Thursday Things

1. I have a pretty major announcement to make. I realize this might be a bit of a snap judgement and does go against a lot of what I previously believed to be true about whether or not love at first sight was possible, but I really, truly think I may have found The One.


Oh. Wait. Were you expecting something different? Well, this is embarrassing…

Truth be told, we’ve only really been out once together, and we didn’t even make it out of my building — just to the treadmill (the horror!). But I really think this could be the start of something beautiful. I spent some time at Fleet Feet on Saturday, and though I still hate that I had to cheat on my precious New Balance 890s, these Mizuno Wave Rider 16s just felt a lot better than the 890s. I tried on the 890s v3, but they still have that weird forefoot cushioning that I’m super skeptical about. I’ve been running in Rider 16s that were half a size too small for a bit without any trouble (which is so strange to me, since the Rider 15s gave me a world of trouble), but these beauties are my size and feel even better than the other 16s I’ve been in.

Also, they’re pretty. Which really normally is not my thing when it comes to running shoes because I’m too serious to be concerned with such fluff…but I kind of get giddy every time I see them in my closet because they’re so darn beautiful.

2. In other news, I recently sustained my first dance injury. In class this week, we were working on crab walking, which, unfortunately in breakdance, is not done like this:


But rather is done like this:

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 1.36.52 PM

Hm. Challenge.

So while I was ineptly flailing around the room in an attempt to look like I’m capable of breakdancing (hahaha good joke, Bethany), I fell off my hands wrong and hyperextended my thumb in the process. SUPER sad day. But even more SUPER DUPER PAINFUL day. Because that shiz hurts.


So now I’m popping ibuprofen and icing like it’s my job in an effort to make the swelling go down. I consulted my medically minded friends on Facebook and they all told me there’s no need to be seriously concerned at this point, though if it doesn’t get better I should go get it checked out. Hopefully that won’t have to happen.

In the mean time, I’ve been working on my ambidexterity, learning how to eat and write with my left hand since my right hand is basically useless without a thumb. It…could be going better.


Fortunately, my teacher took my injury seriously and had us work on shoulder freezes for the rest of class instead. Since my thumb hurt so badly, I barely even noticed that I was developing quite the bruise on my shoulder from continuously throwing myself on the floor!

This class will be the death of me.

And just in case it’s not, I recently registered for the next session of the class at the prompting of the friend who conned me into taking this class in the first place. Gotta do something to keep the ol’ ego in check, and goodness knows nothing is quite as effective at that as my pathetic attempts at breakdancing.

3. I’ve blogged about this once before, but I have recently become even more convinced than I was that the CTA has hired ex-KGB spies to trail me and plan their schedules around mine. Or, more specifically, in contrast to mine.

Exhibit A: a few weeks ago, I had to walk .8 miles home in -15 degree wind chills AFTER waiting 20+ minutes for the bus, which never came despite the fact that it was headed in the direction of peak traffic on a major road during rush hour.
Exhibit A.2: that same day, I had the option of walking an additional half mile or waiting 30 MINUTES for the bus. Despite the bone-chilling cold, I walked and got to my destination at the same time as the bus.

Exhibit B: The following day, I waited 30+ minutes for the L on an outside platform in, once again, similar weather conditions. I also watched seven separate trains head in the opposite direction during this time. That was fun.

Exhibit C: On Sunday, I pulled up a bus tracker to see when I could expect my bus to arrive to take me to church. The bus thought it’d be cool to arrive about two minutes before the bus tracker told me it would, and the next bus wouldn’t arrive for another 20 minutes. I walked 1.5 miles in the rain to church instead.

I get that the CTA doesn’t revolve around me and my life, but I’m so frustrated that all of these crap-tastic service issues started popping up two days after I began paying $14 more per month for my monthly pass. Paying more + less service = angry Bethany.

Don’t even get me started on how much I’m dreading the Brown/Purple Line headache that’s coming later this year.

Have you ever strained/sprained/hyperextended something? Wrist, ankle, foot, thumb…I should really just wrap all my joints in tape before participating in any physical activity.
Public transportation horror stories?
Will you be my Valentine? 😉 

19 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. YES. I’m so glad you joined the mizuno obsession club. I think Alex and Megan (runningonjava) are the other two in it that I know of. I don’t have the strength to do those moves. I better start pumping some iron 😉

  2. How funny — I was at Fleet Feet on Sunday and tried the same pair of Mizuno Riders! I didn’t buy them — I left feeling indecisive about them and a pair of Sauconys, and the Adrenalines I wear now — but I really liked them and may go back for them this weekend..

