Thursday Things

1. I have a feeling I might be in the minority here, but who’s stoked that March Madness begins today?? Anyone? Anyone?

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 3.08.17 PM

I’m really weird when it comes to college basketball. Basketball is hands down my favorite sport to watch (unless we’re talking pros…I have no use for the NBA), but I really prefer watching basketball live to watching it on TV, so I tend to ignore most of college basketball season until March. (College football, however, I will happily watch all season long, both in person or on TV) But man, I love March Madness. I love the Cinderellas and the upsets, but most of all I love brackets. Usually I go into my bracket completely blind (see: I tend to ignore most of college basketball season until March), but I feel like between the office discussions about the Big 10 and the fact that I have a friend at Duke who regularly tweets about their games, I have a slightly better edge this year than I have in years past (though in 2011 I finished in the 91st percentile on ESPN with no awareness of what was going on in the college basketball world, so maybe my logic is faulty.).

Despite the edge I may or may not have, my ultimate decisions came down to ridiculous reasons. Michigan State is in my Final Four because they’re from Michigan, and so am I (p.s. I’m not even a State fan…). Gonzaga and Georgetown are in my championship game because I almost always pick Gonzaga since I like their name, and my cousin goes to Georgetown, which is obviously a legitimate reason to pick a team, right? Of course. I mean, last year I picked Syracuse to win it all because during my sophomore year of undergrad, I thought about going to Syracuse for grad school (spoiler alert: that didn’t happen. Grad school is nowhere near my list of things to do at this moment in my life), so at least my Georgetown reasoning is a little more logical. Maybe. Possibly. All right, probably not.

2. Though my 11-year-old self might have begged to differ, apparently not having a boyfriend in middle school was a good thing for my overall health, wellbeing, and general responsibility. Who knew?

3. As I think we all discovered in February, I’m always on the lookout for a reason to cook a large meal full of new-to-me dishes and/or adventures. As such, I’ve invited a friend over for Easter dinner (dinner, in this case, being a midday meal, not an evening meal) and am in the process both of menu planning and praying that my friend doesn’t bail after I’ve bought all the things I need to make dinner, as I’ve recently learned that a shockingly high percentage of my friends are prone to backing out on plans we’ve made (we’re talking three of the last five times with three different friends…not impressed). While I’ve got my main and side dishes figured out, I’m struggling on the dessert front.

Pictured: exactly what I’m not looking for.

I want to make something Easter-appropriate that isn’t cutesy, i.e.: I don’t want to make bunny cupcakes, nor do I want do put Peeps on Rice Krispie treats. In fact, I’d like to keep candy off of my dessert as much as possible, because I want this to be as close to 100% homemade as I can get it. I’m not sure I entirely know what a “traditional” Easter dessert is, though. We always have a good Easter dinner in my family, but I don’t remember ever having one go-to dessert (like pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, for example). If you have any suggestions, ideas, or guidance in general, I’m all ears!

4. Still in the market for a date to the Red or White Ball. Just throwing that out there.

Do you fill out brackets for March Madness? Ever have any luck with them?
Amazing dessert recipes? Pinterest is letting me down big time.

30 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I’m so excited for March Madness! I completely agree that the NBA is useless, but I love the NCAA tournament. I was brought up as a Syracuse fan, so I ALWAYS root for them to win it all, but my bracket is a little more realistic than that this year.

  2. i’d say i’m offended that you think your readership might not be excited for march madness but frankly, i’m not. i LOVE college football but i just don’t care that much for basketball. i just had a friend back out on a dinner i had planned and now am stuck with all these ingredients for spring rolls and nothing to do with them right before i’m going out of town. i totally feel you on that being irritating so i’m sending you good luck with your easter dinner plans. we never had traditional easter foods for dessert either so i’d just go with something you like. one of the layers of my birthday cake was an almond sponge cake from martha stewart and it was SO good so i will recommend that with some type of meringue buttercream or even just torn up and served with fruit and whipped cream.

    • Hahaha I’ve just come to realize that most of my readers are girls, and most girls tend to not care about sports *quite* as much as I do. Which is totally okay!

      Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll have to think about that. Gahhh I think I’m just going to have to be extremely clear with my friend that after next Friday (when I plan to do all the grocery shopping for this) backing out is NOT ALLOWED. Otherwise our friendship is OVER. Haha. (But really…)

  3. Sadly I’m not a big March Madness fan. I AM a fan of pinterest desserts. I don’t care if they look cutesy as long as they taste good in my bellayyyy. I just read that article about dating in middle school… I wonder if it works the same way for high school and college? Maybe that’s just wishful thinking though….

    • Bahaha right?? Maybe I’m such a mature and sensible person because I’m clearly a single lady for life 😛 One can hope, eh?

      Normally I’m totally fine with cutesy, but when I’m trying to impress people with my culinary prowess, I’m not sure cutesy is what I want. However, I haven’t had any dessert all of Lent, so maybe I’ll make something cutesy to eat all by myself…hmm….

