Thursday Things

1. As a lover of mail, I’m always thrilled to open my mailbox and discover something addressed to me. Even better than finding love notes in my mailbox, however, is finding packages in my entryway, and oh man was last week a good one for me.


Yay tax refunds that lead to new toys! I haven’t had a chance to play with either one of them yet, but I’m stoked to finally have a functional vacuum cleaner and a food processor!

I’m also concerned that my excitement over these things means I’m a grown up. Gross.

2. I managed to find myself a date to the Red or White Ball in the most unlikely of places: my hometown! Turns out my best friend from high school was going to be in Chicago that weekend and expected to have nothing to do that night anyway. How serendipitous! Now, however, I’m faced with a much greater challenge: finding a dress that fits my body, my budget, and my timeline. Dress shopping, along with jeans shopping, is my least favorite kind of shopping, and I have “seven” days to find a dress. “Seven” because I won’t have time today, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and possibly next Thursday to go shopping (gahhhhh my life. How did I get so busy all at once?)…which means I really have more like two days to find a dress, and I certainly don’t have all of those days to find a dress — I probably have closer to an hour and a half each day. Stress. City.  I’m hoping the high pressure situation will force me to be less indecisive, but indecision doesn’t influence whether or not a dress fits, which is my primary concern. Bad news bears.

3. About a month ago or so, I started my third session of hip hop. Though there are a few regulars who’ve been taking class ever since I started, we’ve also got some new faces. Among the new faces:


I kid you not. One of my classmates looks exactly like Justin Bieber. Haircut, earrings, rose tattoo on his leg — it’s all there. So if  you’ve ever wanted to meet a major pop star, I apparently have the hookup. I have yet to discover if the guy in my class responds to Justin, though.

What would you most like to spend your tax refund money on?
Know anyone that looks just like a celebrity?

19 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I understand the pressure to find a dress. I have the same amount of time that you do and I’ve been looking for months now. It’s not easy to do!! I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in the world that doesn’t have a food processor. The. Only. One.

    • It’s so hard! My method tends to be grab every single dress in my size that the store has and hope one of them fits…and then if I get really lucky, hope one of them fits AND looks good. Haha. Come visit me in Chicago and I’ll let you play with my food processor! (Once I actually, you know, take it out of the box. Haha).

  2. Hahahah, do you think the guy has made himself look like that on purpose? Or just a coincidence? Good luck finding a dress! I hate when there’s pressure on to find one – I usually find it at the very last possible moment.

      • That’s kinda what I was thinking – I mean, unless you live under a rock, you know what he looks like. Hard to look like him accidentally hahah.

  3. PICTURE PICTURE PICTURE no I mean it. Please creep and send me a picture. I need that kind of entertainment. Does he dance as well as Bieber? Gosh now I need a plane ticket to Chicago. Even more proof I should be there. Isn’t it sad the things that make us happy now in the real world? I would have jumped for joy on those. I am still waiting for my tax refund, come on taxes! Show me the money!

  4. Oooh! I NEED a food processor/new blender but I’ve been holding off on buying too many new things with our move this weekend. Did you know you have to pay to leave some buildings? Absurd. Please let me know how you like yours though, it may have to be a purchase post-move.

    Dress shopping can be really tough! I think I remember Loop Looks buying a really nice dress at a great price from the new Burlington downtown though. It may be worth trying and I bet they have a ton of dresses!

  5. Races and running stuff haha… Sadly that didn’t happen thanks to my car 😦 yay for finding a date! Boo on dress shopping…least favorite thing to shop for haha…i know you’ll find something awesome though love 🙂

    • Cars are stupid and eat too much money. Definitely one of the biggest perks of living in Chicago is the ability to get around without needing a car (said the girl who complains about the CTA like it’s her job…haha). Thanks for the dress encouragement!

  6. Yes! Burlington on State Street has a TON of dresses. Does it have to be red or white for the ball? Alternately, you could maybe borrow one from me if you want. I could drop them off at your place this weekend if you’re around. Email me!
    Also, getting excited about a vacuum cleaner and a food processor does, indeed, mean you are an adult. It’s not all bad, though, I promise!

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