Thursday Things

1. Do you care about the children of Chicago? Are you looking for an excuse to get dressed up? Do you care about ME? If you answered yes to any of those questions–any of them, not even necessarily all of them!–then do I have a proposition for you!


I’m in need of a platonic date to this shindig. I’ve been advised that unless my mingling skillz are off the charts (spoiler alert: they’re not. They don’t even exist), it’s best to not fly solo. Cute Hip Hop Boy is not an option for reasons you only get to know if you agree to be my date, and my other go-to friend in Chicago is busy that weekend, which effectively wipes out my offline Chicago network (note to self: make more friends). I am therefore taking my quest to the Internet in hopes that one (or more!) of you, dear readers, will take me up on my offer.

Full disclosure: the tickets are a little $$, but fortunately for you I’m desperate and am willing to negotiate if the price tag is the only thing keeping you from saying yes to me.

It’ll be fun! There’s an after party at Nellcôte! Any takers receive an automatic upgrade to Bethany’s Favorite Person Ever status! *peer pressure*

2. Is it too early to start thinking about my 2014 race calendar?

I was reading Runner’s World last week (…the February issue. I’m so behind!) and inexplicably found myself overwhelmed by a desire to travel for a race. Since lately “start line at Solider Field” has been enough to qualify a race as a “destination” for me, I’m really itching to get out of Chicago for a run. I figure if I start saving for a destination race now, I’ll be able to afford it in a year or so.

Now, of course, the bigger problem: where do I want to go? A very, very large part of me wants to go somewhere I’ve never been–Boston in particular keeps coming to mind. But then there’s the bit about traveling alone. Maybe I’m being unnecessarily negative this early on in the game, but given my whole lack-of-a-significant-other thing and the whole my-family-doesn’t-care-much-about-my-running-and-doesn’t-spectate-unless-I-force-them-to thing, I imagine this would be a trip I’d make by myself. While in theory I’m fine with that idea–it sounds so adventurous, after all!–I don’t know if in practice I’d enjoy it nearly as much as I’d like to believe. I’m quite capable of being independent, but I prefer to have company, especially when I’m surrounded by people who all seem to be in groups. The last thing I want is to be miserably lonely on my vacation. I suppose I have a lot of time to think about what I want to do, but if you’ve ever done a destination race, I’d love to hear about your experience!

3. I discovered the other day that my tax refund had been deposited in my bank account, which, as a first time big kid (and really only a half year big kid), was quite exciting. I got a bit more money back than I’m used to, and while I plan to be responsible with a fair portion of it, I also plan to finally give myself permission to buy things I’ve been putting off buying for a long time. Thing #1: a food processor.


I really feel like my lack of a food processor creates a huge hole in my kitchen. I can usually work my way around a recipe when I don’t have the right equipment (mixing by hand when it calls for a stand mixer, for example), but you can’t really food process by hand, you know? As I search around the Interwebs for my dream food processor, though, I’m finding myself more and more lost and confused. I’m perfectly capable of chopping vegetables by hand, so I’m really in the market for something that can really break things down. Basically, I desperately want to make my own homemade nut butter, and I need a machine that can make that happen. There are so many food processors out there, though, and I have no clue what one would best fit what I’m looking for. I also don’t want to spend a ton of money (i.e.: a Vitamix is way, way, WAY out of the question), which makes this all a bit trickier.

Who wants to be my date to the Red or White Ball??
Destination race tips, tricks, or suggestions?
Food processor recommendations?

17 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I would love to go with you…but pgh is a little too far away 😦 totally with you on needing to make more friends where i’m at haha…and come to pittsburgh!! We have a marathon/half marathon every may…you can stay with us and we’ll show you a good time 😉

  2. haha oh the choices! one good thing about being a grown up, tax refunds when you get them. i haven’t even thought about races that far in the future but I think I should now that i know where I will be and at what job

  3. If I lived in Chicago, I’d be your date! Unfortunately I don’t think my wallet would like it and the only time ill be in Chicago In the near future is April 12 for an hour layover. Bummer dude. I vote Boston but I’m a little biased… Oh and I love my tax refund! It may be kinda small since you know, lifeguarding isn’t a big job, but it’s something!

    • UGH you have no idea how excited and disappointed I got when I read “I’ll be in Chicago in the near future is April 12″…and then say the hour layover bit. Boo. And let’s be real, it’s all of your Boston eats that make me really want to go to Boston…a race there would just be a better excuse than “because I want to go to all the restaurants” 😉 haha

  4. I need a food processor! I never thought I’d say that but there are some things that are super difficult to make without one!

    In terms of traveling alone have you thought about trying to get a group of runners *cough* Chicago Running Bloggers *cough* to do a destination race? Depending on the race and how early you plan it, it might not be too expensive!

  5. Um, I tried to invite myself to your event but you said nooooo. Are you taking that back?

    I have a Cusinart food processor but it’s a little baby one. It still works great, though. Definitely a brand I would recommend.

    The first destination race I did was the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon. I actually chose that one so I could meet up with another blogger who I’d known online for years but hadn’t met in person. It turned out great and we had such an amazing time hanging out before and after the race. She lived in the area so it was easy for her and that way she could show me all the sights! So, if you have blogger friends in areas where you want to travel, see if they’re willing to run the race with you or, at least, come out and spectate and hang out with you!

    • YES I’M TAKING THAT BACK! That was for a different event last Saturday, actually, which I didn’t end up going to…sad, because that one would’ve been free, whereas the Red or White Ball definitely is not.

      I like the blogger idea! There are actually a bunch of bloggers that I read who are all getting together in D.C. this weekend…I should see if I can get myself in on something similar next year.

  6. I have a Kitchenaid food processor and I LOVE IT!!! I got mine at Costco last year for a really great deal. It is on the bigger size and it came with a separate container to hold the blades. I use it all the time and definitely worth the money.

    • Thanks for the recommendation! And double thanks for the “definitely worth the money” bit. That’s for sure my biggest issue with getting a food processor…I don’t want to spend a bazillion $$$ on one, but I also don’t want a crappy one that’ll die after two uses, so I’ve for sure got to remember that the $$$ is worth it!

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