Best Body Bootcamp Week 4: Halfway There

(First things first: Happy Snowpocalpyse-iversary! Two years ago today I had the one and only snow day of my college career and stood in the middle of Congress Parkway at noon BECAUSE I COULD. Also, two years + one day ago was the first time I ever cooked a meal for myself that wasn’t baked chicken. One of the prouder moments of my life.)

Anyway, what? How are we already halfway through Round Four of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp?


Week 4 featured the second half of Phase 2. Phase 2 featured a lot of flexibility in terms of sets, reps, etc., and for the second week of Phase 2 I really tried to push myself to the upper level of those numbers rather than the lower half. My soreness on the first week kept me from having the motivation to aim for the higher recommendations, but I felt a lot better this week and was more or less able to hit those goals.

I went swimming again this week and felt it went a lot better than my attempt in the pool last week. I felt a little smoother and more comfortable in my breathing and inhaled slightly less water than last time — progress! I also kept my contacts in this time which was definitely a game changer. I learned, for example, that there are actually markings on the lanes for who should swim where during lap swim. I didn’t see those at ALL last week, and I was happy to find out I just so happened to jump into the slowest lane of them all both last week and this week. Right where I belong right now! I managed to put in 700 yards in this week’s swim, and right now I have two goals for my swimming training before my indoor tri: I’d like to add 50 yards to each swim, and I’d also like to be able to do more laps of freestyle (right now, when I get too tired to freestyle I breaststroke, which, since I’m not trying to be competitive at all, is much more leisurely for me). I guess the endurance goal is a little more important, but honestly I’d be happy to hit either one of these…or both? Both would be nice as well.

I’ve also got to say that I’m loving the whole Friday-workout-on-Sunday thing. Sunday afternoons tend to be wide open for me, which means I can get through the whole workout without feeling like I’m rushing or getting frustrated by how late it is. I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to be able to squeeze a workout in this Sunday as I have a lot of kitchen adventures planned for the Super Bowl, but hopefully I’ll find some time to knock out Friday’s workout ahead of time.

We’re about to head into Phase 3, which looks somewhat similar to things we did during Round Three, at least from a structural standpoint. Being at the midway point also means it’s time to do a halfway checkup on the fitness test we did at the beginning of BBBC. I’m really interested to see what kind of results I get when I retake the test. To be honest, I don’t feel like I’ve gained much fitness over the past four weeks, but I also know those things are hard to pick up on when such small changes happen over a long time. I’m really glad Tina included a fitness test in this round of BBBC, and I’m excited to see if I’ve made any progress!

10 thoughts on “Best Body Bootcamp Week 4: Halfway There

  1. I do the same thing and I think that is why I like bbbc so much. I can do the longer workouts on the weekends or mornings I have a bit more time rather than feel rushed. I think the fitness test is going to really show the strength I have gained

  2. I should really sign up for BBBC. It seems like a really consistent program with great results! I actually was walking during the Snowpaclypse to a friends house. It was the worst thing in my life.

  3. Way to get in those workouts, especially in the pool! That’s a tough one for me haha I don’t see myself getting into the pool anytime soon.
    And I can’t make anything except pasta, microwaved veggies, and grilled chicken so you’re a few steps ahead of me.

    • Oh trust me girl, I would not be in the pool if I hadn’t been dumb enough to tell several people that I was doing an indoor triathlon BEFORE I registered. If I had just kept my big mouth shut, I definitely wouldn’t be swimming (and I’d have saved a lot of $$ haha).

  4. Nicely done, girl! Swimming is one of those sports that always intimidates me (especially in pool at the ocean fine, in a gym pool, no thank you), but I know it’s great for you, and I love being in the water…maybe something to just suck up and try next time I join a gym!

    • Wow, A+ to you for swimming in the ocean! I’ll put my toes in, but that’s usually as adventurous as I get in open water. I just try to convince myself that no one is paying attention to my swimming because they’re all too busy being swimming superstars in their own lanes to worry about me…it’s a lot less embarrassing that way haha.

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