Because honestly, there isn’t much to say about this weekend other than, “I went home for a whopping 22 hours to see my brother’s high school musical, which was mediocre because the sound system sucked so I couldn’t hear anything, but my brother did a bomb dot com job.” Therefore, I’m stealing this survey from Alex/Molly, because surveys are fun and one sentence isn’t enough to make a blog post.

a: age – 

and a half, as of last Monday. It’s all right — I forgive all of you for missing my half birthday.

b: bed size – Twinzie. I’d prefer a full bed, but my bed frame was free from my parents (and is historical! It was originally used by officers in World War II before my grandpa got it after the war, who then gave it to my dad, who then gave it to my brother, who then stole my bed when I moved out of my parent’s house and gave me his bed instead.  Well, technically my parents gave it to me…but whatever). A small bed also gives me plenty of space in my room for workouts/practicing dance, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

c: chore you dislike – #1: “cleaning” the shower (i.e.: spraying it with cleaning things, turning it on full blast, and calling it good). #2: emptying the dishwasher, because I’m a lazy fool.

d: dogs – You mean my bestest fwend in da whole wide world??


Confession: I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if my time at home was the last time I ever see him. Da Fwend turned 13 last week, which is old old old for a hyper little fella like my dog, and lately a disturbingly high number of my Facebook friends have lately had their lifelong pets die. I suppose that doesn’t *necessarily* mean my dog’s days are numbered, but it still makes me a little nervous.

e: essential to your day – Food? Haha. I’m a pretty big creature of habit, but I don’t know if there’s any one element of my day that I’d point to as something that HAS to happen every day (other than eating, obviously).

f: favorite color – My closet would say purple. My room decor would say light green.

g: gold or silver – It really depends. I have a pretty even mix of gold and silver jewelry, and I don’t have much of a preference.

h: height – 5′ 5″. I used to be a shorty–I was the third shortest person in my class up until fourth grade–and when I was little I was terrified that I’d never break five feet haha.

i: interesting fact – I still have my wisdom teeth. Every time I go to the dentist, particularly when they do x-rays, I get very nervous that they’re going to tell me it’s finally time to pull my teeth, but so far so good. I’ve never had any sort of dental work done aside from expanders and retainers (never had a cavity, never had a tooth pulled), so the thought of getting my wisdom teeth pulled is a bit scary.

j: job title – Important. And that’s all you need to know 😉

k: kids – zilch. I’d be perfectly all right keeping it that way for the next few years as well.

l: live – Hog Butcher for the World, the City of Big Shoulders, the Second City, the Windy City, Chitown, Sweet Home…


Chicago ❤

m: mom’s name – Sallie with an “ie.”

n: nicknames – Well, what stage of life are we talking? Bethel, Befy, and B-Dawg were common in elementary, middle, and high schools, respectively. Occasionally people call me Beth, but not often. My grandma calls me Precious 🙂

o: overnight hospital stays – When I was born? I assume I spent the night when I was born — I don’t really remember. Other than that, thus far in my life I’ve never been to the hospital. That’s another thing I’d be happy to keep that way.

p: pet peeves – Without question, Pet Peeve #1 is loud chewers. We cannot be friends if you have bad table manners, and that includes loud chewing. Other pet peeves include, but are not limited to, unnecessary use of electricity (such as leaving lights on when no one’s in the room, leaving appliances unnecessarily plugged in), dirty dishes left in the sink, hair left in the shower, and people who think they’re entitled to two seats on the train or bus.

q: quote from a movie – I’ve watched like two movies in my life. Literally the only quotes I know off the top of my head from a movie are from Mean Girls. What does that say about me?

r: righty or lefty – Righty, except when playing hockey, using a broom, or in general doing anything that involves holding something that’s meant to move around things on the ground. Then I’m a lefty.

s: sibling – One sister, one brother. I’m the biggest, and thus the most responsible and most awesomest, duh. 😛

t: time you wake up – 6:25 Monday through Friday. Generally 7:30 on Saturdays. Sunday depends entirely on what happens Saturday night 😉 (but I’m always up by 9:30).

u: underwear – Is, 95% of the time, the entire reason I finally cave and do laundry. I have been known to buy more underwear to put off doing laundry even longer.

v: vegetables you don’t like – Brussel sprouts. Beets. Squash (is squash a vegetable?). Tomatoes that are too tomato-y.

w: what makes you run late – The godforsaken CTA. Every. Dang. Time.

x: xrays you’ve had – Lots on my teeth, and then one on my back when I went to a chiropractor for all of two appointments.


Look! I’m bendy! Or something…

y: yummy food you make – Everything I make is yummy. My culinary prowess knows no bounds. This, at least, is what I’m telling myself in advance of my Easter dinner cooking, because I have a friend to impress.

z: zoo animal favorite – Yes. All of them. The furrier and fuzzier the better. (Or the sea bird-ier. Love me some penguins and puffins).

Answer a letter for yourself!

14 thoughts on “Alphabet

  1. Ok a few things here:

    1. I’m glad you held back on listing all your pet peeves…
    2. All of the veggies you HATE are my FAVE. which is quite rude.
    3. I am dying at Y. Girlfriend, you crack me up.

  2. aha important job title. So great. If you have a job then it must be important, right? THANK GOD someone else doesn’t like squash. I really hate it. my parents used to try to force feed them to me. Just no. I will never like it so don’t even try to convince me otherwise.

  3. girl you hate like my favorite vegetables. also your dog looks scared shitless in that picture, it made me laugh out loud. You should know, i have been researching dance classes in dc to take when I start my new job. yep…

    • That’s excellent news! My dad never got his wisdom teeth removed, either, but he’s pretty old so sometimes I wonder if times have changed and it’s more of a standard procedure now…so it’s great to hear that someone not nearly my dad’s age still has their wisdom teeth. Gives me hope that I can keep mine!

  4. “Tomatoes that are too tomato-y.” Word. Some days I like tomatoes, other days I don’t. I think it depends on the amount of seeds, if they’re in season or not, the color, etc.

  5. I eat bowl fulls of tomotoes with salt and that’s it. It’s my favorite summer time snack. Except only with homegrown tomatoes or from the farmer’s market because those ones taste better.
    I like the idea of this post, I’m going to copy you!

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