  4. I don’t understand march madness, call me crazy call me stupid but brackets and sports in general blow my mind. I fail epically. oh good. i am happy to hear my boyfriend less self is actually what made me somewhat normal these days… or did it. still single?does that say anything about you? you know i would be your plus one if you gosh darn just lived closer

  5. I’m sosososo excited for march madness! I might have actually squealed when I found out Michigan’s first game was after work and I wouldn’t have to use a gametracker website to watch! Woohoo!

    I’m lost on the Easter desserts too. I honestly cannot remember what my family makes (I haven’t been able to go home for 3 years?). I want to say that maybe we have a dessert table with like brownies, cookies, and maybe some form of cake (carrot cake maybe?). This is going to drive me crazy…

    • I know! I normally watch Big Bang Theory on Thursday nights, but the Michigan game is on CBS tonight instead. SUCH a bummer 😛 (lies. All lies. Can’t wait to watch the game!)

      Even my mom doesn’t remember what we normally have for Easter! What is this?? How do all other holidays have standard traditional desserts but Easter has nothing? Weird.

  6. I was excited for March Madness last year because my school’s basketball team made the tournament unexpectedly (Cinderella story, basically). This year, I don’t really care since I’m not invested in it.

  7. Loving your bracket strategies! Although, you kinda bummed me out by picking Wisconsin to lose in the second round. That’s close to Michigan, no??

  8. I’ve totally slacked on the March madness bracket this year. My picks are usually just based on what school I like better (a.k.a. not a huge Hawkeye rival) and which name sounds cooler. Very scientific, I can assure you.
    Turns out being a loser in middle school really worked out in my favor. Who knew?
    I’ve been thinking about it and I have no idea what our traditional Easter dessert is. Maybe there is so much candy we don’t have any dessert?
    When I read, “I’m all ears”, I could only picture bunny ears. Looking at all that candy is making me hungry.

    • I mean, I did put Gonzaga in the championship game because I like their name, so no judgment here haha.

      Haha right?? That’s what I’m going to let myself believe, anyway. From here on out, I’ll credit all my success in life to my lack of boyfriends in middle school 😛

      I know we definitely have a ton of candy at Easter as well, but I’m sure we have dessert, too. Seriously. Someone needs to start some sort of traditional Easter dessert movement!

  9. Don’t hate me…but I can’t stand basketball 😦 I get annoyed with the players throwing themselves on the floor so that they get free shots and whatnot…plus any sport that doesn’t take place on ice just doesn’t hold my interest for long (although football can). Can we still be friends? As far as Easter goes, what about a light lemony cake? Lemon reminds me of spring and Jessica from How Sweet Eats has a great recipe for a nice, light cake that I made for my dad’s birthday one year, which we all loved (and I’m normally not a fruit in dessert person at all..but this was awesome and really simple to make!)

    • Friendship OVER. Kidding, kidding, kidding, of course! No one likes a flopper in basketball, not even me. To each her own in the sports fan world!

      I was actually really thinking a lot about something lemony (and as such have pinned 2038423 lemon related desserts haha). It’s crazy because normally I am very strict about keeping fruit as far away from my dessert as possible, but I can’t get lemon out of my head for Easter. I also have a total blog crush on Jessica and wish that I could live in her kitchen, so thanks for passing that on!

  10. Ah! I was SO happy to read that my lack of middle school dating was actually not pathetic at all. It lifted some huge regrets off my shoulders 🙂

    For dessert maybe keylime pie or coconut cream pie?

  11. I love college basketball! I did really well with my bracket last year, when the Wildcats did what they do best! I skipped filling out a bracket this year after they kind of started to play like crap. I have still been watching as many of the games as i can catch though

  12. I’m the same way – i avoid college basketball and basically all basketball for that matter all season long, until march madness. I LOVE filling out brackets and watching the games. I swear basketball is only worth watching during the march madness games, so many great upsets & just so thrilling – I’ve been watching non stop and my bracket so far is hanging in there, knock on wood!

    • True that. Except the whole bracket-hanging-in-there thing. My bracket could not be more of a disaster. Dear Georgetown and Gonzaga: YOU ARE AWFUL. Nothing like having both of your title game teams out of the tournament before the Sweet Sixteen… >.< Sigh. I guess there's always next year?

  13. I don’t think I’ve ever filled out a March Madness bracket. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. My step-brother and my step-dad do one for the bowl games so I’m sure they must do one for March Madness. I don’t even know!

    Also, what kind of $$ are we talking about for the ball? And do we get to wear red or white?

    As for desserts, I just Googled traditional Easter desserts. These caught my eye:;3

    • Tickets are $150 for the ball. I connived my best friend from high school to go with me when I was home over the weekend since it just so happened that she was going to be in Chicago that day anyway, but you’re still more than welcome to come if you want! …I just can’t buy you a ticket now haha. And from pictures I’ve seen, I believe you’re welcome to wear any color you want, including red or white 🙂

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