Bel 50

Let me tell you about Bel 50.

I’ve had my eye on Bel 50 since I read a review of the restaurant in the RedEye back in November. You see, I love waffles. Love them. But even though I love waffles, I can’t really justify buying a waffle maker for myself. I don’t live in a mansion, people. Counter and storage space is at a premium, and that means if I’m going to buy an appliance, it had better be multipurpose (see: food processor).

Bel 50, however, has plenty of space for waffle makers. In fact, their entire menu revolves around waffle sandwiches. Aka possibly one of the better culinary innovations ever for a waffle lover like me. Though waffles tend to more say “breakfast” than “dinner” to me, I went to Bel 50 with a friend from college for a serious night of girl talk and waffle consumption.

Bel 50 has both sweet and savory waffles on their menu, so of course I had to get both. Though I was tempted by the pulled pork, I ended up going with a turkey, avocado, and smoked bacon waffle sandwich.


With the exception of possibly bacon, obviously these aren’t the types of foods I normally expect to accompany an order of waffles. Bel 50’s waffles are different, though. It wasn’t like I was eating a sandwich made with a freshly-baked Belgian waffle from my college cafeteria (although now that I think about it, that would’ve been SUCH a way to totally kill it at Saturday brunch. Alas, if only I had thought of that back when I still had a meal plan! …and was still in college). The waffle wasn’t overwhelming like a Belgian waffle can tend to be, but man oh man was it tasty. Also tasty?


Sweet potato fries. Yes. Please. I bought these to share with my friend, although I’m pretty sure “sharing” was less of a 50/50 split and more of a 75/25 split in my favor…or possibly 80/20…or 90/10. Details, details 😉

After finishing our waffle sandwiches and chatting for a while, I returned to the counter to order dessert. My friend and I split a s’mores waffle, and oh baby was it good. The chocolate in particular was the star of this show for me.


I really, really enjoyed my food at Bel 50, and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a unique meal.

And no, I wasn’t compensated for this review, asked to do it, all opinions are my own, tra la la, etc. etc. I’m not that cool, y’all. No one ever asks me to review things.

16 thoughts on “Bel 50

  1. If I ever come to Chicago, can we please go here?! I want to try a waffle sandwich! Also, I’m not that cool either. I just review the places I’m obsessed with… because I’m creepy and become obsessed with foods I like pretty easily.

  2. Ooommmmgggg this sounds like one of the most amazing places ever!! I think I need to come visit you stat since your entire meal has me written all over it…esp those sweet potato fries 😉

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