Thursday Things

(Google and its byproducts–YouTube, Gmail, Google Reader–recently declared war on me, I think in response to me telling Google in no uncertain terms that I did not want a Google+ account. Seems like they took my rejection a little too personally if you ask me. Regardless, for some reason, Google Reader doesn’t seem to want to tell people I’ve posted lately. I don’t know why this is, nor do I know how to fix it, so if you missed a post, I apologize! It’s all Google’s fault! If you know how to fix it, though, please let me know ASAP, because it bugs me that my feed appears to have spontaneously combusted just for funzies. And/or retaliation.)

1. So…I might have gone a little overboard on the Chobani front last weekend.



In my defense (if such a defense needs to be made), Chobani was 10 for $10 at Jewel last week, so…not gonna not. I only buy Chobani when it’s on sale, and while I normally have some sense of self-control, I just couldn’t stop myself last week. AND THEN on Saturday the weather was great, so naturally I was all, “You know what I should do on this beautiful day? Go to Target.” I try to stay away from Target since it’s nothing but trouble for my wallet, but since I was there and, in the back of mind, I remembered hearing someone once say they found Chobani Bites at Target, I figured I might as well investigate. Lo and behold, my Target not only had three of the four varieties of Bites, but they were also SUPER on sale, so…not gonna not. I think I have enough Greek yogurt to last me until Memorial Day.

Now, if only I could find Flips…

(I’ve heard they’re sold at Wal-Mart, but as a loyal Meijer fan [ugh, what I would give to have Meijer in Chicago…], I do not shop at Wal-Mart except under the most dire of circumstances, and the lack of Flips in my life is not dire enough to warrant a Wal-Mart trip).

2. Speaking of how I spent my money on food last week, Trader Joe’s recently introduced me to a new fruit.


This is a Minneola, and it’s quite tasty — a lot like an orange, but with a thicker skin. I actually bought one for the first time a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it, so I bought another one last week and while eating it, decided to figure out what the heck a Minneola actually was. As it turns out, Minneola is a variety of tangelo, which pretty much was the most thrilling discovery of fruit-consuming life.

(Skip to 1:56) Half tangerine, half…’ello! ‘Ello! Gosh I loved that show. That line in particular was one of my sister and my favorites, so as soon as I found out I was eating a tangelo, I immediately texted her the good news.

3. Two years ago, I spent three weeks of May in Scotland through a program with my college. It was a fantastic experience and every time May rolls around, I wish I could jet off to Scotland again. The other day, I was poking around my college’s website and found the itinerary for this year’s trip. Not only have they expanded the program to now include several days in Ireland, which is jealousy-inducing enough as it is, BUT they are also apparently going to be in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Marathon Festival. I’m now wondering if it’s too late to re-enroll in college for the exclusive purpose of going on this Scotland trip again, because talk about the ultimate destination race! Although Edinburgh is really hilly, now that I think about it.


Edinburgh, I love you.

I also learned yesterday that the Edinburgh Zoo has a daily penguin parade, and I am NOT pleased that no one informed me of this until two years too late.

(Random fun fact: the image in blog header? I took that in the Elephant House in Edinburgh. You know, the place where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter. THE SAME ROOM, THE SAME AREA OF THE SAME ROOM, where she wrote Harry Potter. Naturally I had to write while I was there, so I took artsy fartsy pictures of me writing, and, a month later, one of those artsy fartsy pictures became my blog header. Another random fun fact? My hands are almost the exact same size as J.K. Rowling’s.


I’m pretty sure all of this means I’m destined to write a worldwide bestselling series that defines a generation. You can all claim you knew me before I was famous and I’ll vouch for you 😉 ).

What were your favorite TV shows growing up?
Have you ever been to Scotland? Or raced internationally?

12 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. When you mentioned your three week trip to scotland I immediately thought of my three week trip to denmark last summer. It doesn’t feel like it was a whole year ago, but at the same time it feels like a lifetime ago. I loved that city so much even if it wasn’t the greatest experience of my life. I would totally live there if it wasn’t so far away from the fam bam. Oh, and your feelings on walmart sound like my moms haha she refuses to step foot in that store because it’s not as nice as target. So in turn, I won’t go there either. I’ll pay the extra couple dollars if it means a better shopping experience.

    • Those are pretty much my exact thoughts about Edinburgh. When we were traveling around the city, SO many times I thought, “I could totally see myself living here…if only it didn’t involve moving across the ocean.” Haha.

      And Wal-Mart is SO inferior to Target! Although I do imagine I could go to Wal-Mart and not spend $$$$$$ like I seem to do every time I go to Target 😛

  2. What were your favorite TV shows growing up? I watched Nick at Night religiously in the 90s, pick a show, and I love it still! Loved me some Happy Days, Get Smart, I Dream of Jeanie, F Troop. My dad would have on BBC sitcoms.

    Have you ever been to Scotland? Or raced internationally? Sadly no 😦

    Very Jealous of your Chobani steals! Although I saw a pack of mushrooms there, YUCK! lol

  3. Anything on Nickelodeon was good in my book as a kid, especially Hey Arnold and the Rugrats. Quality programming!

  4. yep this just showed up now. its friday. google you blow. anyways, random fact. I used to watch a lot of drake and josh. let’s be clear, I was beyond the age group for it. yes i was in high school when I watched a lot of this show. no idea why I loved it but I did. embarrassed by that fact.

  5. Google+ is really not exciting. It’s pretty lame really. Now they’ve integrated the old picasa photos into google+ and it won’t let me upload to my albums without sharing with my “circles”. Very annoying.
    I also load up on Chobani when its on sale because paying $1.79 for it is not happening. I very much dislike Walmart so I avoid going there. I also avoid Target but that is just because $50 magically disappears from my wallet every time I walk in there.

    • Exactly! Chobani for $1 is such a good deal, especially since it’s ridiculously expensive otherwise. And I totally agree on the Target front. I was very proud of myself for leaving Target that day spending only $54. That might be a personal best for me! Haha.

  6. Chobani was on sale at Mariano’s too! I tried to get Ian to stock up but he wasn’t interested…lame.

    I love minneolas! I found them at TJs this winter and bought a couple as an alternative to my usual clementines. It was a fun switch!

    Also, your blog has been showing up in my reader but a day late. Very strange…

    • I found that my minneolas had to be a weekend-only sort of fruit, since they tended to be messy for me to eat haha, but I really like them! TJ’s has done an excellent job of introducing me to new food lately, and I really appreciate that.

      I’m starting to think that maybe I should just post “Thursday Things” on Wednesday so it shows up in everyone’s reader on Thursday…haha. Darn Google!

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