Thursday Things

1. Oh, Fleet Feet, why do you do this to me?

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 8.44.34 PM

I really, really, really do not need to run this race. I  have up to seven races already on my calendar for the first half of the year, and goodness knows I don’t need to add Race #8, especially considering the fact that I ran 10 races total last year.

Assuming I run the Chicago Marathon, the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon will be right at the beginning of my marathon training cycle, which means I’ll only be up for doing the 5K of this race instead of the half. It’s $40, which is a blatant violation of my $10/mile rule.

But the February registration swag! According to the fine print, all of those goodies are worth $25…which means I could pretend like I’m paying $15 for the race and $25 for the presents.

Also, once marathon training starts I don’t expect to run many races during those 18 weeks, which, for someone who’s gotten used to a at-least-once-every-other-month sort of racing schedule, is a long time to go without racing (by which I really mean running…let’s not fool ourselves into thinking I’m generally competitive in these things). So that means I can kind of justify this…maybe….

Good thing I still have three weeks to make up my mind.

2. As I’ve made perfectly clear, I’m in the midst of turning myself into a dancing machine and as such am in a hip hop class and two breakdancing classes. Obviously. Taking these three classes has taught me two important life lessons

Lesson #1: I can’t be the best–or honestly, even simply good. Or decent. Or mediocre–at everything.
Lesson #2: I am a TERRIBLE breakdancer.

Oh my goodness, you guys. There’s nothing like a twice-weekly major blow to your ego to keep you humble. I could hold my own for the first couple of breakdancing classes, but both my teachers have felt the need to, you know, progress as the weeks have gone on, while my skill level is firmly stuck in week one. It doesn’t help that I’m in a class with a former gymnast and someone who clearly practices (which I don’t…which is definitely part of my problem, but man, ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m busy Best Body Bootcamping and stretching and foam rolling and swimming and running and practicing hip hop. I can’t do everything, y’all).

My biggest issue as of late have been handstands. My successful handstand experience is strictly limited to pools, and, as it turns out, the air isn’t quite as generous in holding you up as water. While my classmates can get up on their hands without any trouble (AND WALK AROUND THE ROOM ON THEIR HANDS WITHOUT ANY TROUBLE. Showoffs.), I’m busy flopping around like a fool desperately trying to not break my neck/wrist/arm/body in general.

In shame, I’ve now regressed to tripods in an effort to convince my body that it’s okay for my head to be where my feet normally go. I’m practicing (the horror!) them safely behind closed doors and surrounded by pillows, because nothing say “hardcore breakdancer” quite like pillows.

I’m a disgrace.

3. Someone in Advancement at my alma mater deserves a raise.


Isn’t that clever? I mean, I had every intention of giving to my college anyway, so it’s not like this had much effect on my decision, but I thought it was a smart way to not be all, “Remember that one time you gave us hundreds of thousands of dollars? Yeah. That wasn’t enough. Give us more plz.” Plus they included a window cling with my graduation year on it in the note just for funzies, which I thought was a nice touch.

I mean, I did get this because I gave as a senior…and we also got a different window cling with our graduation year on it for giving then…and I also don’t have a car, so it’s not like I have much use for my new or old window clings. But still. It’s the thought that counts.

Are you easily convinced to do something for swag? Like entering races, for example. Or donating money to your college.
Ever tried something to discover you’re really, really, inherently bad at it?

12 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. i am easily swayed by any kind of free stuff. any kind of free stuff. it is bad. I will literally walk miles to get free stuff. it is crazy. swag like that, oh boy would I be swayed. however i have this cheap side to me that sometimes holds me back. i think break dancing class sounds just awesome, you are right. a humbling experience and some major blows to your ego can make you stronger.

    • I knowwww! It’s so hard. Free stuff gets me every time! In fact, I just found out about that one of the Chicago area training programs is hosting an “open house” this weekend that includes a free training run, but, more importantly, FREE PANCAKES. Chances of me being there are so high.

  2. Actually, putting a few races on your calendar during marathon training isn’t a bad idea. Especially half marathons….

    Although, I’m much more likely to give into peer pressure than the lure of free stuff. And not much of anything is going to make me give money back to either of my alma maters. Grudges being held there? Yes.

    • Well, I think we now both know that I’m clearly swayed by peer pressure as well haha 😛

      Ahh, sad face! I love my alma mater. I also had an exceptionally wonderful last two years of college, which probably has a lot to do with my love for them. If my last two years had been anything like my first two years, I’d be much less likely to give haha.

  3. Good for you for giving money to your alma mater. I’d definitely donate to Michigan but they seem to be doing pretty well on their own and only seem to bug me about donating to the honors college and well I have loans… My high school on the other hand bugs me for money all the time. I just received a call from a current senior asking me to donate money. High school was not my favorite time and I’m not interested in donating money yet. Maybe in a few years once my memory has glazed over all of the awkwardness.

    Now I’m tempted by the Women’s half….I really need to reign in my race budget though considering I kinda sorta might register for Chicago.

    • Haha my high school could DEFINITELY use the money more than my college, but they don’t bug me, sooo…yeah. Haha.

      Oh, girl, I FEEL YOU. My race budget is out of control. And by my “race budget” I really mean my race spending. I’ve blown through that budget several times over in the past, you know, three weeks. Fail. And doooooo Chicago!! I’ll see you at the finish line an hour after you get there! Haha.

  4. I received the email about that race as well and I was put off by the $40 price tag for a 5k. Also I couldn’t find a course map. Do you know where it is or what the course is like?

  5. I can’t do handstands either. I still give you major props for your breakdancing class. we should have a dance-off. That would be a major boost to your ego!! I bet by the end of it you’ll be RUNNING on your hands since you can run on your feet. Show all of your classmates up!

  6. You always know how to make me laugh…the way you tell stories is priceless 🙂 I am always an easy sell for races with swag and discounts..I’m not ashamed in the slightest either…and handstands?? Good grief, I couldn’t do one when I was little, let alone now! I tried hip hop dancing once (free class at Lululemons) I was HORRIBLE…no joke…I had fun and laughed at myself but also knew it was a one time thing haha

    • Aww thanks for your kind words, Chelsea! I appreciate it! I’m totally a sucker for discounts, too. In fact, I signed up for a half marathon today mostly because I could get into it for a discounted rate. Whoops. (Also, it fits into my training plan for the Chicago Marathon, so there’s that.)

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