rid of the penguins?! I mean, other than the fact that the sea bird house was old. But why on earth would ANYONE think the best solution to that problem was to exile the penguins and build a new exhibit?!?! Who would ever want to see any other animals when penguins are an option? These are the questions that have haunted me all weekend 😛

  4. This sounds like my weekend…lots of fun stuff with little photo proof 😉 Boo about the penguins! I would have thrown a complete hissy fit and probably left the zoo (although giraffes would have made it slightly better). I love the look of the shoes! I’m hoping to make it to the end of June/early July before having to get some new ones…fingers crossed for that!

  5. What a fun weekend! And it looks like you got a lot of tanks for the summer! Woo hoo! Maybe you and your sis will have to visit the Shedd next time! 🙂

    I love Asics for the cushioning. It’s much better than Mizuno, imho. I haven’t had issues since I started using them. Let us know how they work out!

    • I had to amp up my street fest wardrobe! I’m hoping to take a lot more advantage of summer in Chicago this year than I did last year, and I figured that was as good enough of a reason as any to buy new clothes 😉

      I actually started running in Asics, but those shoes were SO old when I started running in them (I believe they were Gel Kayano 2s? They came out in like 2008 or something ridiculous like that) and I had worn them a lot for non-running purposes, so I imagine I didn’t get any of the cushioning benefits I might have. I’m interested to see how these new Asics feel on a long run!

  6. An “accidental” trip to Fleet Feet. Yeah and I made an “accidental” trip to Culver’s at 10 pm on Saturday night and got myself a butterscotch sundae. hahaha!

    I need to go to the running store so I can buy another pair of shoes as I would like to be able to alternate between two pairs. I will probably buy a few other things when I am there too.

    • It’s just the weirdest thing, you know? All of a sudden I find myself on the Brown Line and the next thing I know I’m in Fleet Feet with a bib number in my hand, waiting to be called so they can help me find new shoes. I don’t even know how it happens! 😛 At least your accidental Culver’s trip was probably a lot cheaper than my Fleet Feet trip! Haha.

      Fortunately (?), I’ve gotten to the point in my “accumulating running stuff” career that I can’t even go into a store anymore and be like, “Oh yes, I totally need this cool new toy!” because chances are I already HAVE said cool new toy. Lame. But maybe not so lame for my wallet!

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