    • Oh trust me, this was NOT an easy decision. I really was tempted by the New Balance 890s since I have so many good memories from my old 890s. I also tried on a pair of Saucony Rides that made my decision even more difficult because those shoes were SO cushioned compared to the Mizunos. I’m hoping that these Mizunos (or another identical pair) will get me to and through the Chicago Marathon, and since I’ve never run that far before I wasn’t sure what to do from a cushioning standpoint…if I wanted everything the Sauconys had to offer or if that’d be too much. Buying running shoes can be tough!

  3. are we the same person? so much to say to all of this. the public transportation here is out to get me too, I swear they want to make my commutes the worst ever. like that fish smelling commuter train that is supposed to be helping the environment. I always get it. That bus that comes every 15 minutes has a lapse of time and comes every hour forcing me to walk for way too long.
    And shoes, now we are talking the same language. Are you trying to win me over? because you did with that first picture.
    Be careful dancing, I need you to teach me skills and I can’t have you get all injured on me

    • Um, obviously I just buy Mizunos to impress you. You should know that. Really, I want to be just like you, so I do what I can to be as Alex-ified as possible.

      And no worries, I’ll do my best to stay as uninjured as possible from here on out so I can teach you how to break it down. I’ll also try to limit any/all injuries to parts of my body that do not prevent me from running (i.e.: my thumb) so we can both stay sane 😛

  4. I sprained my wrist figure skating when i was 11…landed a few of my double jumps on my wrist…woops! I love that you break dance haha…and those shoes are fabulous!!! Glad to hear they’re treating you well 🙂

  5. Ugh! What is with the CTA lately?? Service last weekend was absolutely horrendous and I really don’t understand logistically how so many trains can be going in the opposite direction of where you need to go. Are all of the trains just hanging out at one end of the line? Don’t they need to go both ways? Super frustrating!

    That sucks about your thumb/hand! At least you have a pretty badass story though.. much better than jamming your thumb in a door or something not as cool as breakdancing. I once did something to my thumb (sprain/strain/bruise?) when I was on the diving team in middle school. Apparently it’s not a good idea to smack your hands on the board. Huh..

    • SERIOUSLY. When I was waiting for that one train I was legitimately three stops away from the Loop, and I was like this is so illogical! They’re going in a CIRCLE. HOW are none of them coming back??

      Bahahaha so I did this on Tuesday, which was my day to eat everything sweet in my apartment ahead of Lent. When my sister found out about it, she wanted to know if I injured my thumb eating a cupcake 😛 Pretty sure my real story is way better for sure 😉 And yikes! That sounds so painful! Hitting the diving board has always been one of my fears about those things…I can barely even watch diving in the Olympics because I’m cringing too much haha. I prefer to jump in feet first, thanks 😛

  6. Pretty shoes! I’ve never gotten into Mizunos (they hit my arch at a funny spot) but they look lovely.

    I hope your thumb gets back to normal, soon! I broke my right index finger when I was in junior high and it was such a pain (literally and figuratively) to do stuff.

    And I, too, do not understand how so many trains can be going in the opposite direction of where you want to go. Buses, on the other hand, I don’t trust, ever.

    • Thanks! PicMonkey saved a very over-edited version of my picture, so this isn’t the *most* accurate image of their color…but it gets the point across.

      I should really stop trusting busses, given all the headaches they’ve caused me lately. I mean, I suppose on the one hand I do get in a nice amount of exercise since they’re forcing me to walk everywhere…although I would’ve been quite all right actually resting on my rest day last week instead of walking a mile with my groceries (forgot to put that one on the list of Evidence as to Why the CTA Hates Me).

  7. I love your mizunos! The light blue and pink are such a cute combo! Im sorry about your thumb. I actually hyperextended my wrist when I fell down the icy steps of a cta platform when we had the ice storm. As well with some broke pride. I know that they are starting construction on the red line in the southern area of the city (95th to cermak) so thats maybe why the trains have been operating so bad? I dont know I always have the worst timing for cta trains. Especially when you are chasing after a bus and they just look at you and laugh.

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